10 Inspiring French Kitchen Style Ideas that Will Impress You

french kitchen style

FeastHome – French decor has been widely known for its luxury and elegance. It provides the charm of a classic look. If you are one of the big fans of this certain style, check out these French kitchen style that will impress you and your guests with the timeless charm.

Classic and Stylish

french kitchen style

Classic is all that you get in a French kitchen style. The furniture should be a bit outdated but not obsolete, either. Therefore, off-white is usually preferred rather than crisp white.

In this kitchen, you can see the off-white cabinets that feature crown molding and sophisticated design. Skirted window treatment makes this kitchen looks elegant. To enhance the classic look, three classic pendant lights hang over the kitchen island.

Basement French Country Modern Kitchen

french kitchen style

This is the best way to blend classic and modern look. The classic look of French country is represented by the exposed ceiling and glass-door cabinets that allow you to store plates and cups as well as showing them off.

Besides the classic look, you can also find some contemporary elements here like the stainless-steel stove. Woven chairs are added to accentuate the classic ambiance and lessen the impact created by the modern elements.

Add Living Elements to Your Kitchen

french kitchen style

This white kitchen looks stunning with the traditional white subway tiles on the wall. The shaker cabinets accentuate the traditional look of the French kitchen style.

Although this kitchen is not large, it does not seem confined at all, thanks to the white finish and uncovered window that allows natural light to come into the kitchen. The glossy tiles reflect the light well; making this kitchen looks more spacious.

To spruce up the traditional look of this kitchen without making it look outdated, a big vase with a toile pattern holding beautiful flowers and foliage is placed on the kitchen island. Peace Lily and some other plants also decorate this kitchen nicely.

Hide the Clutter Using Skirted Cabinetry

french kitchen style

French kitchen style sets your creativity free. You can adorn it using any decorative element as you like. However, it does not mean that you can let the clutter conquer your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free is also important.

You can hide the clutter away by storing mostly-used items like cleaners or dish soaps under the sink and cover them with skirted cabinetry.

Skirted cabinetry belongs to traditional houses. Therefore, it will help you hold the clutter at bay as well as improving the look of your kitchen.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

french kitchen style

A spacious French kitchen will not miss the opportunity of incorporating a large island. But, if you do not have enough space for keeping both the kitchen island and dining table, you can have a 2-in-1 table.

This kitchen features a large island in the middle with butcher block countertop that has never failed to add warmth to any cooking area.

When it comes to dinner, get rid of the clutter that takes up the surface space and get some chairs for everyone around the kitchen island.

The Charm of Blue

french kitchen style

In a French kitchen style, you do not have to paint your kitchen off-white if it is not your thing. You can go with blue, green, or lavender as long as it provides subdued color hues.

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This soft blue kitchen will soothe your busy morning in the kitchen, making you more relaxed. For the classic look, crown moldings are installed at the top of the cabinets.

Three plates with toile patterns decorate the area above the stove, drawing the eyes upward. Antique chandeliers hanging over the kitchen island perfect the style well.

French Kitchen Style on a Budget

french kitchen style

If you think you cannot afford a French kitchen because it usually looks lavish, well, think again! In fact, you can have one despite the tight budget if you can DIY some pieces of furniture like the kitchen island.

This kitchen island is made of plywood with stair spindles as the legs and butcher block as the countertop. To get the worn look, sand down the kitchen island that has been painted a little bit.

Grand Open Kitchen Concept

french kitchen style

If your kitchen is undersized, the best way to expand it is by tear down the wall that separates the kitchen and living room so you can merge them together and get an open kitchen.

For some people, an open kitchen may not be the best option as they are not confident enough to show their messy area. But, it will not happen here as this grand and luxurious kitchen will make you proud of it.

The vintage white cabinets look amazing with the classical wrought iron pulls. The bar and kitchen island are separated so you can prepare the meal comfortably without being disturbed by the bar users.

Curvy pendant lights complement the window treatment and illuminate the marble countertop nicely.

Be Bold with Black

french kitchen style

Oftentimes, a French kitchen style uses subdued color hues that make the kitchen look a little bit worn and soft. However, if it does not suit your bold personality well, you can add a twist to the design.

To add a personality boost, you can paint your cabinets black. It may give the look of minimalist and masculine. But don’t worry! You will not miss the French detail as long as you still incorporate moldings and cabinet glass doors.

Two beautiful sconces hanging on the wall, illuminating the kitchen sink as you clean up the dish.

Elegant Gray French Kitchen

french kitchen style

Gray is a neutral color that can bring elegance to your kitchen. Therefore, you should give this gray kitchen a shot if you want to get a luxurious French kitchen.

This kitchen embraces the touch of classic and modern style at once. The use of stainless-steel kitchen appliances denotes the modern look while the wooden cabinets make the kitchen look more classical.

To enhance the traditional look, wooden stair spindles are used to support the countertops and anchor the windows. The furry white rug not only enhances the French style but also keeps your feet warm when cooking.

French kitchen style is always elegant and wonderful, but it does not always require a lot of money. With these ideas, you can get an inviting kitchen without costing you a fortune.

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