7 Asian Kitchen Style that Will Take Your Breath Away

asian kitchen style

FeastHome – Asian is rich with a plethora of cultures that make people from other countries fall in love with its cultural pluralism. That’s what makes them want to give their kitchen a touch of Asian vibe. Finding an Asian kitchen style in people’s house wouldn’t be a surprising thing.

In fact, a lot of homeowners are infatuated with it and use it in their kitchens. Asian-themed kitchen brings simplicity and beauty in every aspect in the kitchen. That’s probably what made people decide to adopt it in their houses.

1. Circular Table

asian kitchen style

Three important elements that state the Asian style in this kitchen are:

  • Small round table and chairs
  • Unique wall pattern
  • Beauty and efficiency

This small kitchen is surrounded with cabinets with natural wood color that clearly states the vibe of Asian style. There’s also a round table with a pair of chairs that make the Asian feel much stronger.

You may also notice the wall really gives a nice touch of Asian accents along with hanging cabinets for storage. Since it’s a rather cramped kitchen, the island is designed to fit with the space in the room.

Any homeowners would choose a room that has an efficiency that can support their work in the room. If you only focus to have a spectacular kitchen layout without weighing up its functionality, it’d such a waste of space and money.

2. Installing Lampion-like Lights

asian kitchen style

To have this Asian kitchen, you should consider:

  • Installing lampion-like lights
  • Matching color scheme
  • Adding some stools

A very eye-catching feature in this room that screams Asian culture would be the lampions-like lights. These lights will take you to recollect the culture of a country in Asia. You can have them to provide lights and to improve the look of the kitchen too.

This kitchen also has a sweet color scheme by having cabinets that enhance the entire kitchen appearance. It’s a nice blend of colors that you can mimic for your own kitchen. You might spot some black bowls on the cabinet’s rack that have a connection with Asian style.

Yes, you can add them to your shopping item list. You too can have these stools for your kitchen. Their shape is fairly small yet so stylish and goes well for a tiny room. You can sit there while waiting for meals ready.

3. Bamboo Touch

asian kitchen style

You can feel a strong Asian vibe in this picture. This kitchen looks mesmerizing with an island that gets beautifully featured with cabinets that imitate bamboo. Bamboo elements would have always linked with Asian countries.

In countries such as Indonesia, Japan, and China, bamboo is used pretty often for decoration and gives a great impression. Many beautiful decorations can be made out of bamboo, but it’s fine you can’t find bamboo in your country. You can try to make it look like one.

Jars or vases are usually used in a room in order to get an aesthetically pleasing look. They would look even fancier if you add some flowers to them. They would bring a natural and relaxing feeling into your room.

4. Adding Flowers

asian kitchen style

A minimalist style is given in this kitchen. There’s no really unnecessary stuff that’s added here. With less stuff that you don’t really need, you’ll get a nice, clean and cluttered-free space. It’ll make the kitchen look spacious.

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A wide and black countertop can be a good solution when you’re in need of countertop to work. This idea of having a wide countertop isn’t just for a show. If you look carefully, the island can be a pretty good means to hide your chairs.

Not only that, but this island is also designed in a somewhat unique shape and really brings the Asian-inspired kitchen to your house. A black cabinet that has a similar color to the island gives a perfect combination. A picture speaks a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more.

5. Make Use of Log

asian kitchen style

It’s a clever way to decorate your kitchen to the next level. Adding a log can be a good addition to your kitchen by putting it on the wall. Some people would like to have a nice curving on it or you can just be fine with it.

This kitchen features a sink with a stove oven and the ceramic flooring matches the overall look in the kitchen. Having a window is always a good idea, moreover if you can design it in a shape that’ll give a better look for your kitchen.

A window will provide good natural lighting when you open it and to let your kitchen has some nice air circulation. The size of a window itself is just a matter of choice. Of Course, you can install a bigger one if you want it.

6. Dining Table and Old Lamp

asian kitchen style

For you who are into wood elements, this can be a good example. There’s an island and a dining table if you think your space in your kitchen can hold it. You can make use of the table as an extra space for you to eat in the kitchen.

This kitchen has natural lighting from windows and it has an old light along with hanging storage above the table. A thing to consider when putting a dinner table is whether you have a space to work. Make sure it’s still accessible.

The floor, cabinet island, and table are made out of wood and the owner maintains the same color too for them. The wooden accents can be felt here and have a bold influence in giving a comfort Asian style ambiance in the kitchen.

7. Create a Lovely Door

asian kitchen style

It’s not an ordinary kitchen for sure. It looks very organized, and everything blends really well without forgetting its Asian-inspired kitchen. The designer knows how to arrange everything in the right place and order.

This island is positioned in a way that it won’t bother you with your movement in the kitchen when you cook. I bet you may be quite familiar with the half oval entrance in front of the table plus pendant lights that sure brings the Asian atmosphere here.

An exhaust kitchen hood can help you clear the smoke when you grill or cook something that causes thick smoke. It can also be a good decoration in your kitchen, don’t you think? This kitchen sure looks extraordinary with great functionality.

Asian kitchen style isn’t just for Asian countries. It’s always been adored by many people worldwide and it has never ceased to amaze people with its beauty.

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