17 Black Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Will Extremely Love

black kitchen backsplash

FeastHome – One of the easy ways to update your cooking space is replacing old backsplash with something new. It makes a huge difference for any kitchen. And if you fancy natural drama, we have had charming black kitchen backsplash ideas.

Dark backsplash will conceal unwanted dirt and accidental spills. Additionally, it transforms the kitchen into an uber-chic space. For you who want to play with this inky shade, let’s check these out!

Timeless Chevron Pattern

black kitchen backsplash

Here, the black marble chevron tiled-backsplash with white veins carves modern and classic edges at once. The cabinets come in a black shade as well which produce edgy look.

A pair of brass pendant lights develops sumptuous air. The white marble countertop, kitchen island, high stools, bowls, and saucers introduce a gorgeous contrast.

Black and White

black subway tile backsplash

When used with white, black won’t give your culinary space dreary appearance. The white ceiling and walls emanate a sunny and airy ambiance. Meanwhile, the light wood accents bring much-needed warmth to the area.

The backsplash is covered in black and white subway tiles. They promote a contemporary flair. Concrete kitchen island and stainless-steel units promote rustic-industrial aesthetic.

Glossy Glass

black kitchen backsplash

In this sleek kitchen, white works as a major player. It lends a modern, breezy and clean setting. The black glass backsplash balances out the white cabinetry fascinatingly.

There are also two oversized pendant lights that radiate the black kitchen island. The metallic refrigerator and hardware infuse the masculine character into the zone.

Rich Texture Black Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen black backsplash ideas

Undoubtedly, this area is drool-worthy. Look at the stylish kitchen island, grey wall, and highly polished ceramic tiles. The two-tone backsplash provides a nice texture.

The white coffered ceiling seems luxurious and attractive. A brown cowhide rug is thrown into the floor for comfort underfoot. The floor-to-ceiling glass window allows you to enjoy the city skyline while cooking.

Matte Madness

kitchen black backsplash ideas

The kitchenette employs matte black textured backsplash, sink and cabinets. There is an open shelf that displays potted greenery, bowl, and glass mugs.

We also fall in love with a delightful contrast between backsplash and white upper half wall. A shiny brass pendant light steals the attention. Plus, the black background makes the striped fabric and wooden tray standout.

Geometric Affair

kitchen black hexagon backsplash ideas

Needless to say, this cookery is super trendy. The black geometric tiles on backsplash contrast splendidly with white ceiling and worktop. Two wooden shelves themselves house jars of spices and kitchen utensils.

White cabinetry and glass window prevent the whole area from getting cramped. The chalkboard wall decal and yellow flowers adorn the kitchen.

A Hint of Black

black kitchen backsplash

The kitchenette seems more expansive than it is. Thanks to the white space scheme. The matte black backsplash and worktop offer a sense of moodiness as well as elegance at the same time.

Light grey wall soothes the entire area. In addition, the wooden floor injects an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Understated Sophistication

kitchen black backsplash ideas

As you can see, the backsplash is made up of black slate subway tiles. They give the kitchen rugged texture and unique appearance. The white cabinets blend really well with the backsplash.

The glass collection neatly resides on wooden shelves. And houseplants in the containers spruce the space up.

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Natural Wood and Black

black kitchen backsplash ideas

If you tire of all-black cooking space, try this idea. Here, the black quartz tiles create a divine backsplash. The wooden kitchen island and cabinets embrace the rustics.

The light brown wood laminate floor makes the area feel lived-in. Both flowers and vegetables lend the vibrancy as well as cheerfulness.

Textured Backsplash Panel

black kitchen backsplash

This cooking area features stone worktop and white cabinets. The lower cabinet is raised for easier cleaning. Black textured backsplash itself generates depth and unrefined character.

The dark wooden floor exhibits a calm ambiance. While the skylight and windows get natural light into the zone.

High Sheen

kitchen black backsplash ideas

If neutral shades are your favorites, we are sure you like this cooking area. The white ceiling, cabinetry, kitchen island, and dining chairs boost up the freshness.

Furthermore, the black granite backsplash contrasts dramatically with the cabinets. The plants on top of the upper cabinets add some life to space.

Herringbone Tiles

black kitchen backsplash

Since the lower and upper cabinets have beige color, the dweller opts for the black backsplash. It is clad in black subway tiles. Interestingly, they are installed in the herringbone pattern.

A stainless-steel appliances and drawer pulls evoke the plush setting. Splashes of maroon red and lime green brighten up the whole area.

Simply Matched

black kitchen backsplash

This kitchenette boasts a fashionable backsplash. The black ceramic and limestone tiles cover it in an excellent way. They also provide a wide variety of black shades.

The unpolished wooden cabinetry brings the rustic charm to the area. It meets perfectly with black marble worktop, too.

Pebble Black

kitchen pebble black backsplash ideas

When it comes to the kitchen design, you never go wrong with natural stone backsplash. This image proves that black and colorful tiles of the backsplash elevate the design.

The black worktop and wooden cabinets make a cool contrast. Meanwhile, the ivory wall depicts calm kitchenette.

Contrasting Tiles

kitchen black backsplash ideas

We promise you will enjoy cooking in this culinary space. The thin black and white subway tiles come in various lengths. They effortlessly create visual interest.

The white upper cabinets partner well with the backsplash. Marble worktop with black veins develops a sense of luxury. The metallic sink and faucet bring industrial chic to the area.

Serene and Sophisticated

kitchen glossy black backsplash ideas

If you want to invest the colors and textures into your kitchen, look at the picture above. Its backsplash is wrapped in shiny black ceramic tiles. The yellow trims pop against the dark backsplash.

Under cabinet, lights illuminate the wooden worktop. The white cabinets keep the cooking area from looking gloomy. Perfect!

Black’s Loveliness

kitchen black backsplash ideas

The brilliantly used black subway ceramic tiles for the backsplash are here. They allow the kitchen to feel relaxed. The retro industrial lamps and metallic grey lower cabinet lend a masculine vibe.

White worktop, wall, and countertop contribute to a bright kitchen. Lastly, bursts of blue and green revive the cooking space.

Moody color applied as in black kitchen backsplash can create a mesmerizing impact on your kitchen. It works fantastically with any shade of your choice, too. So, it is the right time to go for an ultra-sleek backsplash. More black kitchen designs.

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