25 Black Kitchen Cabinets That Are Not Dull


FeastHome – When you step into a culinary space, the color of cabinets certainly attracts you the most, instead of the material. That is the reason you should opt for the right hue. If you love going to the dark side, integrate black kitchen cabinets into yours.

Moreover, incorporating classic, inky shade into the kitchen via cabinets is such a great choice. Because it gives your cooking space a feeling of elegance. Other than that, it makes the kitchen feel more glamorous.

Today, I am sharing some incredible ways you can bring drama to the cooking area. Soon, you surely want to paint your cabinets black after seeing these head-turning kitchens.

Charcoal Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

White ceiling, walls, and exposed beams keep this contemporary kitchen bright. Along with light gray wooden floor, they nicely offset charcoal black cabinets.

The cabinets themselves create a bold impression. Black built-in cupboard and corner TV stand evoke a sense of depth.

Chevron tiles on backsplash inset catch the eye without overwhelming the space. Silvery pieces let the cabinets shine, while marble tops inject a luxurious air into the scene.

Black and Gold Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

As you can see, this daring culinary space is furnished with black-painted wooden cabinets. In a split second, they generate a dimensional effect. The gold drawer pulls, faucets, and wall sconces deliver a glam aspect to the room.

White upper cabinet, apron-front sink, ceiling, and walls expand the area. Three floating shelves display glasses and white plates. The windows allow for natural light and enticing outdoor views.

Wooden floor carves a homey ambiance. It tones down the coldness of metallic accents, whites, and blacks. A patterned area rug ups the warm vibe and titivates the kitchen.

Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

Here is a retro kitchen featuring distressed black cabinets. Undoubtedly, they embrace shabby chic aesthetic. Not to mention, they add instant drama to the culinary space.

The wall and ceiling are coated in soft hues. In seconds, they exude a soothing air. Cream tiles on backsplash stand out since they are surrounded by black cabinetry.

Both wooden floor and countertop infuse enduring style as well as unmatched warmth into the area. Two pendant lights illuminate the whole space in the night. A rattan basket offers extra texture.

Black Kitchen Cabinets IKEA

black kitchen cabinetsThis kitchen appears so stylish

, thanks to dark gray countertop and backsplash. White ceiling and wall lighten up the cooking space. You can also spot a dining area consisting of a black table and armless chairs.

The sleek upper cabinets from IKEA come in black. They contribute to the kitchen’s minimalist appeal. Meanwhile, open cabinets keep the room from becoming too heavy.

Glass windows bridge the indoor and outdoor areas. Freestanding metal shelving unit accommodates storage boxes and food containers. Houseplants spruce up the kitchen. Scandinavian pendant lights emphasize the dining table.

Black Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertop

black kitchen cabinets

Above is a gorgeous kitchen employing black Shaker-style cabinets with crystal knobs. Those furniture units help yield a dynamic setting. The sink, faucet, and container holders pump up the visual drama.

A pure white laminate countertop is a high contrast to the cabinets. It breaks up the use of black and produces a crisp look. Various types of pasta in clear containers pop against the off-white backsplash with yellow speckles.

Metallic appliances and mirrored cabinet doors bounce light back into the room. A striped window blind steals the spotlight.

Black Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertop

black kitchen cabinets

White subway tiles on the backsplash lead to contemporary flair. They lend the cooking space a clean environment and character. Moreover, they intensify the pebble black-painted cabinets. The open cabinet houses cookbooks.

The wooden work surface, planter, and knife holder radiate unparalleled warmth throughout the scheme. They rival the coolness of black cabinetry, white backsplash, and metallic elements.

Reclaimed wood floor reveals the nature’s rawness. Frosted glass window brings in sunlight to the room while providing privacy. Splashes of bright color perk up the otherwise neutral kitchen.

Yellow and Black Kitchen

black kitchen cabinets

The ceilings are painted white for a light ambiance. Aside from working as a sunlight filter, white sheer curtains give the culinary space an elegant touch and airy atmosphere.

Flat-panel black cabinets and kitchen island introduce a minimalist vibe. They are contrasted with white countertops. Meanwhile, black pendant lights make a major style statement in no time.

Black, gray, and white hexagon floor tiles add dimension to the area. Yellow accent wall, mid-century modern chairs, and backsplash tiles elicit cheerfulness. Framed artwork, potted plant, and flowers in vase, all of them complete the scene.

Best Black Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

This kitchen is awesomely outfitted with matte and glossy cabinets in pitch black shade. Both the cabinetry and island inject a sense of richness into the interior. White countertops exemplify a deluxe setting.

Stainless steel stove, sink, faucet, backsplash inset, and hardware deliver a little shine to the cooking space. Wooden backsplash, dining chairs, and bowls impart a homey nuance. Window allows the sunlight to shine.

