15 Enlightening Green Window Treatments Inspirations

green window treatments

FeastHome – Window treatments are something people pay attention to, nowadays. It’s better for you to follow the hype, especially if inviting guests is your mainstream. This article will help you in finding the best green window treatments.

Why green? Because it fits everyone in general! Since green is the color of nature, it’s perfect for all naturalists. Green also represents freshness, thus suitable to be within the kitchen or any other areas where hustle and bustle happen every day.

So, without further ado, enjoy this list below!

1. Get it Update by Zigzag

green window treatments

Zigzag is a current pattern. You could find it almost anywhere where contemporary is the main concept. If you’re into the trend, applying this pattern will help you stay on track!

In this example, zigzag is applied on a two-piece curtain set. You could do likewise or just install one of them; only the valance or the curtains. I bet either way would be amazing, still.

2. Leafy Blinds

green window treatments

Green itself is the color of nature, let alone if there’re leaves involved. Your zone would be so much natural, literally. It’d be flawless if the space is located right beside a garden where leaves exist. Whether the blinds are opened or shut, you could see leaves, regardless.

3. Floral Patterned Ring Rod Curtain

kitchen window treatments

Ring rod is one of curtain heading styles exist right now. Besides rings, there are rod pocket, eyelet, tab top, tie top, pencil pleat, goblet pleat, pinch pleat, gathered pleat, French or tailored pleat, and box pleat.

Every one of them has pros and cons, of course. But, curtain rings are very popular. It might be because using rings is practical. Rings ease your way to open and shut the curtain.

However, your window doesn’t need practicality only. It needs also some refreshment in the form of floral pattern. So, a combination of ring curtain heading style and the floral pattern is the best choice.

4. Green Accentuated White Kitchen

kitchen window treatments

Having white as your kitchen’s main scheme might be the safest since white is neutral. Yet, boredom might attack from the all-white view. There is when the green comes in handy!

Accentuate your white kitchen with green items. Any shade would be no problem, but lime green is preferable. Throw the color to the window curtain and small ornaments.

But remember to have it in small amount only since too much green could take over the highlight.

5. Rod Pocket Two-Piece Curtain Set

green window treatments

Rod pocket is mentioned in the previous point, and this is an example of it. It’s when the top curtain is tinkered in such a way to create a tunnel to feed the rod. This benefit of this heading style is you won’t need other equipment to attach the curtain to the rod.

However, it’s not as practical as the rig rod one. It’d be pretty hard to glide left and right due to the direct friction made by fabric and metal.

6. Octagonal Patterned Valance

kitchen window treatments

Patterns prove themselves to be the most everlasting topic exists. Try to jot down the complete list of them, and by how many hours do you expect to finish it? It means patterns offer you infinite selections to choose from.

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Like this out of the box hexagonal pattern! Who could have thought to have it as a window treatment? How it’s formed to have a wavy bottom is also fascinating.

7. Classy Checkered Curtain Set

green window treatments

Checkers are always in high demand to be a pattern in the fashion industry, and to no one’s surprise, in home decoration, too. It’s because you could mix, match, and blend them in any kind of concept and theme.

So, when it’s hard to decide what pattern to use in terms of style harmonizing, choose checkers. They always work!

8. Go Traditional with Tribal-Patterned Valance

kitchen window treatments

Pattern is unique. You could divert people’s attention in an instant with a pattern, especially if it looks so outstanding like this one. Printed on the dark green based valance, this pattern is so appealing. It has the touch of traditional and ethnical.

9. Printed Valance

green window treatments

For a neutral-toned kitchen, some printing would do magical work. It’d set a balanced nuance by getting rid of the boredom created possibly by the neutrals. An example is shown in this kitchen.

10. Embellished See-Through

kitchen window treatments

See-through curtains are pretty rare to use. Blinds are the usual ones. But once it’s installed, you’d be wondering why people don’t take this often.

Besides decorative, it’s also functional in blocking the excessive sunlight while letting you enjoy the outside world at the same time.

11. Transparent Green Blinds

green window treatments

Blinds generally come in white. But, you should go beyond general and pick transparent green, instead. It affects magically to the surrounding furniture. It is as if the blinds let some green light through.

12. Cover Screen Curtains

green window treatments

This window is interesting. It has a sill wide enough to hold some large pots. And the curtains are set in such a way like cover screens we see on a drama theater.

When they’re shut, it’s like the usual window treatment. But when they’re opened, voila, the pots come into the spot!

13. Similar Model, Different Function

green window treatments

This is another example of a checkered curtain. This curtain set shares a similar pattern and model with the previous number 7.

The difference is the previous one’s function is to beautify a freestanding window, while this curtain set is to complete the pack.

14. Batik Rules the Kitchen

kitchen window treatments

You have the first example of soft blinds here. While blinds are often seen made of metal or other hard materials, this one you have above is created with cloth, a batik cloth on top of that! This just proves that you could do so many with window treatments.

15. Lime Green Rocks

kitchen window treatments

Lime green is the epitome of freshness, how it’s not, while the fruit itself is so vigorous that it makes you flinch every time its juice touches down your tongue. So, installing lime green blinds in the kitchen will help a lot in refreshing the atmosphere.

There, you just reach the bottom of this article and have seen fifteen inspirations of green window treatments. I hope this could be some refreshment to your dead-end mind in finding the best for your kitchen window. Good day!

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