30 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas That Will Impress You



– Kitchen is the heart of the house. However, it just stays as a functional space instead of being a wonderfully adorned room. If you would like to spice up your culinary area, read these mesmerizing ideas of kitchen wall decor.

This post features wall ornaments to jazz up the kitchen. They transform your space from plain to polished.

From an indoor herb garden to shabby chic clock, I have compiled some inspiration that will certainly get your creative juices flowing. So, look before designing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Accessories

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

As the image shows, the wall is painted sand. It develops a serene atmosphere. Moreover, it allows the decorative pieces to stand out.

The wall turns into a gallery display. It helps get rid of the materialistic view during meal times. The giant black eating utensils bring visual drama to the scheme.

Some kitchen signs have wooden frames, while others do not. There are also key holders to organize the keys.

The Kitchen Wall Decor Farmhouse

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

White shiplap walls and subway backsplash tiles stretch the kitchen. Wooden floor and exposed beam carry an intimate vibe to the culinary space.

A large distressed supermarket sign cements farmhouse feel and rustic aesthetic. The wooden open shelves accommodate white, green, and yellow dishes.

Fresh flowers in vase breathe life into the area. Black pendant light adds high contrast to the room, while zigzag patterned rug steals the show.

Kitchen Wall Shelf Rack

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a simple decor idea? This one is exactly for you. The black mounted rack pops against the white backdrop. It holds white, pink, and copper coffee mugs neatly.

The kitchen boasts dark-toned wooden sideboard. In no time, it radiates unparalleled warmth throughout the whole space.

Wooden tray and cutting boards raise the rustic vibe. Black drawer pulls give the area a contemporary appeal. The potted houseplant injects colors and character into the room.

Fake Fruit Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Do you love a 3D wall ornament? Try this idea at home. As you can see, the white shadow boxes and the backdrop result in an open kitchen.

Furthermore, the boxes provide a stunning view at all angles. The removable tops make changes easier.

Colorful faux oranges, lemons, and green apples set a playful scene. They keep the wall of the kitchen from becoming clinical as well. Vintage clock and artwork accompany the fake fruits in white frames.

Basket Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor

The muted tones promote a calm environment. Meanwhile, the sunlight streams into the kitchen through double-hung windows.

Three old locker baskets work as the wall embellishments. Those wall hangers keep all the fruits free of unwanted contaminants. The fruits make the cooking space bolder.

A farm-fresh produce sign above the baskets deliver a throwback feel to the kitchen ensemble. For sure, it grabs the attention of your family members.

Paper Wall Decor DIY

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

This kitchen features a craft paper menu note roll. It certainly calls the homeowner into action. She can write the party’s dinner plans stylishly. The concept is simple: just tear off the note and buy fresh produce at the market.

The menu roll holder is a delightful contrast to the white backdrop. Moreover, it stamps the vintage style and rustic charm at the same time.

Next to the paper menu is unfinished wood open shelves. They house canned peaches, mesh basket, and potted plant.

Wooden Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

No culinary space is complete without the cutting boards. So, why don’t use them as accessories? The black phrases on charming wooden cutting boards contribute to the kitchen’s cozy ambiance and visual flavor.

The natural jute rope and whitewashed backdrop lend the room a shabby chic style. Different tones of wooden rolling pins add dimension to the space.

An antique food scale transports you into a welcoming farmhouse kitchen. The indoor plant and apples liven up the otherwise neutral room.

Indoor Plant Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

White dining table and walls expand the space visually. The window allows the sunlight to enter the kitchen.

The curtain rods are affixed to the wall. Meanwhile, the metal holders support purple potted herbs.

Moreover, the herbs deliver aromas and color to the entire kitchen. They rejuvenate the space too. Whenever you want to cook for your family dinner, just pick the herbs straight from your indoor wall garden.

Oversized Utensils Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

This art project employs an oversized antique brass knife, fork, and spoon. Those utensils show the dweller’s appreciation for his meals.

There are also kitchen wall letters. Since they come in black color, they blend perfectly with the utensils.

The white backdrop makes utensils and signs pop off the crisp surface. Now, every guest and family member can see the wall masterpieces at a distance as well as from close-up.

Dining Room Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen utensils are inseparable elements of any kitchen. That’s the reason they will make for head-turning wall decor.

In this example, the homeowner mounted a black pegboard to the white wall. It effortlessly gives the dining room a dramatic effect. Then, she added hooks for her colander, pans, graters, and spatulas.