Black and white checkerboard floor tiles carry an unexpected touch to the kitchen. They also draw the eye in a moment. Black framed artwork and indoor greenery prevent the space from feeling monotonous.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

Here, the onyx black lower cabinets and refrigerator exude a feeling of sleekness. Not to mention, those units instantly make the culinary space cozy. Coffee, sugar, and tea containers bring a vintage flavor to the kitchen.

The glass-front upper cabinets magnificently display an exquisite collection of dishes. Marble subway backsplash tiles amplify the luxurious feel. A white laminate countertop clashes with black cabinetry.

Medium-toned wooden top and deep-toned floor preserve a welcoming environment. A patterned monochrome rug pops on wood surface and pampers the feet. Gold and antique brass accents glitz up the cooking area.

Black Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertop

black kitchen cabinets

Beige-hued floor tiles instill a serene atmosphere. They provide ultimate comfort underfoot as well.

Black hardware-free cabinets lend the cooking space a moody feel and make a bold statement. They are topped off with black granite countertops for a classy touch.

White ceiling and wall maintain an inviting ambiance. Meanwhile, windows forge a great connection between indoor and outdoor rooms. Shots of bold color prevent the space from being dreary.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Small Kitchen

black kitchen cabinets

Are you short on space? Do not let a tiny kitchen cramp your style. You can still add sleek inky cabinets to the cooking area. Fret not, because they will not take the light out of your kitchen.

Team the black cabinetry with light-toned wood floor. Not only does it project a snug room, but also produces a fluid look. White ceiling and walls stretch the kitchen. Therefore, it appears brighter and more spacious.

Windows allow the sunlight to enter the area. Potted houseplants revitalize the scheme, while gold accents convey an aura of grandeur.

Black Stained Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

Light gray ceiling and walls give the kitchen a sense of sophistication. Moreover, they exhibit a relaxing ambiance.

The jet black-stained wooden cabinets frame a contemporary aesthetic. Not to mention, they bring visual height and depth to the room. The glass-front corner cabinet accommodates ornamental pieces.

White countertops are terrifically contrasted with black cabinetry. The island’s overhang and stools result in a compact yet cozy dining nook. Pure white stove and wooden floor ensure the kitchen does not get too dingy.

Black and Gray Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

Are you crazy about modern design? Gray and black must be your priority. Here, the high-gloss black cabinets anchor the kitchen. Meanwhile, built-in gray cabinets with alluring grains deliver lots of visual interest to the scheme.

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The ash gray backsplash and floor tiles enhance the dark shades. They also carve a masculine vibe in minutes. Marble countertops evoke an opulent air and ageless style.

Curvy pink stool and decoration infuse a sense of femininity. Frosted glass windows and white ceiling keep the space from becoming dim.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Doors

black kitchen cabinets

What’s not to love about this kitchen? It is equally ravishing and sumptuous. Moreover, it features two kinds of cabinets. The glass-faced black upper cabinets with open shelves display a mesmerizing vintage dishware collection.

The lower cabinets come in the same shade. Since they have no hardware, the culinary space appears uncomplicated and trendy.

White countertop and backsplash magnify the inky cabinets. Marble top raises the room’s elegance. Chrome accents carry a little shine to the room. Red flowers lend the area positive energy.

Black and Wood Kitchen

black kitchen cabinets

Pictured here is a modern kitchen employing gleaming black countertop and backsplash. Along with stainless steel appliances, they inject a touch of luxury into the cooking area.

The upper and lower cabinets are dressed in matte black. They provide extra character and finish. All-black units transform the kitchen into a sophisticated home oasis.

Wooden elements develop unmissable warmth. Not to mention, they celebrate nature’s beauty. The windows allow the homeowner to assemble a sunny interior. The potted greenery brings an element of nature inside.

Black Kitchens 2018

Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Jet black cabinets exemplify a tranquil culinary space. Those furniture pieces also promote an eternal look. A single cabinet with glass doors lets you see the dishes. Moreover, they keep the space from feeling overly heavy.

The stainless steel faucet, drawer pulls, and appliances celebrate industrial charm. White subway tiles on backsplash make the space lighter.

Marble countertops impart a sumptuous environment. The wooden floor adds warmth to the kitchen dominated by cool tones. Pendant light, downlights, and LED cabinet lights give the room a bright illumination during the evening hours.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets and Island

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Pictured here is a contemporary cooking space furnished with matte black cabinets. They introduce a sense of depth effortlessly. The white kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors accompany them.

The black island includes cabinets, breakfast bar, and bottle racks. Wooden top and floor tone down metallic drawer pulls as well as cool tones.

