7 Stunning Modern Kitchen Style with Ultimate Design

modern kitchen style

FeastHome – What modern kitchen style offers for every individual who seeks a perfect cooking area are: simple, clean, minimalist and stylish look at once. Modern style can be paired with wood and other things that create a balance between beauty and functionality.

Modern design has been a good choice to be applied in any room such as bedroom, dining room, or living room. This style has its own mysterious way to draw people’s attention and to make them finally agree to choose it for their kitchens.

1. Unusual Shape Island

modern kitchen style

A stylish, modern design for a kitchen with an island that’s designed with precision is here. With its tiny and unusual shape, it doesn’t take up so much space so that you can move freely in the kitchen. Its attractiveness also brings you to another dimension.

A countertop attached next to the island is also there to provide some space for you. An LED TV to entertain you while preparing meals can also be an effective means to deal with your daily routine – driving away your boredom.

Above the island, there’s actually a chandelier, but you mightn’t see it in this picture. A chandelier has a big role to spruce up your room, and you can add it to your kitchen. There’s a free space above the sink, and it’s clever enough to put a rack there as storage.

2. Spacious Countertop

modern kitchen style

If you think you’re in need of a big countertop, this island can be a good example to help you with that. With white and square surface, you don’t have to worry about the space for food prep. Make sure your movement isn’t affected by its width, though.

A white surface has some advantages, some of which are it’ll be easy for you to spot stain and clean it. The overhang can be a nice space to hide some chairs, and stainless steel appliances sure add a luxurious touch in the kitchen.

Adorning your kitchen can be a difficult thing to do sometimes if you don’t know how to deal with that. Well, simply put some lovely stuff like small plates or bowls in the racks will do. Choosing a color also takes a big part that’s why you need to be sure that it’ll suit best.

3. Spruce It Up with Pendant Lights

modern kitchen style

Notice these factors to have a modern kitchen:

  • Beautiful and extraordinary pendant lights
  • Stunning floor
  • Additional dining table

This kitchen looks lively with stunning pendant lights and huge windows that serve you adequate lighting at day. Bar style chairs fit in this square-shaped island. The choice of stools material can be considered as ingenious, too.

Stainless steel is well matched with the floor that creates a good combination which any homeowner looks for. Some open shelves for placing small stuff such as glasses, bowls, or even trophy – you can put everything there.

Adding a dining table won’t be an issue here if you have some space that can hold it. The owner really knows how to spruce up his/her kitchen by adding a light that has an outstanding appearance.

4. Double Island

modern kitchen style

This kitchen features two islands that can be used to work separately with your partner chefs. Each island has a sink. Beside small lights attached on the white ceiling, this kitchen still has some special features which are pendant lights.

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As usual, an island would be incomplete if there are no chairs or stool to be paired with. There are wooden cabinets to save you from storing kitchen utensils and appliances. A refrigerator in the kitchen will be a big help to serve you fresh fruit and vegetables.

Many choices are available for any type of flooring materials that you can use. Pick any of those you think it fits best. If you feel like having either a wooden or a ceramic floor that mimics wood, that’ll be fine as long as it can embellish the current appearance.

5. Go Bold with Black and White

modern kitchen style

Enormous pendant lights in this kitchen with black and white accents will get your attention. The black and white combination is really intimidating which states an elegant and glamour at the same time.

This geometric style is meant to be matched with the surrounding. Take a look at the floor that is also carefully arranged to fit with the entire room. The designer cleverly plays with colors, pattern, and material that go well together.

The windows behind the kitchen are shaped with a similar geometry form. That’s why this kitchen is called a geometric one. This modern kitchen design has an island that looks futuristic with its ergonomic design.

6. Matching Colors

modern kitchen style

For you who love modern and classic style at once, combining them would be not a bad idea. In fact, it’s going to be a pretty good idea which results in such a splendid view. White flooring and countertop create a remarkable look when blended with dark wood accents.

Dark wood elements steal the show here. From cabinets to stools, they give a balanced color scheme. These old light will bring you back to an era in which classic style was as popular as the style of choice.

The kitchen looks so simple, but it already gives you what needed for one including a clean surface, efficiency, modern, and classic style at the same time. Adding some green plants will be much better.

7. Fireplace and Opening racks

modern kitchen style

Modernity in this kitchen is surely seen in these elements:

  • Fireplace with incredible wall
  • Open racks for storage
  • Glass wall to have a nice view outside

I would say that a fireplace with an elegant ceramic wall is a special feature in this kitchen. It’s the right choice of having a fireplace with such distinctive wall.

Open racks increase the fabulous appearance of the kitchen. Above the island, you can see unique style lamps that simply add a warm nuance in this kitchen. A rectangle wooden dining table and chairs granted your wish for an ideal modern style.

The glass wall will allow you to have a look outside while cooking or eating meals. It can also bring some advantages by letting light shine through the kitchen and there you have natural lighting, which is good.

You can’t go wrong with wanting a modern kitchen style in your kitchen. This style will always be admired because of its minimalist and glamour side all at once.

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