25 Small Kitchen Table Ideas to Maximize Your Space

small kitchen table

FeastHome – No matter how tiny your living quarters, you should have a cozy dining area. Therefore, you can enjoy a tasty meal and sip a cup of coffee. Since your kitchen is limited, obviously you need some small kitchen table ideas.

In this article, you will find brilliant ways in adding a table to your culinary area. They certainly help you eke out more space. Whether you love a folding table or an option with ample storage, there is at least one idea that steals your heart.

Modern Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Small Kitchen Table

As you can see, the rectangular table shows off sharp edges and clean lines. They demonstrate a modern design. Its white legs create a sense of refinement, while the raw wood top sets an inviting scene.

Moreover, six mid-century modern chairs elegantly complement the table and accent the dining room. They also employ black beam details for great stability.

Three black-framed works of art on an open shelf embellish the space. A geometric iron chandelier illuminates the room.

Small Kitchen Table with Bench

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Although this dining area is small, it is not short on style. The pale gray rectangular table contributes to the kitchen’s grandeur. It exhibits a soothing atmosphere and anchors the room.

The upholstered bench and sectional sofa provide plenty of seating. Patterned and colorful throw pillows give the space a fun personality.

Light blue walls deliver a calm vibe to the zone. The patchwork wall art fills the blank wall. Potted plant and white flowers rejuvenate the area.

Tiny Home Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

In this example, the kitchen features a two-tier kitchen island. The higher bar works as a dining table. The white island, ceilings, and walls visually make the cooking space appear bigger.

The dark-toned wood floor radiates unmatched warmth throughout the kitchen. Three white and wood dining chairs create a coordinated look. Their curves also soften the straight lines.

Downlights and triangle-glass pendant lights keep the space bright during evening hours. Mini indoor plants on the white countertop bring a breath of fresh air into the culinary space.

Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

A corner would otherwise be unused. However, the homeowner converted it into an ultra-comfy dining nook. White built-in bench hugs the wall and seats up to six people.

Two-tone cushion, patterned and striped throw pillows exude a playful ambiance. The windows allow in an abundance of natural light. Flowers and artwork jazz up the dining nook effortlessly.

The rectangular pedestal table is crafted from marble and steel. In a flash, it introduces a deluxe setting. Its intricate base adds visual interest to the space too.

Small Kitchen Tables and Chairs

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Are you dealing with a small space? Try this idea. A dark wood round table fits nicely in the kitchen and evokes the feeling of togetherness. Not to mention, it injects a homey atmosphere into the dining area.

The back of wood chairs can be slide in flush with the table’s edge when not in use. They truly open up the dining room. Tied napkins offer a sense of formality.

Flowers in a vase, jute rug, potted plant, and wood floor bring nature-inspired textures to the space. Meanwhile, striped white curtains lighten the area and develop a fresh look.

Folding Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Investing in a folding table is such a great idea. It can easily fold up and generate a chic dining nook. Despite its slim surface, it is sturdy to hold the dishware.

In addition, the folding table doubles as an office desk. The stackable wooden dining chairs can be stored away. Both table and chairs spark up an intimate mealtime conversation.

White wall lends the room a clean environment. It is a lovely contrast to the folding table as well. A two-tone rug tops beige-painted wooden floor and provides comfort underfoot.

Murphy Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Apartment dwellers generally take advantage of their spaces with Murphy beds. For sure, a Murphy-style dining table gives you the same effect. Just mount it on the wall.

The Murphy kitchen table is made of reclaimed wooden boards. It lends the space a casual rustic charm and personality. The muted gray wall allows it to sing out.

When you pull the table down, you can see three shelves inside of it. They are perfect for housing eating utensils and storage jars.

Small Kitchen Table Set Ideas

Small Kitchen Table

This compact dining nook is a nice spot to start your days with a cup of hot tea. It features a black oval-shaped table and curved back chairs. Their stainless steel legs infuse the industrial aesthetic into the whole room.

Moreover, the table comes with a rack for storing cookbooks. When not in use, tuck the dining chairs neatly under it.

Wood floor tempers the coolness of metal units and white base molding. The walls are painted sand for a snug environment. A white vase pops on black tabletop, while white flowers titivate the scene.

Small Kitchen Table with Storage

Small Kitchen Table

Here, the dining area is outfitted with contemporary table and ottomans. Those furniture pieces maintain a welcoming space due to their wood surfaces.