The dining table itself has a reclaimed wood top and hairpin metal legs. It offers a minimalist appeal, while white chairs represent the mid-century modern design. Lastly, a white paper flower pendant light draws the eye upward.

Elegant Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Light gray and pure white come together in this culinary space. They emanate a tranquil atmosphere and an airy setting.

A whitewashed clock is leaning against the wall on the display shelf. It fills the kitchen with a rustic vibe. The houseplant brings some life to the whole area.

Vintage lantern and teal ceramic bird ring holder punch up the room’s style. Meanwhile, cotton balls convey an element of nature.

Eat Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Cream walls and brown base molding keep the entire cooking area looks inviting. Moreover, the wooden floor heightens the warm feel of the room.

Teak wooden boards serve as the background for the letters. They quickly carve a glimpse of the past and a rustic aesthetic.

Three large taupe letters on the boards do not only spell out mealtime call but also steal the spotlight. Not to mention, their polished surfaces introduce a high-end look.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Wall Decor

Wooden roller blind and light taupe backdrop exhibit a cozy ambiance. The window lets in sunlight for a bright kitchen.

Plank boards and black patterned steel brackets make for great wall shelves. Food scale, dishware, cake stand, metallic jug, potted plant, and framed artwork nestle on the shelves splendidly.

Two-tone cutting board and wreaths are hanging under the shelves. A bakery wall sign is the focus of the room.

Boho Chic Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

This dining space is furnished with reclaimed wood rectangular table, bench, stools, and armchair. They exemplify a welcoming environment.

Polished wood floor pampers the bare feet. It also develops a homey atmosphere in seconds. A rattan pendant lamp and houseplant bring the nature indoors.

Five vintage wicker baskets in various weave patterns are arranged neatly on the wall. They not only add texture and pleasant warmth to the area but also ooze bohemian charm.

Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

You could use chalkboard paint to create a family-friendly wall decor as done by the dweller in his kitchen. The black surface is a captivating contrast to the white borders.

Moreover, this kind of wall hanging typically displays ever-changing menu. Feel free to write seasonal quote if you want to.

Do not forget to pay attention to small details too. For instance, arrows and leaves help raise the loveliness of fall-themed chalkboard wall ornament. White wording is beyond impressive.

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Kitchen Wall Art Canvas

Kitchen Wall Decor

Are you a coffee addict? If yes, give this idea a shot. The culinary space is adorned with coffee-themed works of art in brown and white hues. Those canvas prints capture coffee cups and saucers. They preserve a stylish yet homey kitchen.

The wall and wainscoting are dressed in different shades of cream. In no time, they lend the room dimension.

Two mid-century modern chairs and pedestal table develop a compact dining nook. Patterned floor tiles do not clash with the other elements at all.

Decorating with Plates in Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

The backdrop is made up of terracotta tiles that are arranged diagonally. Do they not only warm up the kitchen but also add a visual appeal.

To keep the wall from feeling blank, the homeowner displayed Italian decorative plates using an intricate iron hanger. They truly bust a bad mood due to their astonishing appearance.

Since the plates have earth tones, they blend nicely with the background. A framed photograph on the wooden sideboard personalizes the space.

Kitchen Wall Decals

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Are you not into a pallet wood project? You are probably interested in this wall decor. The dinner choices: take it or leave it lettering decals pop off the light blue backdrop.

Unlike wall sticker, those decals stay for so long on any surface. They turn the kitchen into an inspiring and eye-catching spot.

A white open shelf sets delightfully in the space. It displays vintage cups, black pieces, fake ducks, floral and checkered plates.

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas Do It Yourself

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

This idea can be implemented in a small kitchen because it makes most of the space. Here, the upright planting is both pretty and functional. Not to mention, it is extremely easy to build.

Wooden planter box, potting soil, black plastic mulch, and various types of plants are all vertical gardening takes. They result in appealing wall decor. Blue flowers and green plants enliven the whole area.

White backdrop elicits a feeling of cleanliness. It allows the living wall ornament to be the center of attention too.

Kitchen Mirror Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Do you love an intimate and peaceful kitchen? Paint the walls in soft hues. In this picture, pale yellow on walls successfully lightens up the space and provides a touch of serenity.

Three distressed mirrors trick the eye into seeing a larger space. Moreover, they act as the wall decorative pieces and carry country chic style to the room.

Greenery wreath and sunflowers invigorate the space. Meanwhile, the burlap ribbon is such a perfect fit to wreath and rustic mirrors.

