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FeastHome – Gray kitchen cabinet is cool, balanced, and neutral. It’s an emotionless and moody color which sometimes affects the feeling of the person who is around it. That’s what happens when grey color isn’t treated right.

In this page, we’ll provide you with the right grey ideas you can have for your kitchen. Mostly, the color of grey often associated with industrial areas. It’s a great color scheme you can choose for your industrial kitchen.

However, many grey shades are very flexible to any sort of style or theme. You can use grey as the main color, or you can also use it as the accents of the room. These grey kitchen ideas are the things you’re looking for.

1. Grey Color Dark with Wood-Grained Cabinet

grey kitchen ideas

The looks of wood grain on all of the cabinets in this kitchen played an important part to decide the design of this kitchen. Dark green also played its part beautifully as the kitchen backsplash wall.

In order to avoid the atmosphere being too dark, the crisp white marbles are installed as the countertop.

2. Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

This one type of dark grey color won’t bother the luxury or glamour of your kitchen. That dark shades emphasize the furniture design. The white marble island countertop provides an outstanding match to the entire scheme.

The kitchen island is ready to gather friends and family to start enjoying the wine in a cool, comfortable kitchen.

3. Coin Grey Colors and Mosaic Tiles

grey kitchen ideas

The mosaic tiles backsplash is the main feature of this kitchen’s design scheme. It’s enough to provide texture to the room. It gives more character that makes your kitchen became more interesting.

You can emphasize the tiles with some light spots to give dramatic effects to each space. So, the texture becomes more obvious.

4. Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

If you have a large space in your kitchen, this grey design can be something you have in mind. While having a big-sized kitchen island with white marble countertop, you can have all the cabinets painted with dark grey.

The Victorian style windows make a perfect background to this kitchen.

5. Subway Tiles Grey Color Backsplash

grey kitchen cabinets

The combination of neutral colors would never go wrong or unbalanced. The color of white and grey are both really close.

This gorgeous black and white kitchen consist of gray subway tiles backsplash, white cabinet, and white marble countertop. All of them well blended together in your fancy kitchen.

6. Cloud Grey Color Wall with Oak Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

From this view, the color of grey is unseen. It’s actually the lightest shade of gray which is a little bit close to white. As you can see on the wall and countertop, both elements contain the element of grey.

7. Grainy Grey Kitchen Cabinet

grey kitchen cabinets

The whole part of the cabinet has a dark gray color that has a grainy texture. It’s something that makes the dark gray shades more impressive. Check out the flowy marble pattern on the countertop and backsplash.

Those elements are selected on purpose to make a good match to the dark grainy grey.

8. Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinet

grey kitchen ideas

The best feature of this grey kitchen that dark grey flat front cabinet. It has a deep color which has a strong effect on the kitchen. You will need more lights to maintain the brightness of the kitchen. The dark cabinets are paired with that white quartz countertop.

9. Singaporean Grey Kitchen Design

grey kitchen cabinets

This kitchen is a part of an apartment which is located in the country of Singapore. The design is minimalist and suitable for an apartment. The whole elements are friendly to limited space.

The light grey shade combined with black color seems to be affecting the mood. The positive vibe from this kitchen could make you feel welcomed. The non-existence of kitchen island doesn’t bother this kitchen performance.

10. Shiny Grey Kitchen Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

The contemporary design is the reason why this kitchen looks so stunning. The dark and shiny grey on that big cabinet adds a nice contrasting background for the white kitchen island. The cabinet below is colored white to get the island as the centerpiece of the kitchen.

11. Dunham Grey Kitchen Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

Dunham grey is a modern, mid-grey tone you might want to have for your kitchen. The grey color in this super white kitchen looks strong since it’s the only bold colors in this kitchen.

The open glass ceiling and wall offer a great amount of light during the day. So, the brightness would be no worries for this type of kitchen.

12. Striking Mid-Grey Colors Kitchen

grey kitchen cabinets

It does look striking from this angle, thanks to the paneling structure which covers the whole one part of the wall. It’s packed with yellow LED lights to perform accentuating decorating for the full-grey wall.

13. Grey Kitchen Cabinetry with Marble

grey kitchen ideas

The one that handles the texture in this kitchen is the white marble island and counters. This kitchen stands on light wooden flooring. It’s packed with stunning grey cabinetry to soothingly combine with white wall.

You should check out the wine-glass drop pendants which clearly became the supporting elements to the focal point.

14. Fresh Grey Color Kitchen

grey kitchen cabinets

Being fresh is important for a busy room like kitchen. The freshness would keep the energy to make the kitchen always ready every time. Some people would call this shade of grey as anchor grey.

The subway style flooring and backsplash are getting along nicely with the surroundings.

15. Classic Grey Kitchen Cabinetry

grey kitchen cabinets

The luxury style doesn’t rely on color. It’s depending on the texture and size of the kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen has a classic texture on the cabinetry which decides the luxury style in it. Grey color seems to be the right color choice.

16. Kitchen with Muted Grey Kitchen Cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets

This contemporary kitchen is designed by a popular designer. She chose the light gray as the color for the cabinet and the lead grey for the island. Those went together harmoniously.