The ottomans offer some additional storage. They keep the dining space from being cluttered. A two-tone patterned area rug makes the room visually pleasing.

Sheer mocha curtain gently lets in sunlight. It matches well with the dining set too. A wicker basket develops a natural look. Lastly, a gleaming ceramic vase full of flowers sits on the white stool.

Small Dining Table for 4

Small Kitchen Table

The unfinished wood dining table has iconic Z-shaped legs. It suddenly introduces a rustic appearance and visual interest.

Moreover, the black leather high back dining chairs pair delightfully with the table. They exude an air of opulence and infuse drama into the room.

Taupe carpet, ceramic jar, and wall promote a serene atmosphere. Meanwhile, vertical stripes of wallpaper trick the eye into seeing a taller wall. They also keep the space from being monotonous.

Space Saving Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Do you want to conserve space in your pocket size kitchen? A drop-leaf table is such the best way to go. You can lower or raise its leaves depending on your need.

The drop-leaf kitchen table comes in a round design. Both table and chairs highlight medium and dark-toned wooden elements. They warm up the space in the blink of an eye.

The light-toned wood floor adds dimension to the area. Dijon yellow-painted wall calms the senses, while wicker potted plant in the corner of the room brings outside in.

Dining Tables for Small Spaces That Expand

Small Kitchen Table

If you regularly host parties in your kitchen, steal this idea. The raw wood dining table could be extended when you have guests. Other than that, you can make it smaller to save valuable space.

Four wooden chairs accompany the table. Their black cushions deliver visual drama to the dining area.

A taupe shag carpet pampers the feet. The corner glass-faced cabinet tower displays dishware. Meanwhile, a wooden sideboard accommodates metallic table lamp and ornamental piece.

Round Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table

Above is an impressive round dining table with a glass top. It develops a sleek look and a glamorous air. Moreover, its design evokes a sense of airiness.

Metallic dining chairs magnificently surround the table. They quickly up the classy vibe. Underfoot is a light khaki brown area rug. It enhances the room’s comfort.

Gray wall and white base molding set a tranquil scene. Frosted glass windows let the sunlight enter the room while offering privacy. Flowers in a glass vase naturally inject colors and character into the dining space.

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Very Small Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

White wall, sink, countertops, and cabinets keep this small kitchen from feeling cramped. Not to mention, they convey a sense of cleanliness. Thin subway tiled backsplash is a focal point.

The windows allow in fresh air and lots of sunlight. Wood and metal open shelves house potted plants and bowls. They stamp the industrial charm as well.

A wooden dining table slides out for your meals. When you do not need the table, just tucks it back in. Two metal stools with wooden tops heighten the rustic feel. Copper mugs add a touch of glamour to the eat-in kitchen.

Small Dining Table for 2

Small Kitchen Table

Undoubtedly, this dining table is a practical option for smaller families as well as couples. Its red-stained wood top gives the area a bit of vibrancy. Green apples and white tea set to pop on it.

The attached shelves are used to store away candles, plates, bowls, and drinking glasses. Two upholstered black dining chairs produce a dimensional effect. Light gray walls and white base molding lead to restful dining space.

Moreover, wooden floor oozes warmth in the area dominated by cool tones. You and your spouse swoon over this dining room.

Small Cafe Table and Chairs

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Pictured here is a petite round table. It emanates a Parisian cafe vibe and keeps the kitchen from visually looking cluttered. The marble tabletop carves a sophisticated appeal.

Plush dining chairs and gold furniture legs reinforce the room’s splendor. The fresh flowers make the space more stylish and lively. A trio of gold geometric pendant lights completes the room.

Pale pink wallpapered accent wall lends the space a feminine feel. A gray sheepskin rug is such a perfect fit for the gorgeous dining area.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table

Are you a big fan of farmhouse design? Glance at this idea. The dining table is constructed using reclaimed wood planks. It generates the rustic charm and allows glass jugs to take center stage.

The X back dining chairs and natural jute rug pepper the room with cozy textures. Black tufted chairs lend the kitchen unparalleled comfort and make the mealtime more enjoyable.

A wrought iron chandelier grounds the room in tradition. Wood-framed works of art adorn the subdued wall. Black metal racks stand out against the white backdrop. They display the white plates.

Small Kitchen Table Options

Small Kitchen Table

As seen in the photo, the dining space is furnished with a stunning glass table. It evokes the sense of welcome and openness.

