17 Inspirational Ways to Have the Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen island

FeastHome – Is green less-cooler than other colors? Think again. Green kitchen island is usually related to freshness and optimism. In culinary knowledge, green can boost the appetite and make you look forward to cooking and eat.

What follows you are some inspiring and lively green kitchen ideas that will inspire you to enhance a warm atmosphere in the cooking space.

1. Warm Vintage Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen ideas

Throw yourself back to the old good times using the retro soft green hue in the classic kitchen set. The cabinetries and the backsplash provide the antiquity that gives you a warming atmosphere of a grandma kitchen.

With the accentuation of black and natural wooden tone, this kitchen is perfect to accompany your cooking experience. Now, are you ready to bake?

2. Countryside Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen island

We love how people can decorate the country kitchen to be so appealing and calming at the same time. Even though you live in a modern world, country ideas are always timeless.

The kitchen commodes with rustic look through the antique cabinetry and kitchen backsplash. The countertops use rich oak wood to enhance the vintage ambiance.

3. Sweet Dream Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen ideas

Such a lovely day to spend in a kitchen that recalls the good memories of the homey family retreats.

Opt for the deep green in all the cabinetries to make it look subtle. White countertops keep it shiny and look spacious. The wood flooring and ethnic tapestry tie the calmness together in a space.

4. Mother Sanctuary

green kitchen ideas

This is the kitchen that makes every woman swoon. The white minimalist cabinetries enhance the atmosphere of the farmhouse kitchen. While the fern green busy print lends a feminine and timeless statement. Lighten up space with a big window frame in white sills.

Do not fail to notice the existence of bright colors from the lemons and tulips at the corner of the space. They make the whole scheme fresher.

5. Medieval Meets Modernity

green kitchen island

The contemporary concept brings into a modern kitchen and creates such a beautiful eclectic atmosphere.

The forest green past the kitchen island and cabinetries while some appliances like range and refrigerator are made up of stainless steel. And don’t forget to put that over shade industrial lamp.

6. A Little Barn

green kitchen ideas

The deep green appliances turn out is a good thing to emphasize the vintage look in the kitchen. Pair with the industrial lamps and dark oak table; this is how you make a barn in modern society. Some paintings give more life to the country kitchen.

7. Sleek and Shiny

green kitchen ideas

Having a ‘50s style kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to enhance a dim atmosphere always. You can have a sleek, clean green kitchen with the back-to-the-past concept.

The tongue and groove cabinetries are made to look old as well as the brick glasses for the backsplash. The glimpses of yellow and white plates pop up to be a contrast.

8. A Multifunctional Place

green kitchen island

Turn a huge place inside your house to be a multifunctional place dominated in subdued green. All the appliances and corners are painted in green, sync the space into ultimate harmony. A vintage look pops up through medieval lamps.

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9. Sweet and Minimalist

green kitchen island

The minimalist kitchen complements with emerald green cabinetries and shelves that make a glam look. The white subway tiles tie everything to accentuate the classic atmosphere. You can also add some appliances made of out stainless-steel to enhance a modern look.

10. Glamorous Space

green kitchen island

Looking at this kitchen seems like finding a charming gem lays in your house. The magnificent black kitchen island has a jewel-tone that makes the atmosphere more glamorous. Add the golden lamp, lagoon blue armchair and this is how to make a stunning green kitchen idea.

11. An Open and Airy Kitchen

green kitchen island

Green is often linked to something bold and burdening. In this kitchen, you will realize that green can also lead you to an airy atmosphere.

The cabinetries come with subdued green and the countertops in light wood, as you can see in the flooring. Build a big glass door to enlighten the space and make it more spacious.

12. Earthy Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen island

You know that earthy theme is something popular nowadays. People often present it either in their garden or the open living-room.

You can also display the theme in your dry kitchen. Opt for the leaf color for the wall and broken white for the cabinetries that can complement it to accentuate the calm atmosphere.

13. Minimalist and Mature

green kitchen ideas

In case you don’t like to put too much thing in your kitchen, why don’t you use this concept? The kitchen lends the real definition of minimalism.

The kitchen opts for subdued dark green for the cabinetry and dark oak wood as the kitchen backsplash. The marble countertops give luxury to the entire room.

14. Glossy and Sexy Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen ideas

Usually, red is the color that reminds us of everything sexy. However, in this case, green can also transform the kitchen to have an appealing atmosphere. All the cabinetries use rustic wood painted in jade green that gives you more charm and luxury.

15. Beach Kitchen

green kitchen ideas

Wherever your house lies, you can present a beach vibe there using some strong combinations. The dark subdued green splashes the cabinetries while the countertops use the white marble.

Add some floating shelves made up of repurposed wood and a bar windows to accentuate the airy atmosphere.

16. Simple but Cozy

green kitchen island

Having a green kitchen idea doesn’t always mean that you have to splash all the appliances with green color.

For instance, portray the wall in pistachio green and let those cabinetries and the kitchen island in light wood accent. Sufficient lighting is needed to make the kitchen doesn’t seem too dim.

17. Classic Modern Green Kitchen Island

green kitchen ideas

Using a pale deep green can make your kitchen looks classic and sophisticated without being too overwhelmed. The pale green splashes in the wall and to complement, the cabinetries and kitchen island are painted in broken white.

So, those are the inspirations on how to turn your ordinary kitchen into a livelier and more tempting. Either you want to cook or just sit down and take a rest, a green kitchen idea is a good place for retreat.

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