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17. Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Open Glass Windows

grey kitchen ideas

It’s one of the stylish ways to design your kitchen with grey colors. The darker grey shades in the kitchen would create some visual contrasts to the white base especially when the kitchen is so openly like this one.

No matter your kitchen’s design, these grey-colored cabinets will still match any interior and never look old or worn out. Grey is an all-time favorite for your kitchen makeover. It is a very natural and neutral color to go with all other kitchen essentials. Moreover, it can complement other elements like flooring, kitchen countertops, and appliances. This can surely bring magic and warmth into your kitchen space.

18. Grey Cabinets Never Go Out Of Fashion

white marble backsplash in grey kitchen

It shows how well grey cabinets reflect your aesthetic sense and brings character to your interior design. The cabinets are equipped with silver hinges, a white theme displayed by the kitchen counter, and the chalky doors are an ideal addition. This color combination balances out the warmness of the shade and brings freshness and a perfect contrast to your space. Use dim lights to enhance the upscale feel of the room and for a relaxing environment.

19. Grey Kitchen Cabinets With a Black Theme 

black and gold backsplash

For a contemporary design, accompany your grey kitchen cabinets with black tabletops and accessorize with various other decorative elements in the kitchen. The ink marble bars can be intriguing, stylish, and discerning. Black is a bold color and a versatile option for kitchen accessories. Pair it with metallic features elsewhere, like the kitchen hardware or the golden hood. Pitch-black chairs are a great option to intensify the look, along with a glossy wooden table for dining.

20. Light Grey Wood Kitchen Cabinets

light gray kitchen cabinets granite countertops

To add more depth and a chic feel, show off your kitchen design with grey plywood cabinets and white marble countertops and bars. This is an excellent way of bringing an elegant touch to your space. Adorn it with hanging rounded lamps and colorful flowers to break the uniformity and excite the room. This contrast goes well with both conventional and modern designs. Dark-colored stoles can be a perfect choice to complete the look.

21. Modern Light Grey Cabinets

light blue grey crown molding

The matte grey cabinets with rounded knobs are the most popular design in the interior design. Select grey hues for your kitchen case and the chimney. Add beige or cream benches to bring variation to the dining room for a welcoming dining area. Also, consider using contrasting colors and polished stainless steel appliances anywhere in the kitchen. Install a yellow lightning system in the ceiling for a luminous appearance, and work comfortably even at night.

22. Matte Grey Kitchen Cabinets

white and grey kitchen

To add some drama to your kitchen area, install these matte finish cabinets and experience the intense feel of the space. It is exemplary for a small compact kitchen setup but gives a royal texture and finish. Consider putting some vintage brass taps and sinks to beautify the area. For a soft appearance, cream or white countertops are a perfect choice and look natural and calming. Green plants placed in any corner can be pleasing to the eye. Accessorize the backsplash with wooden cutting boards, utensils, and steel crockery. Overall, these matte cabinets with cream countertops image a great aesthetic.

23. A Natural Approach to Farmhouse Grey Kitchen Cabinets

white upper cabinets and grey island

Break the monotony of your grey cabinets with the silvery touch in your kitchen. Be it chandeliers or candelabra lamps. It adds an extra touch of refinement to your space. Combining white upper cabinets and warm grey tinges can be satisfying and work well with natural elements like wood for a rustic style. Additionally, the fusion of shades of gray can make a kitchen look broad, airy, and radiant. Complement the look with fawn or off-white countertops and hoary backsplash material. This brings more flexibility to the interior décor allowing you to play with different features and colors.

24. A Royal Touch To Your Homestead Kitchen

black appliances in grey kitchen

Grey is a versatile color and suits various styles of interior designs that can be beneficial for years ahead. Charcoal grey cabinets exhibit a defined and sophisticated pattern when paired with metallic finishes. Moreover, the arrangement of cosmetic-white chrysanthemum flowers on the bars brings a feeling of freshness and elegance. Shiny white countertops are a perfect match with a grey sitting dining set. You may use copper or metallic accents in the kitchen for a royal feel. Install lightning above the tabletop to make up an inviting space for your dining.

25. Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Silver Ambit

black kitchen cabinets white countertops

Add charcoal grey cabinets with contrasting silver touches to create drama in your kitchen. Balance out the intensity of the tone with white marble, ceramic, or granite kitchen countertops. In addition, this combination can suit the silver range in cooking appliances. Use silver pendant lights and install grey shelving to supplement the appearance as well as to provide more room for the accessories in the kitchen. Use dark and black appliances for a sensational experience. Resting against the wall, shady gr092909een plants can add novelty to the space.

26. Warm Grey Upper Cabinets With Veined Marble Countertops

white island countertop, grey cabinets

Striped white marble kitchen counters look classy and are a timeless addition to your kitchen. Silver handles of the cabinets can blend well with the overall color theme. White blindfolds tie in perfectly with the design. To add glow to the countertops, install light fixtures and feel the elegance of the style. Consider brushed brass hardware for a polished and contemporary look. For a pop-up of color, you can add terracotta worktops that appear modish while maintaining the cohesive design of the kitchen. Cushioned sandy chairs are a go-to element with this range.

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To conclude, those kitchen ideas are for you who think that grey color can’t really do anything to your kitchen. It’s time to buy some grey paints and apply them to your kitchen.

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