Four black leather chairs deliver timeless luxury, depth, and ageless style to the whole area. They team splendidly with all-glass table. A low-hanging pendant light steals the spotlight.

Wooden floor takes the chill off gray wall and white trim. The windows bridge the indoor and outdoor spaces. An area rug, monochrome wall art, and flowers, all spice up the scheme.

Kitchen Table for Small Apartment

Small Kitchen Table

Since the space in your apartment is at a premium, going minimal is the best choice. For a dining area, look no further than a sleek white kitchen table on wheels. Not only is it easy to move, but also opens up the room.

Two metal stools are coated in yellow paint. They add impact and instant cheer to the entire area. Moreover, they prevent the dining space from feeling sterile.

Unfinished wood floor exhibits the nature’s rawness. It also keeps the dining room grounded. A gold vase injects a dash of luxury into the space. Lastly, vibrant flowers beautify the scheme.

Small Rustic Kitchen Table Sets

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Do not let the small space stop you from dreaming a homey dining nook. Furnish your room with a rustic table. The piece of reclaimed wood sits well on black metal legs. This kind of table brings a unique personality to the area.

The benches are facing each other. They promote dinner table conversation. Other than that, they provide space for housing cookbooks and ornaments.

A woven wicker rug covers half of the floor area. It lends the space an element of nature. Meanwhile, fruits are the source of bold colors.

Small Kitchen Table Walmart

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

The homeowner included a square drop-leaf table into her kitchen. When she has no guests, she lowers the leaves to conserve precious space. It comes in flax yellow color, which makes the room more dynamic.

There are two upholstered chairs in a different shade of yellow. They effortlessly create a dimensional effect.

A taupe area rug tones down the yellows. Stainless steel furniture legs impart a sumptuous environment. Sunflower dinnerware set develops an outdoorsy vibe and a playful ambiance to the dining area.

Industrial Steel Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Here, I show you a dining table with a polished wooden top and X-shaped black steel legs. It combines industrial charm and rustic aesthetic. The table hugs and contrasts the white wall.

Mid-century modern chairs have strikingly intricate details. They surround the table and lighten the dining space. Their shiny steel legs raise the industrial vibe.

A full-width mirror reflects the light into the area. The oversized metallic floor lamp and deer head ornaments offer a touch of quirk.

Corner Bench Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

In this picture, you can spot a table with X-style stretcher crafted from pieces of salvaged wood. It sets a homey atmosphere and rustic flair at once. The floor and bench multiply the nature-inspired elegance of the dining space.

Two corner-tufted benches in gray shade exude a soothing air. Moreover, they double the dining room’s comfort.

An antique clock on top of storage tower projects a country design. It also evokes a sense of heritage, while fresh flowers in vase spruce up the dining room.

IKEA Triangle Table

Small Kitchen Table

Soft tones promote a welcoming ambiance. Meanwhile, polished wood floor and white flowers bring the outdoors inside.

Giant glass window allows for enticing outside views. Framed works of art and clock keep the wall from looking bare.

A small dark-toned wood table takes the kitchen to the next level. Three upholstered benches with curved angles seat several people. A round rug generates contrasting visual interest.

Mirrored Dining Table

Small Kitchen Table

The table employs a glass top and X-shaped mirrored legs. It is such a stylish addition to the dining area.

Blue velvet chairs do not just provide maximum comfort, but also carve a fresh look. A rug on the floor cements French country aesthetic.

A round mirror and mirrored cabinet create the perception of more space. Flowers, gold candleholders, blue dishware, and candles are the right crowning touches to the room.


How much do kitchen chairs tables and tables cost?

The rental prices depend on the materials of the furniture. For instance, each plastic table and chair cost $6 and $1.25 respectively.

What are the tall tables called?

They are called regular height tables. Those tables are usually between 28 and 30 inches in height.

How can I do to make a small dining area appear bigger?

You can paint your small dining room in light hues. Moreover, outfit it with multipurpose furniture and use large mirrors.

What shape table works best in a small space?

Square tables look fantastic in a tiny square kitchen. Meanwhile, a round table fits nicely in any small room.

How wide is table for kitchen?

Rectangular tables are around 36 inches wide. Tables that seat up to six people come in 60 inches long.

Those small kitchen table ideas are worth to steal. Before you make any purchase or create the table yourself, be sure you pick the one that meets your budget and personal style.

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