17 Chic Blue Kitchen Rug Design Ideas

Blue Kitchen Rug

FeastHome – No one wants to feel blue. But, these blue kitchen rug design ideas will make your kitchen look chic, and you will want to grab them. If you want to add some tints of blue, these rugs should be on your list.

1. Kitchen Mats for Bakers

blue kitchen rug

An avid baker knows what to do with her kitchen. She will embellish it with some baking stuff. And this navy rug will make a great adornment for your kitchen. This rug is made of polyester which is more durable and cheaper than cotton rugs. It is also easy to clean. You do not need to spend more time to wash it manually. All you need to do is just sweeping, shaking, and vacuuming it.

2. Traditional Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug design

If your kitchen adopts vintage or French country style, a simple rug with clean-lined edges like the previous one would not fit in. The one that will suit your kitchen well is a traditional rug like this one. This rug features a well-worn look that makes it look classic. Therefore, it suits the wooden flooring and the cobalt-blue kitchen island nicely.

3. Blue and Brown Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug design

Besides some blue tints, this rug also features some shades of brown that match the off-white cabinets well. Another good thing about this rug is it is machine washable, so you do not need to add any workload by washing it manually. It also features slip-resistant backing for the peace of mind. Furthermore, it is stain-resistant which makes it become a perfect rug for your kitchen.

4. An Antique Blue Kitchen Rug

blue kitchen rug

These two-toned cabinets need something that pays tribute to the past to match the vintage décor. And this antique blue rug is the nicest one that will fit in with a vintage kitchen. This rug features a distinctive pattern that makes it look a little bit old. The combination of blue, red, and a little bit of cream enrich the look of the rug.

5. Striped Blue Kitchen Rug

blue kitchen rug

In a modern farmhouse kitchen, a simple cotton rug can be the best adornment that complements the style well, just like this striped blue rug. The blue-white strips match the crisp white cabinets nicely, while the blue strips add more colors and pattern to space.

6. Blue and Gray Kitchen Rug

blue kitchen rug

Matching is a common thing you can do to make the entire décor in your kitchen flows into one being. Therefore, the pale blue of this cotton rug complements the blue cabinets well.

7. Long Runner Rug

blue kitchen rug

It is hard to find the best rug that fit in with the space of the kitchen sometimes. If that is the case, the best solution for your problem is investing in a custom rug. A custom rug comes in a respectable size. It is called custom rug, because it can be cut to any size you need, just like this blue rug. It provides an unrelenting comfort along the busy area where you usually spend most of your time standing. This rug is made of polypropylene. It has an anti-slip rubber backing and water-repellent backing which will prevent excess liquid make a mess in your kitchen.

8. Blue Vinyl Floor Mat

kitchen rug design

This blue vinyl floor mat will beef your kitchen up in no time, thanks to the tiles-lookalike pattern which will match your tile flooring well. The good thing about this kitchen mat is its easy-installation which makes you feel like a pro when installing it yourself.

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9. Mosaic Blue Kitchen Rug

blue kitchen rug

This is another vinyl kitchen mat that will amp your kitchen up. The mosaic design would match with the backsplash in your kitchen. It will not add more workload as it is easy to clean and resistant to water. Even a spot clean can work well.

10. Oriental Blue Rug

kitchen rug design

Are you dying for an oriental look in your modern kitchen? This blue Oriental rug would be your greatest bet.

The unique pattern that looks like lots of medallions covering the rug has made it look classic but not tacky, making it a perfect choice for any type of kitchen including a modern one, like Momeni Karachi Blue Area Rug

11. Cobalt Blue Long Runner Rug

blue kitchen rug

If you want something blue and bold at the same time to adorn your kitchen space, a cobalt-blue long rug runner is a splendid choice. This rug is made of polypropylene which is renowned for its durability. Since it is customizable, it can be cut to fit in with the size of your kitchen, so you do not need to invest in two or more different rugs to cover the floor.

12. Navy Kitchen Rug with Fish Shell Design

kitchen rug design

If your kitchen adopts a coastal theme, this kitchen mat will be a perfect embellishment to the existing décor. The navy-blue finish with some seashells and fish print will perfect your coastal-themed kitchen well.

13. Cotton Kitchen Mat with Floral Pattern

blue kitchen rug

This mat is made of cotton. The hand-woven and hand-loomed designs are implemented for extra durability. As a cotton mat, cleaning it would be a cinch. Just toss it into your washing machine, and it is done!

14. Turquoise Blue Kitchen Rug

blue kitchen rug

Are you seeking a soft and thick rug that provides extra comfort when you are doing the dishes? This blue rug with fluffy piles is the one you are looking for. Besides being comfortable, it absorbs water quickly, keeping your kitchen floor dry and clean.

15. Antler and Forest

blue kitchen rug

Bring the charm of nature to your kitchen with this antler-and-forest rug. The use of various shades of blue provides a serene look to it, soothing the hectic morning when you are bustling around to prepare the breakfast.

16. Simple Blue Kitchen Mat

kitchen rug design

You do not need a fancy and sophisticated rug to adorn your kitchen space. Even a simple kitchen rug with blue and white strips can get you covered. Since this mat is eminently simple, it would be suitable for a kitchen with a modern flair.

17. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

blue kitchen rug

Standing by the sink while washing the dishes for prolong periods is exhausting. But you can alleviate the fatigue by investing in this anti-fatigue mat. It features high-quality foam that can give you good support when cooking or doing the dishes. The foam can also lessen the tension you feel when doing the chores.

Those are some best blue kitchen rug design ideas that will make your kitchen look chic. So, which one is yours?  

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