7 Everlasting Monochrome Kitchen Style You Need to Give a Try

monochrome kitchen style

FeastHome – There are a ton of colors you can pick for the kitchen, but why you end up choosing monochrome? Monochrome kitchen style may not look all that bright with a variety of colors; it’s just black and white.

But it’s just perfect for those people who are in love with this style. You can also play with a shade of grey; that’s another term for monochrome. These pictures below will show you why monochrome is a style that is worth considering.

1. Black Beauty

monochrome kitchen style

A mixture of two different colors resulted in such a view. Monochrome is beautifully portrayed in this picture. There are only two main colors you can see here, which are black and white. The floor shows a white and clean surface as one of the basic elements of the style.

And then the island also appears in a dark color scheme that dominates the current look. A table attached to the island has pretty much the same color as the floor with two couples of chairs.

To make the kitchen look a bit interesting, you can add some decorations. In this kitchen, for instance, the designer gives a little bit of artsy touch with the lights shapes. They can add some amount of beauty to this kitchen.

2. Keep it Balance

monochrome kitchen style

What makes the monochrome style look attractive is that it spreads a minimalist character that matches well with what you desire for a kitchen. Dark tone flooring indicates a glamour look while white furniture represents peace.

A good way to have a kitchen with an island and chairs is to include an overhang on the island so that you can save some more space since it’ll allow you to hide the chairs under it. It’ll also make the kitchen look a little bit nicer.

When you’re washing dishes in the sink, you’ll certainly need some good lighting because it’ll help you do your tasks. And this kitchen guides you on how to do that. It’s certainly a good idea that you can try in your kitchen.

3. Use Your Imagination

monochrome kitchen style

Are you looking for another way to design an island to fit the kitchen? And you want to get some space that can hold for a group of people? And you need it to be functional that it still can support you with your daily tasks in the kitchen?

The island illustrates perfectly how. By shaping it into such a form, you can get your guests or friends to have a seat on those black stools around the island. A clean countertop with white and shiny surface blends well with the kitchen appliances that spark joy.

The terracotta wall smoothly gives a mild touch that integrates well to the black-and-white-themed kitchen with a plasma TV. Other walls are painted white to show a bold balance in the kitchen room.

4. Simply Stunning

monochrome kitchen style

This one example here emphasizes that it:

  • Is well designed,
  • Has a great combination of color, and
  • Gives a good inspiration for kitchen idea.

What defines something perfect? You may don’t have a specific answer to that question, do you? Everybody has their own opinion to describe it, and you can’t tell which person that has his best thoughts related to that matter. But you can decide what’s best.

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In my humble opinion, I think this kitchen has all potential aspects of what is described as a perfect kitchen. It really is, indeed. The dark accents have been added into this monochrome kitchen to make such an inviting and strong impact.

On the other hand, the white tone itself works as a soft element which results in such a natural blend. I believe you wouldn’t mind considering this kitchen as an inspiration when you’re about to design a new or renovate your old kitchen.

5. Little Paradise

monochrome kitchen style

To characterize this kitchen, you need these right three words:

  • Library,
  • Fireplace, and
  • Comfortable.

People aren’t far from what they like. That’s when you find those people enjoying themselves with their hobbies or anything else. A book lover, for example, wouldn’t be able to resist the sheer way of temptation to read when seeing a pile of books on a shelf.

To bookworms, a library is a treasure no matter how small it is. They couldn’t be happier when seeing a shelve full of books. They would feel like they find a heaven in the kitchen along with a fireplace.

You wouldn’t mind getting kidnapped (jokingly) as long as they can entertain you with books. Moreover, this kitchen really brings a cool and warm atmosphere at once. A bunch of flowers and some portraits would be a lovely idea to be added here.

6. Show Your Style

monochrome kitchen style

The designer picks a grey tone tile for the flooring, which is combined with the white island that sparks a good mood. It’s a clever way to have a rack for storing goods or kitchen utensils in a small kitchen.

Not only do they look organized, but they also make the kitchen looks nice. A table along with four brown chairs positioned in front of the window with a grey curtain seems to be a good addition to this kitchen.

Pendant lights are often included in a kitchen in order to obtain such a pleasing look, especially in the kitchen. And you can have as many as you might wish by still considering that they provide adequate lighting and not too bright that it could blind you with.

7. Mysterious Grey Accent

monochrome kitchen style

Many kitchen styles can be adopted from overseas. That what makes kitchen ideas have a lot of styles and choices you can opt. This Italian-inspired kitchen style has a strong grey accent that is fused with a stunning terracotta tile floor.

This kitchen is armed with a countertop, an oven, and a sink. Although this kitchen is rather small, it provides with everything you need for a kitchen. The window positioned adjacent to the countertop can be an alternative source for lighting – you can also add some plants there.

The dark table may not that big in size but it can hold up to six people. Lights are often considered as vital decoration in any room since they can really enhance the look. The shape and size can also be adjusted to meet your expectation.

Monochrome kitchen style has its own mysterious way to catch your attention with its charm and stylish character. Which kitchen style catches your attention most?

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