17 French Kitchen Style Ideas

french kitchen style

FeastHome – If you like a warm atmosphere combined with comfortable and beautiful style at the same time, French kitchen style ideas are your option. French kitchen tends to be a classic and the countryside look. It reflects the traditional life in the countryside and mostly simple.

Take a look at these designs of the French kitchen.

1. French Country Kitchen

french kitchen style

Countryside refers to something quiet and calm. Dark wooden table with hanging lamps is the first thing comes on my mind. This simple design offers such a traditional atmosphere in the kitchen.

The color of the wall and ceiling are even the same with some old pictures hanging on the wall as well. You can try this one if you want to feel the quiet and calm atmosphere in your house.

2. Rural French Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

The French rural kitchen color’s palette tends to be soft and soft. Because cabinets tend to take up the most visual space in the kitchen, using warm surfaces and noiseless tones in the closet is a must for authentic French nuances.

French kitchen designs often combine elegant, elegant pairs, quality materials, and a friendly and comfortable design just like this one.

3. Traditional Atmosphere French Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

Calm and quiet are two major things found in the French kitchen. Wooden dark green table combine with brown ceramic floors and white pale cabinets create such warm nuances in the room.

You can add crown prints that frame on the kitchen cabinets and they are often a component of a French rural kitchen to adding to the traditional and beautiful element.

All of these options allow the kitchen to “breathe” and create a welcome space that can be comfortable for you and attract your guests.

4. Farmhouse French Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

Wardrobes, especially under the sink, are detailed country-style decorations or traditional farmhouses that can be found in the French countryside, too. Tile work can also be an important feature of French kitchen design.

Classic white subway tiles blend nicely with a simple and elegant French kitchen design; they can be very effective if a light and dark contrast color scheme is used. Give it a try!

5. Natural French Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

It always makes sense that a decorating style which takes cues from unified natural scape will incorporate natural ingredients into the design. Small cabinets with places to put your kitchen equipment add such beautiful and classy look in the kitchen of the French countryside.

Hanging candle lights on the ceiling and small table to put your stuff are additional nice elements.

6. Evocative Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

Your kitchen is the key to cooking delicious food! Designing the kitchen with bricks or stones for the wall is a good option, too.

You can let the lines created by the bricks or stone to give more rural atmosphere. You can also add a fireplace inside the room to bring such a warm dining experience.

7. Warm and Comfort Atmosphere

french kitchen style

Furniture is a major thing to be added in any room design. For your French kitchen design, using stones for the wall with green tones on them will give such a beautiful look. You can make the same tones in all parts of the kitchen.

The tables, chairs and even the fireplace with green tone will give your kitchen the warmest and comfortable atmosphere.

8. Mute Palette Tone Kitchen Styles

french kitchen style

The tone is indeed an important component of the French rural kitchen. One way to highlight this feature is to make it the same color to the rest of the kitchen.

The same tone brings such warming welcome for your guests when they step into your kitchen. All the furniture can be also important when they are kept in the same tones.

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9. Modern-Temporary Style

french kitchen style

Even though French rural kitchens have a few contemporary tendencies, insofar as decoration takes place, there are still some subtle ways to introduce a more modern feel. For example, is by using white pale wood or a painted on the wall, cabinets and the floors.

For an exception, you can differentiate the color of the floor with a green or brown wooden one. It will bring your kitchen in a more modern aesthetic look.

10. Traditional and Modern Combination Style

french kitchen style

French kitchen designs are often equipped with open and airy kitchen spaces. L-shaped room spaces or U-shaped designs with a peninsula.

Those are common and many French kitchens often have kitchen space for additional storage and food preparation rooms, too. This one is one of many French kitchen designs that is favorite the most.

11. Classic-Luxurious Style

french kitchen style

A clean and tidy kitchen is two of many characteristics of French kitchen. If you want to add some more elegant look in it, putting carpet on the wooden floor will give it something great.

This is a traditional feature that has disappeared in a standard kitchen, but this is quite useful for family kitchen lover.

12. French Countryside Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

Traditionally, hanging cookware is a purely functional decision. At present, the copper pot strategy on display in the French country kitchen gets a standing ovation because of its beautiful shape and function.

Cabinets often feature intricate woodwork or cutouts, paired with simple and sturdy hardware in silver, bronze, or iron. Furniture and floors often have a weatherproof appearance like this one.

13. Bright White Classic-Modern Style

french kitchen style

Open-style lighting or lanterns are used seamlessly in the kitchen of the French countryside. Classic farm style sink is great for food preparation or cleaning after a big meal, is also a style element that is often displayed in French kitchens.

Furniture is often antique or has an antique appearance, to match the casual feel yet still like oldies style. Worth to try!

14. Reminisce Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

A warm and friendly feeling is one of the main components of the French rural kitchen, although it is more difficult to measure. Combining various textures and textiles while keeping the color palette warm and bright is a good rule of thumb.

For automatic heating, country feel, use a bead board facade on the vertical surface. The beadboard placement idea includes backsplash, cabinet doors, or kitchen walls.

15. Simple Elegant Style

french kitchen style

French kitchen plays a major role in gathering a family member. Its comfy design allows you to make such a big family gathering with classic designs. A bright color is often the main element of the design.

With some lamps and lights put I the corner of the wall get you to the old memories with your family.

16. Wooden Kitchen Style

french kitchen style

Wooden kitchen is always unique and special. Using woods to build up your kitchen is a good choice. The wooden French kitchen design offers such classic and vintage look in your kitchen.

Combined with an old painting hanging on the wall will give such great pleasure when you have your food.

17. Exposed Beams Style

french kitchen style

Beams are good in creating a great appearance for your kitchen. French kitchen built with beams on the ceiling is something classic yet modern concept.

The beams bring great atmosphere altogether with elements in the kitchen such as a white pale table with a small bench, white wall brick, and small windowpane.

Anyone must need something different in their houses. And the kitchen is one of the most important room-space which is good to be designed as comfortable as possible. The French kitchen style ideas above can be your inspiration in designing your cooking space. Good luck!

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