17 Calming Blue Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

blue kitchen window treatment

FeastHome – People pay attention to window treatment nowadays. And you shouldn’t let them disappointed when looking at your kitchen window. Have it treated in particular color would do the job. Now, you’re about to see ideas of the blue kitchen window treatment in this article.

Why blue? Well, blue represents confidence and intelligence. And it affects your body and mind positively. So, if you want to have such great aura in the cooking zone, it’s better for you to take a look at these examples!

1. Blue Kitchen Window Treatment in White

blue kitchen window treatment

To begin coloring your window with this calming tone, don’t get rushed and lay it big time. Instead, choose some neutral colored curtain with a blue pattern as a starter.

By doing so, you’ll be able to assess whether or not your kitchen window serves this color further.

2. Two-Piece Blue Curtain Set

kitchen window treatment

As the one-piece curtain set is too usual, you could go a bit different by installing this two-piece unit. Consists of a valance and a see-through curtain with a checkered pattern, this set will steal people’s attention.

3. Pale Blue Wrinkled Curtains

blue kitchen window treatment

A solid toned wall like this one needs something soft and textured to be its embellishment. And pale blue curtain with a little bit wrinkles is considered to be a nifty pick. Comes in two pieces, this curtain set leaves you some idle spot on the window to see through.

4. Denim Blue for the Window

kitchen window treatment

Why do people love wearing a pair of jeans? Well, my best answer would be it’s because jeans, which mostly come in denim blue, fits almost any kind of outfit concept. Also, it’s easy to mix and match with other colors.

Depart from the idea, having denim blue to be your kitchen window treatment will ease the job of harmonizing the whole-scale tone and theme. It fits both darker and lighter colors.

5. Let Satin Treats Blue Kitchen Window Treatment

kitchen window treatment

You have another two-piece curtain set with a similar model as the example number three. But unlike the previous one, this curtain set made of satin.

And while the former set is plain without any dot of pattern or whatsoever, this curtain is ornamented with tiny shiny butterflies. They aren’t embroidered or drew on, which leave an impression of real butterflies alighting.

6. The Elegance of Valance

blue kitchen window treatment

Apart from coming together with the lower part curtain as a set, you could treat your kitchen window with just valance. Moreover, if the valance you have appears elegantly like this. It would be more than enough.

7. Oceanic Half Curtain

blue kitchen window treatment

There’s no other word better describe this window treatment besides ‘ocean’. Well, at least, that was the first thing which crossed my mind when I looked at this. How come it’s not when the color selection reminds you of the sea.

Furthermore, the see-through character sets an airy feel which resembles that of a beach nuance.

8. Peacock-Like Pattern

kitchen window treatment

A pattern could do so much in embellishing, decorating, and accentuating an area. The same applied for this peacock-like patterned curtain. With its rare appearance, you would highly likely to have one of a kind window treatment. Congrats!

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9. It’s Okay to Not be Blue

blue kitchen window treatment

Right, your sight is not wrong. This window treatment example here is not blue. But with the combination of cabinet sleek surface and the blue accents down below, it is as if you have the said color treating your kitchen. Isn’t it amazing?

10. Movie-Like Curtain

kitchen window treatment

Can you not be awed with this curtain set? I think no one is able to ignore this breathtaking window treatment. It was printed in 3D technique which makes you take a closer look out of the belief that it’s actually moving.

Well, it’s not. Yet, it feels so surreal like watching a TV. Awesome!

11. Blue-Based Window Wall

blue kitchen window treatment

Because giving treatment is not always directly to the window, you are always welcomed to do any suggestion, like this one you have here. The valance is not in blue, but the wall where the window installed is.

It is so well accompanied the light brown cabinetries and the sleek-surface countertop. This is what we call by a balanced kitchen with the highlight of the plain wall and patterned valance encounter.

12. The Freshening Tulips

kitchen window treatment

As a starter, a little bit touch of blue is recommended to be your window treatment. However, it’s not wrong either to jump right into a daring pattern like this one, especially for your neutral scheme kitchen. And tulips will never go wrong.

13. Floral-Patterned Valance

blue kitchen window treatment

Flowers are always energizing. They emanate this supernatural aura to freshen and motivate people. So, choosing a floral pattern on your kitchen window valance is discerning.

14. Patterned Drapes

blue kitchen window treatment

It’s rare to see this type of curtain embellishes your kitchen because the windows there are usually installed above the worktop, aren’t they? Thus, this idea cannot be applied in any kitchen except in ones which have a freestanding window like this one.

And, since patterns do matter, the selection shouldn’t be done randomly. Full printing type is not new but always peppy. Go with it to boost your cooking mood.

15. See-Through Drape

kitchen window treatment

Dark blue is a tough choice for your kitchen window. However, people still want to have this color in their kitchen considering its elegance.

So, make it less intimidating however possible. One of the ways is to arrange a set of see-through drapes. Only then, your pick is safe.

16. Sailor-Feel Curtain Pack

kitchen window treatment

I don’t know whether it’s just me or what, but this curtain set reminds me of sailor uniform. Don’t you think likewise? Perhaps it’s because of the main color of white, the ruffle above, and the tiny checkers. However, it’s nice!

17. Not Just Blue

blue kitchen window treatment

Though blue is our main topic here, you’d rather not pick any kind of blue. Each shade affects you differently. This drapes right here come in light blue which gives some airy feeling, thus it’s perfect to install in a rather cramped or small cooking area.

Well, you’ve seen seventeen ideas of the blue kitchen window. Decide well before applying any. Put the window size and place into consideration, and you’ll get the best fit!

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