10 Outstanding Outdoor Kitchen Style Ideas

FeastHome – Spending your leisure time in your backyard with family can be fun. To make it better, you can invite your friends to join. Since you are going to have guests, your outdoor kitchen style has to be epic. Check out these outstanding ideas!

Simple Outdoor Kitchen


There is nothing fancy here. It is just a simple outdoor kitchen that packs a lot of fun. The countertops are not spacious, but they provide sufficient counter space for multiple users to work on.

You can find a little bit of traditional touch in this kitchen. The wrought iron hinges and pulls perfect the well-worn cabinet doors. The pergola also features wrought iron ornaments that complement the hinges and lantern immensely.

Rustic yet Luxurious


This outdoor kitchen has proven that rustic look is not always obsolete and outdated. It can be luxurious if you design it thoroughly.

The bar is made of distressed wood planks. You can get the look for a more affordable price if you have some leftover. All you need to do is just paint the planks, let them dry, and then sand them down a little bit for a more rustic look.

A gray woven sofa sits near the fireplace so your friends can sit back and relax while waiting for your cooking. A wall-mounted TV is installed as the additional entertainment.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Accent Tiles


Incorporating natural stone has never failed to add an upscale look to your outdoor kitchen. The beige hues will make you feel like you’re on a beach. The rough surface of the stones adds textural elements.

To enrich the look, blue mosaic tiles are installed as the backsplash and along the side of the concrete countertop. Two elegant sconces mount on the backsplash, illuminating the busy spot as well as enriching the luxurious look of this kitchen.

An Outdoor Kitchen by the Pool


A swimming pool is the best place to blow off steam or just relax for a moment. Therefore, building an outdoor kitchen by the pool can be a great idea as it can make a pretty good place to hang out for everyone.

This outdoor kitchen is not fully covered. Some part of it remains uncovered in case you want to have lunch while enjoying the sun. But when it rains, you can just move to the covered part so the party can still go on.

Classic Outdoor Kitchen with Roof


A covered patio is the best place to relax while enjoying the backyard landscaping. It allows you to linger over the cool breeze and view despite the weather.

Therefore, it would be great if you installed a countertop and stove on the patio so you can cook outdoors.

The roof will protect you from the heat and glare of the sun so you can cook comfortably. And the most important thing is it gives you a peaceful mind when it begins to rain or snow.

Romantic Outdoor Kitchen


You do not have to go to a fancy restaurant and splurge out on expensive cuisines just because you want to create a romantic moment when you are having dinner. You can have a romantic dinner right in your backyard.

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This outdoor kitchen will make your dinner become the most epic and romantic dinner ever. Instead of a built-in stove, a portable one fits perfectly here. The casters allow you to move it to your kitchen or storage room if you do not need it.

The sheer curtains create a dramatic backdrop to this patio. And the LED lights give dim light that brings the romantic ambiance.

Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget


You want to have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, but you are tight in the budget? Don’t worry! You can still have one with these budget-friendly kitchen ideas.

The best way to save more bucks is by making the kitchen yourself. Just get some plywood and a little bit of elbow grease to make this simple outdoor kitchen. If you are not really good at carpentry, you can just have it made.

Consider installing a sloping pergola with polycarbonate roof so you can still get sufficient natural light when cooking. It also protects you from getting wet due to the rain.

Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen


If you are blessed with a spacious backyard, congratulations! You can build a luxurious and grand outdoor kitchen so you can invite your veritable army to come over for dinner without worrying that they will cram the backyard.

Natural stones are the best choice when it comes to a luxurious kitchen. Therefore, this stone kitchen will definitely impress your guests. Woven armchairs and vintage dining tables feature subdued color that supplements the stone kitchen nicely.

To make sure that the feast will keep going on although the weather is pretty bad, install polycarbonate roof that can protect your kitchen from the rain or snow.

Space-Saving Outdoor Kitchen


Although your backyard is quite tight in space, you can still have a cozy outdoor kitchen. The key is hiding your stove when you are not using it anymore. And to do this, you can make this cabinet.

When you feel like cooking and having lunch outside, you can just open the cabinet. Two lid supports installed on both sides of the leaf will keep it in place and give you a shaded place to slave over a hot stove.

Once you are finished, fold the leaf back to hide the stove away.

Elegant Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen


Although this outdoor kitchen does not have many adornments and sophisticated patterns and textures, it still looks lavish. The clean-line furniture and kitchen appliances give the touch of the minimalist look.

What makes it look more elegant is the large swimming pool. It would be great to have a pool party in this outdoor kitchen.

Those are 10 outstanding outdoor kitchen style ideas that will make the best place to hang out. You need to remember that fancy outdoor kitchen is not the only way to enjoy your spare time. What makes it better is gathering with beloved family and friends.

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