17 Exceptionally Cool Vintage Kitchen Style Ideas

vintage kitchen style

FeastHome – Bring the memory of the past without sacrificing the convenience of the modern needs with these 17 exceptionally cool vintage kitchen style ideas that make the cooking time become more fascinating.

1. Mosaic Green Backsplash

vintage kitchen style

The mosaic green tiles that act as the backsplash of this kitchen offer throwback style immensely without compromising the modern functionality. LED lights are installed under the white cabinets, illuminating the vintage backsplash and countertops.

The apron-front sink accentuates the vintage style well. The wooden kitchen island provides ample counter space to work on. And the shrimp painting hanging on the wall jazz this small kitchen up.

2. Lots of Rustic Elements

vintage kitchen style

Rustic furniture and fixture are the important elements in creating a vintage kitchen, just like what you can see here.

The industrial style blends with the vintage style nicely here. The exhaust hood is made of galvanized metal with a long pipe that embodies the industrial look. Well-worn kitchen appliances bring in the memory of the past.

The steel dining table is surrounded by Windsor chairs and a wooden bench for a more traditional look. An armchair made of wooden crates is a brilliant way to add comfort and style without making you short on cash.

3. Bamboo Roman Shades in a White Kitchen

vintage kitchen style

Bamboo roman shades have never failed to incorporate warm ambiance to any kitchen, including a vintage one, just like what you can see in this kitchen.

The roman shades in this kitchen complement the butcher-block countertop and vinyl floor well. The white exposed beamed ceiling matches the cabinets.

4. Windsor Chairs and Floral Patterns

vintage kitchen style

The combination of patterns and texture makes this kitchen look more epic. The Windsor chairs emphasize the assembled-over-time appeal. Floral patterns found in the backsplash, floor, and cabinet covers add vintage counterpoints.

5. Old Cupboard and Mismatched Colors

vintage kitchen style

There is no strict rule in applying colors to your vintage kitchen. Therefore, you can explore your creativity, or even go eclectic.

The old green cupboard brings the style of 1930s kitchen. The blue kitchen appliances do not match the cupboard, but they still have one thing in common – they are old, but not obsolete.

6. Bead-Board Style Cabinets

vintage kitchen style

Instead of shaker cabinets, this kitchen prefers to have cabinets with bead-board paneling style to add more pattern and texture as well as providing the vintage appeal.

Besides the bead-board cabinets, the glass door cabinets also provide a traditional charm to this kitchen. A tiled countertop is another past trend that can highlight the vintage style.

7. Play with Colors

vintage kitchen style

It is always a good idea to add pops of colors in a vintage kitchen. These orange chairs freshen up the look of this white kitchen. Two pendant lights come in mint and orange colors, enhancing the retro-inspired style.

The wooden boxes under the kitchen island incorporate additional storage space as well as adding a little bit of rustic look.

8. Checkerboard Floor

vintage kitchen style

Checkerboard floors are the staple of a vintage kitchen style. They do not have to be black and white, though. The combination of red and gray, for instance, can make chic checkerboard flooring in this kitchen.

If matching is your thing, vivid red chairs, dining table, and countertop can get you covered.

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9. Industrial Blends with Vintage Style

kitchen style ideas

When you come into this kitchen, you will be amazed by the industrial style represented by the metal chairs with wooden seats, piping kitchen island, and the metal exhaust hood.

However, you can also find the vintage charm from the mint cabinets. Both styles blend perfectly here.

10. Pastel Colors and Bead-Board Ceiling

kitchen style ideas

Besides the combination of bold colors which lead to an eclectic style, a vintage style also offers a warm and elegant ambiance through the use of pastel colors.

This kitchen uses a light green kitchen island and off-white cabinets that incorporate weathered finish. The bead-board ceiling kicks it up a notch.

11. Light Green Vintage Kitchen

kitchen style ideas

The shaker cabinets come in light green to create the well-worn look. The glass door cabinets allow you to store the tableware as well as showing them off to steal anyone’s focus.

To highlight the weathered look, cream small tiles are installed as the flooring.

12. Cheerful Red and Blue Kitchen

vintage kitchen style

Do not be afraid of mixing two or more vivacious colors in your vintage kitchen as they can enrich it. Do not go overboard, though, as you will end up creating an eclectic look. Repeating two color hues will be enough.

This kitchen, for example, comprises vibrant red and blue. But, they bring harmony rather than a haphazard look due to the implementation of color coordination.

13. Persian Rugs Add the Style

vintage kitchen style

Laying rugs on the floor will not only add more colors, patterns, and textures to your kitchen but also makes your feet feel more comfortable.

Just like these two Persian rugs. They beef the vintage kitchen up instantly with their distinctive patterns.

14. Glass Door Cabinets

kitchen style ideas

Glassdoor cabinets belong to past trends. And thus, they can be an essential element for your vintage kitchen. Besides, they are also your safe bet when it comes to displaying your stylish tableware.

15. White Vintage Kitchen with Nook

vintage kitchen style

Kitchen is not only a place to cook scrumptious food. Some kitchen serves recreational area especially if you want to have afternoon tea while reading your favorite book in a casual way.

This white kitchen features a nook that you can use to enjoy your tea while screening the backyard landscaping.

16. Bead-Board and Cup Pulls

vintage kitchen style

Do not overlook the hardware of your kitchen cabinets. They can add nuance and define the style. Black cup pulls attached to these off-white cabinets create a vintage look. When combined with bead-board cabinets, the style is reinforced.

17. Colorful Rug

kitchen style ideas

Colorful rug lying under the orange peg-legged chairs in this kitchen pulls the vivid color hues of this kitchen together, preventing them from getting lost. It also spruces up this white kitchen in no time.

There are many ways that you can do to create a vintage kitchen style. You can use vivid or pastel colors and add a little bit of industrial and wooden furniture for the rustic charm.

But, one thing for sure, do not you hesitate to experiment as long as it can add a personality boost.


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