17 Calming Inspirations of Using Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen island

FeastHome – Blue is a color that is often associated with peace, faithful, and wisdom. So, you can catch on why it is great to actualize a blue kitchen island idea. A kitchen lies in the home as the heart. It plays an important role to support life and to harmonize everything we do inside the house.

If you are looking for some inspirations on how to blow life in your kitchen, here follows, for instance, the best blue kitchen concepts.

1. Calming Navy Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen ideas

Navy blue is often considered as the serious shade that it won’t make your kitchen seem to relieve.

In fact, the navy blue complements the white kitchen set well and lead to an airy atmosphere. Splash the shade in the wall and in the kitchen backsplash. It’s such a cozy place to stay.

2. Glam and Classic Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen ideas

By having a busy print, rustic cabinetries, industrial-style lamp, and the deep blue splash, the kitchen can evoke the sense of vintage ’50s. But, what you see in this concept is quite classical rather than old school.

It’s all thanks to the white marble countertops, bright wood for the island, and a touch of white flower in the center of it.

3. Minimalist Vintage Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen ideas

Here lies another example of how to give a vintage touch without afraid of being too old. Opt for the white whimsical lamps aloft the island and pick the white marble counters. The Yale blue stands out in the cabinetries, lends a mature atmosphere.

4. A Timeless Luxury Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen island

Dealing with the contemporary concept sometimes lead to bias and confusing us so much. However, with balance combination and right placement, the contemporary kitchen is easy to present and grant you a luxurious nuance.

Splash the Prussian blue to the kitchen set and complete it with white marble countertops. The big glass window in the center is essential to make it more spacious. And don’t forget the classic white tiles as the backsplash.

5. Suburban Kitchen Style

blue kitchen ideas

The suburban term sometimes refers to something ordinary. However, the touch of deep blue can give a big impact on an ordinary kitchen and make it looks stunning. Balance the atmosphere with the white cabinetries and geometrical prints on the backsplash.

6. Relaxing Space

blue kitchen island

When is the last time that you really enjoy being at the house? People often search for a retreat outside the home, because they think that their home is not interesting.

But, try to give a little touch of blue in your kitchen and you will understand how the small thing can lead to a big impact. The subdued deep blue enhances the classic look, complement with white kitchen backsplash and good lighting.

7. The Ocean Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen island

How to add the oceanic theme into your house? Start it with the lacquer blue splashes at your entire kitchen. Meanwhile, the little touch of white countertop is a balance to make the atmosphere not so bulky.

8. Modern-Traditional Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen ideas

This deep blue kitchen is a meeting point of modernity and traditional concept. The cabinetry is made up in rustic concept with classic handle as well as the faucet.

The subway tile uses marble material to accentuate a luxury touch and the old-look tapestry lies above the dark wood flooring.

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9. Eclectic Home Bar

blue kitchen ideas

Many people dream of having a perfect home bar in their house, but not too many of them know the best way on how to make it true. This blue kitchen is the eclectic choice of the home bar that is so lively and stunning.

Not only the lacquered blue in the bar chairs, island, and the refrigerator, but the blue LED lamps installed behind the cabinetry tell you perfectly about it.

10. Playful Corner

blue kitchen island

The deep blue will give you a more playful atmosphere, as long as it is combined with the right choice and placement. Pick a minimalist table made of bright wood, a whimsical, and the bright wood flooring. It’s such a best place to teach the kids how to cook their first meal.

11. Exclusive Retreat

blue kitchen island

Bring the exclusivity to the modern kitchen using the granite countertops in the kitchen island and the kitchen set. Four armless chairs made up of bright oak wood evoke a minimalist sensation while the dark shade blue adds exclusivity and bold statement.

12. Sweet and Soft Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen island

Blue often seems too bulky, but this case won’t happen in this blue kitchen idea. The hue used in the kitchen is so soft and allow you to sit and cook peacefully. Opt for the ultramodern lamps and chairs to give a high-class atmosphere of the future.

13. Fresh and Airy Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen ideas

Wondering how a small corner can be so airy and spacious? This is how you do it with a blue touch. Pick a geometrical tile for the flooring and lacquer subway tiles for the backsplash. Balance the look with all-white cabinetries and a big rectangular window to transfer the light.

14. Cheerful Candy

blue kitchen ideas

Many theories usually relate the color like red, yellow, or orange as the shades that can boost the appetite. However, don’t hesitate to replace them with the glossy light blue color.

See how this shade in the refrigerator, cabinetry, and armchairs can give you a cheerful atmosphere. Combine it with white for the perfect thing to satisfy your zest.

15. Exclusive Industrial Style

blue kitchen ideas

The industrial element can link to many atmospheres. It can exist in the vintage theme, ultra-modern, or even in the classic-contemporary kitchen.

Put that industrial element in the lamps. Let the other complements it to enhance the exclusivity: golden sink, minimalist chairs, and the appliances in dark blue shades.

16. Tempting Aisle

blue kitchen island

This long aisle looks so tempting and far from boring. You can thank the use of oceanic blue shades in the cabinetries and the lacquer red for the refrigerator.

Run out of whimsical idea? Add that 3D-looks flooring and you’ve got a perfect place to boost your mood. Is it too much? No, unique instead.

17. Living in the Sky

blue kitchen island

Do you remember the good feeling when you look upon a sky? This is what you will get from this blue kitchen idea. It carries the soft blue shades in all the appliances, complement with the dark oak wood for the countertops. It’s such an ultimate peace.

So those are what you will get from this tranquil shade; the natural shade of the calming ocean and the afternoon sky. Use the color in strong choice and what you will get is the perfect blue kitchen that brings you happiness.


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