Ultimate Black Color Kitchen Ideas

black color kitchen

FeastHome – Black color kitchen is one of the most uncommon choices for a kitchen. However, it’s quite popular to be applied in a Modern style kitchen. With dark color such as Black, you can create a timeless, bold, and elegant kitchen.

Choosing black as the main scheme of your kitchen is kind of an opposite spectrum of common kitchen designs. Unlike many homeowners who have been choosing for the pure white scheme for their kitchen, your kitchen will be the one and only.

Black is a color of wisdom. Having it as part of the interior would add depth and timeless elegance to any room including your kitchen. You may want to pair it with other brighter colors to balance it up.

1. Lovely Black Color Kitchen Cabinets

black color kitchen

As you can see, this kitchen is dominated by black cabinets. It stands all over the kitchen space. The black color surely offers a contemporary elegance into the kitchen.

The design of the cabinet and other elements provide traditional and country style too. The white flooring and ceiling is the reason why the kitchen looks so stunning.

2. Black Color Wooden Base Kitchen

black kitchen ideas

Check out this modern luxury kitchen. It contains a wooden element all over the place. The domination of black color decides the character of this kitchen. The presence of a medium-sized window in this dark kitchen is very supportive.

With the white countertop right next to the window, it gives a light reflection effect to brighten the room even more during the day.

3. IKEA Black Color Kitchen

black kitchen ideas

This modern kitchen is something you can have in your house. If you want to save your budget in designing a dreamy kitchen, IKEA is there for you. You can even an IKEA kitchen planner. All of those black elements are specially designed by IKEA just for your kitchen.

4. Bold Kitchen with Black Color

black kitchen ideas

It’s one of the kitchen cabinets designs that you will swoon for. Elle Decor has successfully designed a beautiful kitchen. It’s packed with dark, marble countertops and backsplash. The dark black cabinet becomes a perfect base for this stunning kitchen.

5. Black Color and White Themed Kitchen

black kitchen ideas

White is like the best friend for Black. Both of the colors could go back and forth but still looking beautiful and amazing for any rooms. White provides the light for the dark bold appearance from black.

Check out that white kitchen island, it strongly make a statement as the center of the kitchen. It’s the one that brought everything together in this kitchen.

6. Black Color Island Countertop

black kitchen ideas

The color of island countertop doesn’t count with so many options. Many of the material for countertops mostly have neutral colors like white, gray, brown, and black.

This kitchen uses bold black color for the countertop. It gives an astonishing impact on the whole area since the kitchen island becomes the center of the kitchen.

7. Black Color or Charcoal Gray

black color kitchen

This rustic kitchen has a subway tile wall which appeared to be the one that creates a contrasting scene for the kitchen. It balances the awkwardness of wooden brown countertop with the charcoal gray cabinet. You can also repaint the cabinet with black color.

8. Traditional Kitchen with Black Color

black kitchen ideas

Having a kitchen cabinet with black color wouldn’t be the first choice for a traditional kitchen. Surprisingly, it looks so amazing. You can even combine it with such traditional backsplash and countertop color.

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The warm wood tones from the flooring and dining space create a nice balance to the whole atmosphere. Even the traditional chandelier above the table adds an antique touch.

9. Black Color Cabinets with White Kitchen Island

black color kitchen

That light quartz countertop seems to be the main attraction of this kitchen. All elements that surrounded the island are mainly black which is why the kitchen island having strong charms in the middle of the kitchen.

The bold effect of the black cabinet affects the ambiance of the kitchen. It brings out the elegance and makes it more luxurious.

10. Black Color and White Cabinet with Green Accent.

black color kitchen

Another color besides black and white should be added in the mix for a more colorful look. It would get the kitchen more energized and fun. It won’t look dull and plain because of the green color for this kitchen.

The subway tile wall for the cabinet space plays an important role to set the mood and unique look to your fresh kitchen.

11. Black Color Kitchen with White Marble

black kitchen ideas

This dark kitchen is designed for you who love white marble accentuating dark cabinets. The only main element with bright color is only the countertop between cabinets. However, the countertop or kitchen island has a black marble material, as same as the backsplash.

The classic black and white scheme won’t be a disappointment. It’s guaranteed.

12. Bold and Black Color Kitchen

black color kitchen

The Victorian accents of this kitchen are pretty obvious. It’s a great all-black kitchen design which many other designers couldn’t even think of. The feminine Victorian accents seem to be neatly applied all over the space.

That kind of accents put some details on the style. The chandelier above the black kitchen island is perfectly hanging from the ceiling to deliver simply chic the whole design.

13. Stylish Kitchen with Black Color Cabinets

black color kitchen

All kinds of cabinets in this stylish kitchen are using black color. It seems to be the main feature of this kitchen. It gets balanced with earthy tones and a few warm tones from the under-cabinet lightings and other accessories.

14. Black Color Cabinet Set For Small Kitchen

black color kitchen

People try to avoid bold colors as the main attraction of their small room, unlike this kitchen. The white marble elements are guaranteed to balance the entire bold scheme.

15. Black Color Backsplash and Island

black kitchen ideas

When there’s white and black are the main colors of your kitchen, you should worry about nothing. It’s even better when they’re applied in such natural wood colors like this kitchen design for your apartment.

16. Black Color Countertops

black kitchen ideas

In this cool kitchen, all of the countertops are using dark-colored marble. It’s a great option for a good-looking kitchen. The flooring design seems to be supportive of it.

17. Large-Family Kitchen Black Color

black kitchen ideas

For you who have a large family, you can have those black color cabinet to serve your family with their favorite dishes.


All of those black color kitchen could be some of the best dark-themed kitchens out there. So, choose one that represents your style.

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