16 Wonderful Orange Kitchen Island to Brighten Up Your House

orange kitchen island

FeastHome – What kitchen color that can successfully represent wellness and happiness? You have the orange kitchen island to choose. The color is so versatile and gives the space a vivacious vibrant.

Some people might think that orange is too overwhelming and too risky for matching. However, with the strong choice and right touch, you can make this color a mood-booster and something to cheer you up in the kitchen. Here they are:

1. Airy Terracotta

orange kitchen ideas

Present the old-charm nuance in your kitchen with the terracotta orange color in the appliances. The tiles and the backsplash use the subdued-orange color, give a soft and welcoming nuance for all who comes there.

Create a more airy atmosphere using the big glass windows with the wood accents in the edge. Support this all orange kitchen with a gold tone as the accents. You could see it polishes the lighting fixture at the ceiling.

2. Playful Future

orange kitchen island

Orange kitchen color is the real definition of a super-chic concept – as long as you put the strong choices. The kitchen features bright orange colors in the kitchen islands, cabinetry, and a splash of it in the floating shelf. A small TV-screen in orange makes a unique accent.

However, having the bold orange colors all of the elements seem too intimidating. So, paint the walls white to soften the whole hue.

3. Orange in White

orange kitchen island

The white kitchen idea is cheered up with the bright orange lacquer in the kitchen island and in the custom kitchen set. The minimalist chair in white comes as the best friends of this minimalist concept. This is how you use orange color to stands out without being too much.

It also distinguishes the cooking and eating zone from the rest of the area. And since it’s an open concept kitchen, where there’s no solid separator between any two rooms, installing an exhaust pipe is strongly recommended.

4. Autumnal Backsplash

orange kitchen ideas

For a chic atmosphere in the kitchen, choose white that will dominate the space. Make it bold and alive with the autumnal orange in the tile backsplash.

The dark wood flooring gives a little bit of vintage sensation. You can enlarge the space by using some downlight LED lamps in a bright white color.

5. An Exclusive Retreat

orange kitchen island

To opt the dark-grey colors in the custom cabinetry and in the kitchen backsplash enhances the exclusive atmosphere in your kitchen. While some terracotta orange in the backsplash drawers comes up to elevate the warmness.

6. Little Contrasting Touch

orange kitchen ideas

The kitchen comes with the saturated dark wood cabinetry and kitchen backsplash. The broken white marble picked as the countertops to reduce the moody atmosphere. Glossy orange colors floating cabinetries gives bolder colors to space.

7. Contemporary Sweetheart

orange kitchen island

Create an optimistic vibe in the contemporary kitchen by splashing the bright fruity orange for the cabinetries door. The countertop uses neutral white, making a perfect blend with the cheerful orange.

Meanwhile, the backsplash in white tiles harmonizes the atmosphere and ready to welcome you every morning.

8. Ultra Modern and Playful

orange kitchen ideas

You can present a modern concept for a family retreat using this concept. The kitchen set and cabinetries are painted in bright orange where the backsplash sets an interesting accent in black color.

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The white sofa and kitchen islands complement the chic vibrant of transparent candy orange chair. Play with the whimsical lamps to enhance a cheerful atmosphere.

9. A Moody Escape

orange kitchen ideas

It is quite easy to make a perfect escape in the house. Add a kitchen backsplash in a bold color with white countertops to add more color. Then, use some black visitor chairs that line behind the table.

The cabinetries and the refrigerator comes in black color enhancing the edgy look while the backsplash is painted with orange for a moody kitchen sensation.

10. Rustic Country Kitchen

orange kitchen ideas

Throw it back to the before-centuries concept with subdued orange rustic kitchen. You can pick some rich woodwork for cabinetries and the shelves so it will accentuate the countryside atmosphere.

The backsplash countertops use marble material giving an exclusive touch. Meanwhile, the alabaster light above the backsplash warms up the kitchen that is so great for a weekend sanctuary.

11. Earthy Orange

orange kitchen ideas

Transform a regular kitchen into a sumptuous one using the blackwood kitchen island, cabinetries, and floating shelves. Upgrade the personality to be more inviting using the earthy orange color as the backsplash.

12. Perfect Aisle

orange kitchen island

A little touch of saturated orange in the countertops can give a strong statement in the regular aisle kitchen. There is no other orange in the appliances but the orange can be so vibrant in a corner of glossy white domination.

13. A Bright Future

orange kitchen island

You can work with many stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen so that they strengthen the futuristic atmosphere. Adding the little touch of vibrant orange in the kitchen island shelves and cabinetries bring such exciting but not too overwhelming.

14. Woody Rustic

orange kitchen ideas

Here comes another rustic idea that works so well with the spice orange colors. The deep earthy orange in the wall is a perfect background for some ethnic elements.

It gives a very harmonious sensation when combined with the terracotta tiles flooring and glossy hardwood cabinetries. Do not hesitate to give a little touch of modernity using the range made up of stainless steel.

15. 50’s Kitchen

orange kitchen ideas

Throw yourself back into the middle of a time machine with the orange-dominated kitchen using 50’s vintage concept.

Wallpaper for the backsplash comes in busy prints and the appliances look so bulky in wood material. Enhance the luxury using the marble countertops in the kitchen island. It is so charming and calming at the same time.

16. A Little Touch

orange kitchen ideas

Having an orange kitchen doesn’t always mean that you must opt for the vibrant orange color to splash in every corner.

This woody kitchen is also a good choice if you don’t want to go too intense with orange. So, where is exactly the orange? It comes with the trumpet flowers in vibrant color and terracotta orange both in the tiles and backsplash.

After installing this orange kitchen idea, you will feel that your kitchen feels more alive and vibrant. You don’t have to splash the entire corner with orange color because even the small touch of orange can lead to a big change in your kitchen.


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