17 Amazing Coastal Kitchen Style Ideas

coastal kitchen style

FeastHome – Coastal kitchen style is very suitable for those living nearby the beach. It gives such amazing an atmosphere with its simple, gorgeous, and sometimes luxurious in a way. A kitchen should be designed to be a good place to have a meal with family or your lovely ones.

Well, if you’re looking for kitchen design for your house, take a look at these ideas.

1. Casual Beach Coastal Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

White is the most common scheme to be put in a coastal kitchen. Its bright atmosphere will give such soothing nuances. Bright is a soft color and can be combined with other light tone furniture.

You can also add other smart touches that can turn any kitchen into a suitable space for having a good meal with the breeze of the ocean.

2. North Coast Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

White colors dominating the most area in most kitchens. This style urges you to be more open and gather all the lights to come through the white walls and furniture inside it. Adding some medium size of windowpane will give another amazing atmosphere to your kitchen.

3. Simple White Subway Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Simple white subway backsplash tiles bring this kitchen to another level. You will feel very happy to be able to relax at the end of the day at home with the people you love.

The design is aimed to bring joy in the dining room with a cozy and comfy nuances. The hanging lamps with romantic lights also give some loves in your kitchen.

4. Bright and Blue Coastal Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Sometimes, all the needs of a fresh white kitchen are one or two bright blue colors to give it a coastal style. You can decorate your own kitchen by adding one blue color to it. For example, the blue table combined with brown or white chairs.

It will add some marine life sensation and also the vibes of coastal life will be more alive. Give it a try!

5. Cottage Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

It doesn’t matter how far you live from the beach; a fresh white kitchen that opens to the outside of the house can have a cool and relaxed beach atmosphere. You can design your kitchen by designing the hut-style ceiling.

The ceiling with hut style will add more vibes of cottage or villa. The better and opener you design your kitchen, the more alive atmosphere of the beach you can have in it.

6. Weather Board Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Kitchen combined with the dining room is something cool. It will be more comfortable with wide open windowpane facing the ocean. The color is also important in creating such a vivid atmosphere in your kitchen.

The cream color will add warmth and solid look to inside it. It is going to be always good to have a good time in your kitchen when cooking.

7. 70’s Beach House Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Having an idea to feel the 70s moment in your kitchen? This design may give you sight with the look of white 70s kitchen style. Combined with gray wooden circle chairs, the 70s is really come back!

The white color dominating the whole room and it adds such a bright atmosphere to the 70s style. Give it a try!

8. Windy Beach House Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Beach house is a windy place, I can say. It is also a warm place to relax at night with family or lovely ones. You can try this windy beach kitchen style with wooden floors combined with gray pale table and white high chairs.

The windowpane is in the corner of the room. Wooden materials that mostly used in this design will add warmth and relaxing atmosphere.

9. Water Color Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

You can’t avoid the bright sight of white! Indeed. It is always a favorite for most people to paint their kitchen room.

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If you want something different, you can combine it by adding an L-shape table and high-iron-chairs. It will add something which is way more attractive and bring the joyfulness in the kitchen.

10. Australian Modern Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

A coastal kitchen does not mean you can’t have your family sitting together with. Instead, you can design it just like this one!

A calm color with a cute small table with four tables for a family member will give you the best dining experience with your family. Hanging lamps above the table add the warmness of the family gathering as well.

11. Hue Soothing Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

One of the main components of coastal kitchen design is color. The hue tends to be soft and soothing, with colors like seafoam green, young beige and soft pink and blue among the most popular.

White and cream are the dominant basic colors, often contributing to the overall color scheme which is both bright and agile and relaxed. You can give it a try for your kitchen!

12. Vertical Hut Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

In terms of wall design, a vertical hut style board can be used to give clues to the theme “always on vacation”.

Backsplash may display tile murals with a beach theme, shells in the form of shells or sea life; they can even be made entirely from real clams. You can add those ornaments to decorate your kitchen.

13. Bright Lighting Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Lighting in beach kitchen designs is often smooth and soothing, along with generally bright and bright color schemes. You just need to be creative in the decorative and main lighting can be used to illuminate the main areas.

Simple track lighting can be used for the main lighting. Adding LED lights with low lights will also create such amazing nuances in it.

14. Modern Soothing Shade Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Decorations in the beach kitchen are often seafront themed. Curtains, placemats and other linens may have shells or sea life designs and are often soft, soothing in shades of pink, blue and green.

Driftwood and shells can actually be used for decorative centerpieces or placed on window sills or storage racks.

15. Seafront Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

Furniture in the design of seafront kitchens tends to be simple and sturdy; often built from traditional wood.

Many homeowners who design beach kitchens decide to leave unfinished furniture or with natural stains or touches because this style works well with bright and bright kitchen designs.

16. Modern Luxury Coastal Kitchen Style

coastal kitchen style

When it comes time to choose cabinets for your coastal kitchen, you will have many choices, modern and contemporary styles in hardwood or laminate. And even to traditional designs in cherry, oak, and maple.

There is no such strict rule in choosing the design and materials for your kitchen, you can just combine the materials needed just like this one!

17. A Kitchen by the Beachside

coastal kitchen style

The vibes of summer are everyone’s dream to feel. You can bring the vibes to your kitchen by decorating them just like this one. The white color dominates the whole room with brown wooden floors.

The windowpane is wide open so it lets the breeze of the ocean comes through your kitchen and bring back the summer vibes.

Well, hopefully, you can get your ideas with these coastal kitchen style ideas. Make sure you can just add the breeze and the ocean-atmosphere to your cooking room. The joy when cooking is always good for making good and delicious food!

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