11 Mexican Kitchen Style Ideas to Freshen Up Your Mornings

mexican kitchen style

FeastHome – Hola, amigos! What pops into your mind when you hear anything about Mexico? Is it about the cuisines? Or the distinctive décor? Whatever it is, you can bring the freshness and vibrancy of Mexican décor to your kitchen with these Mexican kitchen style ideas.

Red Kitchen with Plenty of Light

mexican kitchen style

Who could restrain from staying for a little bit longer in this lovely kitchen? The vivacious red cabinets infuse energy excitement well. Red also encourages you to be more creative in cooking scrumptious foods.

The best thing about this kitchen that you cannot find in many other is the glass roof that allows more natural light to come inside, making it appears to be more spacious and airier.

The glass roof also enables you to blend with nature. When evening comes, you can enjoy looking at the stars while preparing for dinner.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen

mexican kitchen style

When it comes to a Mexican kitchen style, matching does not matter at all. You can pick any color you like and toss them together to create a fresher and more dramatic look.

This kitchen features an orange wall and blue backsplash. To bring the harmony, the backsplash features a few tints of orange in a floral pattern.

In a Mexican kitchen, patterns play an important role to jazz it up. Therefore, traditional Mexican tiles are usually arranged to make a certain wall art just like the picture of fruit in the basket.

Artistic Backsplash

mexican kitchen style

This kitchen embraces the traditional style of a Mexican kitchen. Instead of tiles that provide a sleek and clean floor, paved flooring is used here. The crimson red cabinets offer a vintage look.

Since this is a Mexican kitchen style, patterns are the main focus here. Just take a look at how the backsplash is arranged so it creates a picture of a desert with some cactus.

The area around the cooker hood also features unique patterns that complement the granite countertops. To draw the eyes upward, mostly-used sauces and condiments are stored around the cooker hood.

Cheerful Pops of Colors

mexican kitchen style

You do not find many patterns here. But the brave choice of colors has made this kitchen look fabulous. Yellow and pink are chosen to amp this kitchen up. The bright yellow wall contrasts with the pink fridge.

To get rid of the haphazard look, pink and yellow chairs with sophisticated design are placed around the rustic dining table.

Besides the chairs, some other decorative elements can be found here such as the thorny pendant light and some other accessories above the fridge.

Exposed Brick Wall

mexican kitchen style

Vibrant colors decorate this kitchen well. The jade shaker cabinets will color up your morning. The yellow chairs add the touch of a modern look with their minimalist design.

Besides jade and yellow, you can also find red pans here that add more color to the kitchen.

To anchor all the colors, a rainbow-patterned table mat is covered the table. And the most epic thing in this kitchen is the exposed brick wall that provides the charm of a rustic look.

Lots of Adornments

mexican kitchen style

Adornments are the crucial elements that you must have in your Mexican kitchen style. You can use any kind of accessories, but make sure it features the traditional look.

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Fabric wall art with geometric motifs and naturally-inspired miniatures would be your safe bet. This kitchen looks like a gallery as you can find a lot of artwork in it.

Some plates with geometric and naturally-inspired motifs are hung over the stove to frame the small window. Ceramics and clay jars jazz up the countertops and shelves well. Two clay dolls make the kitchen look more beautiful.

Wildlife in the Kitchen

mexican kitchen style

Incorporating art in your kitchen is a convenient way to add Mexican style. Go bold with the color choice and pattern. You can even add a painting for your backsplash or cabinet doors, just like cabinet doors in this kitchen.

You can find the charm of wildlife here. The painting of a tiger and lion embellish the cabinet doors with a wide array of color hues, the noticeable characteristic of Mexican decor.

Vivid colors are not only found in the cabinet doors but also on the walls. The use of various colors has freshened up this kitchen and infused the good vibes.

Terracotta Flooring and Jade Kitchen Island

mexican kitchen style

If you want to make your kitchen look more traditional rather than modern, opt for terracotta tiles instead of the ceramic ones. The brick hues provided by the tiles add more warmth to the kitchen, making it look classic.

The jade kitchen island features a well-worn finish that accentuates the rustic look. The wrought-iron chair frames enhance the classic ambiance with their curvy design.

A rack holding kitchen utensils hang above the kitchen island, incorporating storage solutions as well as adorning the island.

Spruce It Up with Plants

mexican kitchen style

No matter what style you use in your kitchen ? whether it is a modern, vintage, or Mexican ? incorporating plants in your kitchen decor will never fail in adding a lively lift.

This traditional Mexican kitchen style features vivid colors like blue and red just like any other Mexican kitchens. However, the exposed brick wall provides a dramatic backdrop when you are cooking. Ivy dangles over the wall, enhancing the epic appearance.

Add More Colors

mexican kitchen style

In a Mexican kitchen style, more is more. The more colors you apply, the better. Not only colors but also patterns.

This kitchen packs a lot of colors that beef it up well. Striped clothes hang in some spots, adding more patterns to this kitchen. Some woven accessories are also added to enrich the textural elements in this kitchen.

Repeat the Order

mexican kitchen style

If you are worried about the haphazard look that might be caused by combining too many colors at once, stick to three or four color schemes and repeat the orders. By doing this, you can get a great Mexican kitchen style without having an eyesore.

Those are eleven terrific ideas to freshen up your mornings with Mexican kitchen style. The key to create a Mexican kitchen is to be bold in combining colors and patterns. So, happy trying! Adios, amigos!

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