Subway and mosaic tiles on the backsplashes add visual interest to the room. Blue countertops and red pendant lights brighten up the space.

Minimalist Black Kitchen Units

Black Kitchen Cabinets

In this culinary space, black and blue pose as the dramatic ingredients. Raised panel black cabinets with streamline pull undoubtedly embrace minimalist aesthetic.

Black square backsplash tiles offer a grid look. They are beautifully clashed with white countertop. Meanwhile, the black wall gives the kitchen an added dimension. Fruits and potted houseplants infuse rejuvenating colors into the area.

A blue area rug quickly lifts the mood. Unfinished wood open shelf, cutting boards, and dining chairs project a rustic, country flavor. A tiered pendant lights during nighttime lights the kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

Black Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to decorating an industrial kitchen, you never go wrong with black cabinets. Do they not only lend the interior a chic touch but also develop a manly feel.

Black leather dining chairs elicit a sense of class. The dark gray island is topped off with a marble work surface.

Chrome accents, white backsplash, and countertop lead to the room’s modern qualities. The upper cabinets, windows, and backsplash inset produce a visual balance.

Black Kitchens 2019

Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

This cooking space is not large. However, it is brimming with an edgy vibe, thanks to the black cabinets. Both inky cabinetry and pure white countertop let the kitchen stand out from the rest.

Black herringbone backsplash tiles add a fun pop of pattern to the scene. They steal the show without overburdening the eye.

Window and pale gray rug make the kitchen feel airy. The copper and stainless steel details ooze serious luxe vibes, while brown sink yields a homey environment.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets

The metallic hardware and matte black cabinets scream industrial aesthetic. Brick walls and exposed beams magnify the interior’s macho appeal. The black open shelves provide extra storage space. The silvery stove comes with a towel bar.

Raw wood countertop pours on the rustic charm. The white sink is a drastic contrast to black cabinetry. Brass pans generate polished finishes. Patterned floor tiles, flowers, and potted plant soften the scheme.

Modern Black Cabinet Pulls

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black cabinets and range hood set a dramatic scene. Moreover, they create a rich look and emanate an industrial edge. Concrete countertop proudly shows off its rugged character. The wood floor keeps the kitchen from being cold.

White subway tiled backsplash work as an ideal backdrop. The untreated wood open shelves, cutting boards, and planters fill the cooking space with a rustic ambiance. Lastly, indoor plants breathe some life into the whole kitchen.

What Color Flooring Go with Dark Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Are you not a faint-hearted person? You can mix the serenity of dark colors with exciting hues as done by the homeowner in this kitchen. The lime green backsplash tiles allow black cabinets to take center stage.

Pale gray floor tiles meet nicely with black hexagon island and cabinetry. The vaulted ceiling tricks the eye into seeing a more expansive area.

Both window and skylights permit the sunlight to stream into the space. Flowers, vegetables, and fruits offer more zest to the room.

Home Depot Black Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Here, the coal-black handle-free cabinets convey a minimalist flair. White ceiling, pillar, countertops, and walls lighten up the kitchen. Therefore, the room does not seem cramped.

Wall decor and patterned red rug turn the cooking area from meh to marvelous. The kitchen, dining nook, and conversation area are in one room. They evoke a sense of space. Wooden accents cozy up the scene.

Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets

The neutral color palette and black cabinets are always meant to be. This kitchen says it all. Brown marble countertops, off-white upholstered dining chairs, and inky cabinets demonstrate a peaceful yet dramatic kitchen.

The wallpapered walls are pleasing to look at. Three fixed pendant lights create a contemporary statement. Downlights give the room an extra illumination.

White flowers in vase embellish the culinary space. Well, the kitchen pictured above is surely a wonderful place to spend quality time with family and friends.


How do you paint your cabinets black?

Apply primer to the kitchen cabinets and sand them. After that, apply two coats of black paint and polyurethane finish to the cabinets.

Will black cabinets make the kitchen look tinier?

To keep the dark cabinets from dominating your kitchen and make it smaller, contrast them with white background and metallic accents.

Is black a great color for kitchen cabinetry?

Black cabinets offer a touch of elegance. Just do not add too much black to your cooking space.

What are the popular cabinet colors?

In 2019, many homeowners opt for wood, white, and gray cabinets. Black remains a popular color for kitchen cabinets.

What sheens are nice for black cabinets?

Polyurethane and satin finish are two good sheens for any cabinets. However, the satin sheen is preferable since it helps hide the imperfections.

There you have it – 25 lovely black kitchen cabinets. They show you that there are nearly endless possibilities. Choose the black-painted cabinets that completely speak to you. Anyway, which idea you like the most?

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