Rustic Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

If you cannot start your days without sipping a cup of coffee or tea, this idea is for you. Deep-toned wooden boards and metal brackets result in rustic, industrial wall shelves.

Furthermore, the shelves host framed signs, containers, cotton ball stems in a vase, and cake stand. Copper pumpkin and teapot exude a fall atmosphere.

Under the shelves, you can spot Halloween-themed items, mugs, teapot, and oversized spoon. Thanks to pale taupe wall and white trim that let those ornamental pieces sing out.

Kitchen Wall Decor Amazon

Kitchen Wall Decor

This brilliant wall art from Amazon encourages your family and guests to make the right choice. It quickly delivers a pinch of style and personality to every meal.

The light gray lettering looks stunning on the black surface. It draws attention to the kitchen phrase. Meanwhile, the white backdrop permits the wall sign to be the centerpiece.

Christmas Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

This contemporary cooking space is enchantingly outfitted with white cabinets. They provide an abundance of storage and keep the area uncluttered. Dark-toned wooden floor preserves a snug scene.

Move to the beige wall, there is a metal display rack. It sturdily accommodates vintage house number, mug, apron, mason jars, and napkins. The wreath, as well as red and white sign, oozes Christmas vibes.

Modern Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

What’s not to love about this modern white kitchen? It is clean, pure, and bright. Aside from offering an airy look, the color scheme also enlarges the room.

If you are afraid of having a clinical culinary space, add an accent wall to yours. It instantly transforms the kitchen from blah to beautiful.

Peach wall, pastel green cabinet, and blue accessory perk up the area. The raw wood island lends the kitchen rustic nature and fresh appearance.

Cheap Rustic Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

As you can see, the base is constructed using reclaimed wooden pallets. Those pieces carry rustic charm to the kitchen.

A galvanized metal windmill clock poses as the cornerstone of farmhouse style. It features lovely, rusty trims. It makes a bold impression on the wall due to its big size.

The rattan basket, cotton ball stem, and old sign deliver layers of textures to the space. White wall and sideboard let the decorative stuff stand out.

Wall Lights Interior

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Light taupe wall exudes a sense of tranquility. The wall sconces with exquisite metal hangers embellish it. They illuminate the kitchen and prevent unwanted injury.

Under the wall sconces is a whitewashed sideboard. It excellently hosts green vase full of white flowers, metal mesh basket, and books. Well, the kitchen is well lit, calm, and lively.

Country Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Leave your kitchen walls pale gray to generate a welcoming and restful scheme. They will act as a nice background.

For wall ornament, you could combine wooden pallets in different tones with floral wreath and burlap ribbon. This decoration evokes a feeling of elegance.

Simple Wall Decor for Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

This cooking space is bright, thanks to the white color palette. Wooden cutting boards and bowls celebrate nature’s warmth.

Black stickers season the kitchen with personality. The open shelf display plates, bowls, and mugs, while indoor plant revitalizes the space.

Kitchen Art Paintings

Kitchen Wall Decor

Never limit the wall art to the kitchen. As you prepare the food for your guests or family, you can enjoy astonishing pieces.

Here, the wooden borders call attention to rooster paintings. They inject a dash of French country charm into the room.

Modern Pegboard Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

As the picture shows, the pegboard comes unfinished. It lends the kitchen a fresh appearance and nature’s grandeur at once. Moreover, it embraces modern minimalism.

The open shelves are attached to the pegboard. Framed artworks, potted plants, and ceramic planters sit beautifully on them.


How do you fill a large kitchen wall?

You can use wallpaper, tapestries, ornate blankets, and patterned quilts to dress your blank kitchen wall.

What things do you need to decorate the kitchen walls?

Adorn the walls of your culinary space with mural, decorative mirrors, and stunning plates.

How do you arrange two pictures on a kitchen wall?

If your kitchen is narrow, hang the centerpieces side by side. You could also arrange them in asymmetrical order for an interesting look.

What can you do to make your kitchen cozy?

Place potted houseplants strategically and paint the kitchen walls two soft tones. Then, add throw pillows to the dining sofa.

Should you center decor on the kitchen wall?

Yes, it is like a balancing act of spacing. Ideally, hang it somewhere around 155 centimeters off the floor.

I hope you find my kitchen wall decor ideas interesting. Try any of those to finish your cooking space. Be ready, as the embellishments will leave your guests and family speechless.

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