10 Stylish Vintage Kitchen Style With Timeless Charm

vintage kitchen style

FeastHome – Vintage kitchen style has never failed to offer timeless charm. It does belong to the old-world fashion, but it still provides contemporary convenience.

Check out how these kitchens look eminently stylish by bringing the past reference to the contemporary style.

Movable Kitchen Island

vintage kitchen style

Vintage kitchen is not only about being stylish but also practical. The shaker cabinet doors and white subway tiles give a traditional touch to this kitchen.

Instead of upper cabinets, open shelves are used to store dishes. The rug and wicker baskets add textural elements to this kitchen.

The best thing about this kitchen is the movable island. It features four casters that allow you to move it anywhere possible, which is good for a kitchen with limited space.

Fancy Baby Pink Princess

vintage kitchen style

Subdued colors make the furniture look a bit worn, which is what a vintage style is all about. The off-white cabinets provide an old-fashioned look to this kitchen. The glass cabinet doors allow you to display beautiful dishes.

Sophisticated designs enhance the vintage style. The chair frame features white climbing-plant pattern that makes it look fancy. Another fancy thing that you will not miss is the crystal chandeliers.

The combination of soft pink and mint wall infuses the feminine touch to this kitchen.

Modern Vintage Kitchen

vintage kitchen style

If you want your kitchen to look a little bit aged but not too outdated, you can add the elements of contemporary look to your vintage kitchen.

Instead of subdued colors like off-white which always brings the essence of the aging process, opt for crisp white as a fresher and more modern look. Do not forget to incorporate glass cabinet doors that have become a vintage thing.

To enhance this particular style, investing in some vintage kitchen appliances with pastel colors is your next way to go. And, finally, match your wall and trims with the cabinets and kitchen appliances.

Be Bold with Red and Black

vintage kitchen style

Vintage style is usually about pastel colors, but it does not mean you are not allowed to go bold with vivacious tones.

This kitchen looks bold with vibrant red and black. The retro style is clearly defined from the old-fashioned fridge and other kitchen appliances. The vibrant red blends with black perfectly.

The checkerboard floor adds a distinctive and playful pattern to this kitchen, eradicating the mundane look.

Light Blue Cabinets and Apron Sink

vintage kitchen style

Apron sink is one of the elements that belong to the previous trend. Therefore, it is usually incorporated in a vintage kitchen style. The exposed front part of the sink also provides a timeless charm to the kitchen.

The style is accentuated with the pale blue shaker cabinets which add the ambiance of serenity and tranquility in this kitchen. Three old pendants lights are suspended from the ceiling above the kitchen island, giving the touch of retro style.

Incorporate Some Patterns

vintage kitchen style

This kitchen looks classic with the seeming old furniture like the navy blue cabinets and the peg-leg chairs. The dishes are lined up rather than being stacked up together.

Some old-school patterns are also adorned this kitchen well, accentuating the past reference. Cabinet doors are replaced with floral-patterned clothes that cover the cabinets, hiding the mess out of your sight.

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Stenciled patterns would be a great additional element that you should have in your vintage kitchen style. Therefore, installing stenciled backsplash and flooring would be a great way to jazz your kitchen up.

Add Vintage Accessories

vintage kitchen style

To make your kitchen embraces the vintage style, you do not have to replace all the existing furniture with the well-worn one which can burn a hole in your pocket. Just add some vintage accessories or photograph to get the look.

This kitchen still looks great although it is not furnished with shaker cabinets and pastel color palettes. Crisp white and earthy color hues are used, instead. What makes it look a bit old yet classy are the monochromatic photographs.

Another great thing about this kitchen is the glass roof. It allows plenty of natural light to come into the kitchen, making it look larger and airier. It has nothing to do with vintage style, though.

Ageless Black and White Kitchen

vintage kitchen style

This black and white kitchen will provide a timeless charm that suits any generation, including the next ones. You can still find the touch of a vintage look in this contemporary kitchen.

The black subway tiles make it look more modern and bolder than its counterpart – the traditional white subway tiles. White grout is used to define each tile, enhancing the bold look.

The glass cabinet doors offer you the charm of vintage style nicely. They are not only stylish but also come in handy. You can show off your antiques and beautiful dishes while keeping them clean.

Add Pops of Colors

vintage kitchen style

In the 1980s, people like to wear colorful outfits and going to the disco to dance. You can adopt this trend into your kitchen by bringing various colors of your choice. But, you need to be careful because it can create a haphazard look to your kitchen.

To avoid the messy look, you can begin with setting a neutral foundation like white wall and cabinets or shelves. Then, add pops of colors to perk your kitchen up like the vivacious red stove and some colored dishes stacked on the white shelves.

The red shade complements the stove perfectly. It also adds more patterns that spruce this kitchen up.

Blend Old and New Style

vintage kitchen style

This idea is for you who want to add a little bit of vintage touch in your contemporary kitchen without going overboard.

The black shaker cabinets will look great in any kitchen style. Just replace the doors with glass to get a more vintage look. And in case you change your mind someday, you can add a twist to the cabinets so they suit a modern kitchen well.

Those are some terrific ideas about vintage kitchen style. The secret behind the vintage look is the combination of old and new things, pastel color palettes, and a few vintage accessories. But still, the ultimate comfort is the most important thing.

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