16 Bright Yellow Window Treatments You Would Want to Apply

yellow window treatments

FeastHome – Following the rules of healthy homes, ones should have good access to natural lighting and air circulation in the form of window. Thus, you should plan about the window existence and appearance thoroughly. This article has a list of yellow window treatments.

Why yellow? Yellow is the color of energy and joy. By arranging some yellow into the window, you’d get to feel energized and happy. Yellow will also affect you positively. It brings freshness, optimism, and hope.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ideas below!

1. Modern Yellow Valance

kitchen window treatments

Valance is the best treatment for the kitchen window so far. It’s rare to see freestanding windows in the kitchen. It means a kitchen window is almost arranged closely together with other furnishings and counter.

Therefore, the window treatment, however aesthetical it is, shouldn’t get in the way of anything. It must be compact and simple, yet functional. So, valance, that is.

2. Small Kitchen Window Curtains

kitchen window treatments

‘Shouldn’t get in the way’ is the main focus here. It refers to the appearance of the window treatment in general. Since the window is built above the sink, the curtains installed should not get in your way of doing the dishes.

This picture above portrays a perfect example. Using a railing and rings to glide the curtains, it eases the job of opening and shutting the covering.

3. Kitchen Bay Window Treatment

kitchen window treatments

It’s a fascinating looking window treatment. It has flowers drawing, but look at how the lighting affects as if the drawing and the displayed plant connected. It might be because of the capturing angle, but it’s still interesting.

It also shows that the lighting in the kitchen takes an important role.

4. Stylish Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

yellow window treatments

To appear in style is everyone’s dream. And it also applied to the window. Have it covered with stylish soft blinds would be a very nice idea. Just look at how it resulted in the picture. The pattern and color selection matters the most.

5. Simple yet Wonderful Curtains for Decorating Ideas

yellow window treatments

For the sake of presentable kitchen, every element within it should be in accordance and harmony. Do you want an example? Here’s one, a beautiful one, on top of that. Everything’s in balanced; the color, texture, light, and whatnot.

6. The Best Breakfast Nook Valance

kitchen window treatments

A great morning is when you could enjoy sipping juice without hurry. It’d be a more scenic view to have the natural sunlight shining down on your skin, making it glow and shine.

And it only becomes reality with valance right here. Without the need of opening any coverings, valance would absolutely be able to let you have a great morning. Only, if you’re not late, though.

7. Mid-Century Modern Windows for Kitchen

kitchen window treatments

Now, it’s new. You see an example of hard window treatment here. It’s without any soft covering installed. Instead, greenery is placed to add some natural view inside. So it’s like having nature indoor and outdoor at the same time.

8. Charming Valance Curtain Idea

yellow window treatments

Valances have so many types and models. They even could be made of various materials. Like the one being exemplified here, valance could be produced from a see-through. A see-through valance is a fresh idea to have.

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Besides its practicality, the see-through appearance gives the vibe of airy and lets you feel the effect of larger space.

9. Stunning Window Blinds

kitchen window treatments

Finally, you have an example of a stunning kitchen blinds. They’re not the usual blinds you get to see anywhere. Instead, they’re the patterned rare ones.

This window uses a slider as the opening system which makes the job of shutting on and off easy.

10. Endearing Valance

yellow window treatments

This combination of yellow and red reminds me of the tip of dancer skirts in festivals. Perhaps you could hang this endearing valance to feel the same festivity? Who knows, right?

11. Get Them Customized

yellow window treatments

It’s so lovely to see the fabrics in the dining area come in the exact pattern and color. It’d be difficult to find them all available for purchase, but it’s not hard to order for customization. By doing so, you could get the look you desire.

12. Soft Yellow to Calming You Down

yellow window treatments

Leaf patterns are seen in combination with eyelet curtain heading style, creating a harmonious window treatment set. It’s possible to have such a tone in the kitchen.

After the commotion of preparing food, you would want something to be your mood booster, wouldn’t you? By installing this kind of curtain set, you could breathe out the fatigue then.

13. Shabby Chic Valance

kitchen window treatments

It might be the best choice for your elderly. Installing it in their cooking zone would delight their old heart. Or else, it could be for anyone younger who’s into a shabby chic pattern. Though it looks shabby, this pattern is in trend nowadays.

14. Two-Tier Curtain Sets

kitchen window treatments

This curtain shows you that color selection is very significant. The certain color will reduce the excessive light bursts in through the window. And that’s yellow.

While reducing some light, it absorbs some others and keeps them to itself, making it looks glowing and emanates its own lighting.

15. Black and Yellow from the Get-Go

yellow window treatments

To be as compact as possible is what every small kitchen should work on. Otherwise, your kitchen would look cramped. Picking the right window treatment is a job you should do, as well. Here’s an example.

Curtains with belts are just right for the window above the sink. It doesn’t get in your way when doing dishes. Just don’t make use of it as a towel to dry your hands afterward, alright?

16. Cute Brown and Yellow Pattern

yellow window treatments

White, black, red, brown, purple, orange, and blue are the most compatible colors combined with yellow. It lets you have plenty of selections to choose from. This curtain set just display the least that yellow could do as a bright tone.

And since it goes along with a lot of other colors, the list of its ability is getting longer!

There, you have them; all sixteen examples of bright yellow window treatments. Consider well before deciding, pals!


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