17 Red Window Treatments to Steal People’s Attention

red window treatments

FeastHome – You could do so much with your windows as there are various options, to begin with. One of the ways is to treat some color to them. Well, red window treatments don’t seem like bad ideas, now, do they?

As much as you could imagine other tones deserve your kitchen, these seventeen ideas of window treatments in red are going to prove a similar result, if not better. Let’s have a look!

1. Polka Dots Valance and Shutter

kitchen window treatments

For your plain wall, a layered window treatment would do more than enough to make it beautiful. You have red valance with tiny polka dots covering the upper part of a shutter to be an example here.

They function perfectly together as one won’t get in the way of the other. Shutter also makes the job of letting through the outside light easy.

2. Checkered Curtains

red window treatments

Though soft window treatments are very common to see in the kitchens and other rooms in general, this example is kind of extraordinary.

Unlike most curtains which come in one piece, this checkered one has two pieces, upper and lower part, to cover your window.

It allows you to freely decide which part of the room should be exposed to sunlight. Not to mention the fact that it has a cushion in a similar pattern to uniform the details.

3. Two-Piece Curtain Set

red window treatments

Valance, checkered, and see-through are the keywords for this curtain set. While the valance decorates the upper part of the window, the see-through curtain below completes the pack.

On top of it all, the red checkered gives a little bit pattern to the white wall.

4. Appealing Red Blinds

kitchen window treatments

In soft window treatment category, there’s the curtain to be most people’s favorite. Meanwhile, there are blinds to be as popular in the hard window treatment. White is the most common color to choose, so pick red to make your kitchen window beyond common.

5. Half Way Blinds

kitchen window treatments

Taking the role of decoration should be a window’s job, too. Therefore, in a red accentuated kitchen, treat your window with the said color to be the part of a decorative set. Pick soft blinds with a pattern to make the nuance lively.

To free you from the additional job of opening and shutting the blinds, install it halfway, instead. You could have extra space below the blinds above the window sill by doing so.

6. Gingham Checkered Valance

kitchen window treatments

Checkers is still on the number one list of pattern to decorate a window. Here you see another example of it. It looks so simple yet catchy and claimed to be a timeless pattern of all era.

7. Vertical Striped Valance

kitchen window treatments

As popular as checkers, stripes pattern known to be used everywhere. Besides its ability to blend well with almost any other patterns, stripes also classic and modern at the same time.

8. Soft Shutters

kitchen window treatments

There are plenty of shutters types you can pick from. They are divided into two categories: hard and soft shutters. While hard shutters made of non-fabric materials are very common to find, soft ones are pretty trending.

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Usually, modern style kitchen has this kind of shutters. Its existence is to complete the whole theme.

9. An Accent is the New Focal Point

kitchen window treatments

It’s really clever to accentuate the white kitchen with red tones. Furthermore, if you set it wise enough to make it like the focal point, instead.

This window treatment is actually just an accent to the whole kitchen, but I doubt people would look elsewhere if it’s arranged like that. So, the focal point, it is.

10. Between Blinds and Shutters

kitchen window treatments

If you’re confused about which one is better between shutters and blinds, these window treatments fairly give you the solution: install both! Well, despite their differences, they go along pretty well, though.

?11. Soft Blinds

red window treatments

As well as shutters, soft blinds are also in trend, nowadays. They’re made of fabric materials which allow you to have a lot of choices. By ‘a lot’ I mean is real~ly lots.

12. Classic Patterned Valance

red window treatments

Having some pattern would ‘tame’ the wild atmosphere in the kitchen, moreover if the kitchen has ‘heavy traffic’ on a daily basis, like those in restaurants. However, too much pattern might distract the chef’s focus. So, valance would be a nice idea.

13. Red and White Curtain Set

kitchen window treatments

This is another example of a two-piece curtain set. The interesting parts are the color combination and the ways to open them. To uncover the window, the red curtains are belted, while the white ones are shifted.

14. Treat with Style

kitchen window treatments

Sometimes, you want to have the window opened but still want some privacy. It’s where blinds come into a function, then. And for the sake of decoration, have the window treated with some chic pattern.

15. Valance and Curtain, an Absolute Combination

kitchen window treatments

Meet another checkers, ladies and gentlemen! As it won’t ever go down, checkers are pretty to be applied in almost anything. To be some window treatment? It’s only natural!

16. See-Through Set

red window treatments

Being transparent is not meant only for the blinds. Curtains could do that, too! The purpose is to make it translucent while doing the job of covering your rooms. This kind of curtain would function very well when it’s scorching hot outside.

17. Wavy Bold Valance

red window treatments

I told you before that window treatments are varied in options, right? With only a valance, you already have so much to pick, let alone other window treatments. In choosing a pattern, consider what dominates the room nuance.

For example, if the space is so calm because of the neutral color selection, set a bold pattern for a window treatment to have some festive vibe. Only by then you could kill the monotonous.

There you have them: all seventeen red window treatments you could choose from to make your rooms appealing and inviting. Curtains, valances, shutters, and blinds are just a few from so many types exist. Moreover, if you happen to get them combined somehow!

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