16 Spain Kitchen Styles with Warm Atmosphere and Traditional Feature


FeastHome – If you’re a big fan of the country that’s admired for its football and Flamenco, Spain, you might want to try to get even closer by bringing its kitchen styles into your home. These Spain kitchen styles can help you know what Spanish kitchens look like from the inside.

Have a look at our collections of Spain kitchen ideas with their exceptional feature that’ll make your admiration to Spanish architecture becomes much stronger and deeper.

1. Fascinating Wooden Ceiling

spain kitchen style

Showing a comfortable and welcoming environment, Spanish kitchen style is portrayed to have a stunning wooden ceiling with such appealing brick walls. There are wide islands, wooden floorings, and lovely hanging lamps.

Those are some of the characteristics that you’ll find in Spanish kitchen ideas. Although you don’t live in the continent of Europe or Spanish yourself, you can be happy enough by creating similar ideas in your home.

2. Remarkable Ceiling Beams

spain kitchen style

The flooring stone with a neutral color screams a comfortable look combined with the purple cabinet on the wall. A tiny island that sits in the middle also has the same neutral color.

This kitchen isn’t that high with strong wood beams that withstand underneath. Leaving an appealing look with its rough form, brick walls have always been adored and chosen to increase the inviting environment in any houses.

3. Lovely Classic Lamps

spain kitchen style

This kind of tranquil feeling is what you might want from a Spanish style. The captivated dark wooden floor along with the wooden table that comes with pretty sunflowers along with woven chairs can really bewitch you to have this idea into your kitchen.

4. Narrow Logs Ceiling

spain kitchen style

Due to their genuine values, logs are often used in many home decors such as tables, beds, and ceilings as well. It’s because many people simply love their natural shapes and rough surfaces, and those are probably one of many reasons why you find them in many homes.

This owner can be said as one of those people mentioned above, and he proves that logs can make any rooms look astonishing.

5. Adorable Round Lights Spain Kitchen Style

spain kitchen style

From the mesmerizing woven ceiling, the beautiful floral wall, and love circular lamps, there are so many things here that shape the kitchen to this wonderful area.

The wooden flooring and the rug bring a warm and welcoming ambiance to this kitchen. And there are windows with their nice pattern that complete this Spain kitchen style.

6. Terracotta Tiles Flooring Spain Kitchen Style

spain kitchen style

Known for bringing a calm look, Terracotta tiles can be combined with other elements for creating a traditional style into your home.

The grey wooden ceiling spreads aesthetic and sleek appearance that merges with the entire room. The natural lighting comes from the windows, while the fireplace that infuses warmth that’ll make you quite happy being there.

7. Airy Atmosphere Spain Kitchen Style

spain kitchen style

A kitchen doesn’t always rely on the advanced technologies or the newest appliances, but you should pay attention to the overall look too – a kitchen as a whole area in which you can cook efficiently with a pleasant feeling.

This place can provide it for you as it has a spacious area, beautiful kitchen furniture, stunning pendant lights, and airy space.

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8. Make It Comfortable

spain kitchen style

When you need to make the kitchen to be as comfortable as the living room, adding chairs, a table and couch will do as seen in this picture. The white hues accompanied by wooden furniture and neutral flooring creating a peaceful haven.

9. Beautiful Entrance

spain kitchen style

After you make sure everything in the kitchen is well-organized, you can move to another subject like the surroundings and examine what part of the kitchen area you should consider remodeling.

It’s not something you must do actually, but if you want to have a different look for the kitchen, building a nice entrance such as a semi-oval one can be a good idea

10. Go Simple

spain kitchen style

If you’re not very fond of putting a lot of things into one place, you can make it as simple as possible. A minimalist style can also be part of Spain kitchen ideas.

Basically, designing a kitchen doesn’t have to be as good as what other people do or have. As long as you feel at ease with it, then do it.

11. Infuse White Hues

spain kitchen style

Bring a relaxed and peaceful ambiance into your kitchen by infusing white hues throughout the kitchen. Create an open area by installing two separate windows to let space have good air circulation.

12. Antique Table

spain kitchen style

A traditional style Spain design can pretty much be shown with a huge, old, wooden table in order to create an old-fashioned look. The hexagonal tiles flooring enhances the look with its neutral pattern that blends well with the rest.

13. Glossy Countertop

spain kitchen style

To make a fancy touch in the kitchen, you can choose a glossy surface for the table or island. This table, for example, shows a fabulous surface with an attractive pattern that can be the center of attention.

With lovely shapes, the lights above the island can elevate the glossy part to look even more mesmerizing.

14. Paying Attention to Small Things

spain kitchen style

A small thing can give a major effect on your house. That’s why you can’t go wrong for giving a little change for the decoration or accessories in the kitchen. That elegant, square light is fairly attractive to catch everybody’s attention.

White accents can be strongly felt in this kitchen; make a contrast by adding dark furniture would make a nice blend with dark wooden stools.

15. Natural Lighting

spain kitchen style

Natural lighting plays a vital role in any homes including the kitchen. One simple way to do that is to have big windows that don’t only provide natural lighting, but it can also make a quite nice appearance in it.

Besides that, you don’t have to turn the lights on when daylight too since you’re able to see all the things clearly.

16. Leather Chairs

spain kitchen style

Stainless steel appliances and wooden furniture leave a striking look due to their great value and longevity, and they obviously make your kitchen look a lot better.

A warm and inviting ambiance can be created by adding some leather furniture in it. Moreover, this kitchen also has something more to offer, such as a couple of classic lights that really give a warm feeling.

Spain kitchen styles

give comfortable and old-fashioned environment, but you can combine it with a modern touch by applying more colorful feature if you want.

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