7 Cottage Kitchen Style: A Small Paradise in Your Home

cottage kitchen style

FeastHome – A cottage kitchen style brings the sheer comfort and peace of living in the country to your home. A comfortable appearance, smooth hues, and wood elements influence the character of such kitchen.

The construction, light, and table will make you remember how it feels to live in an area out of the noisome of big town or cities. Big, weathered wood elements in the kitchen such as tables or ceilings complete the relaxed feel as though you live out of cities.

1. Black and White

cottage kitchen style

Bringing a calm feel into your kitchen by applying white hues for your kitchen furniture is a smart move. It’ll make your room look vivid and mesmerizing that spark a visually clean appearance in the kitchen.

Cottage kitchen ideas are loved by many homeowners who seek a warm and welcoming haven in their homes. A dark wide-plank wood floor gives a bold contrast and leaves a fabulous impact on the kitchen – what fine flooring.

The island has two different tones of colors that blend nicely with kitchen surroundings. A pair of stools with the same colors as the island and twin black lamps are added precisely above the island to give you a seat while watching the chef doing his job.

2. Amazing Logs Ceiling

cottage kitchen style

This cottage kitchen example has these factors in store:

  • Stunning logs ceiling,
  • Classic lamps, and
  • A nice tone of color

Using raw woods in design has become a trend that’s followed by tons of designers or homeowners worldwide. It’s because woods’ natural forms are simply amazing to be used in designing furniture such as beds, ceiling or tables. You just need to furnish them a little bit.

Many agree that you don’t have to modify their rough forms to be like store-made furniture which is not so attractive. This kind of method really fits with a cottage kitchen design to increase the cottage feels in the kitchen.

This kitchen looks bold with natural wood colors, but the owner plays a little trick here by using black chairs to make the kitchen a bit colorful. There are also some antique lamps hanging on the wooden ceiling that leave the room to have a cool, classic look.

3. Airy Atmosphere

cottage kitchen style

For this cottage kitchen, these aspects are those of consideration:

  • Spacious space
  • Airy kitchen
  • Stunning flooring idea

I strongly believe that you’d choose an airy space over a cramped one since there are some benefits by having such kitchen. You can use cottage kitchen design as a model – this kitchen sure is an airy one.

With high and superb ceiling design, this kitchen offers more than anything you could wish for. This kitchen can make your dream kitchen with a spectacular layout that really stands out in your home.

There are windows that bring you a nice view of the yard while washing the dishes along with floral curtains. Another worth praising in this kitchen is the dark wooden flooring that looks so stunning that completes the standard of an ideal kitchen.

4. Huge Table

cottage kitchen style

An enormous table looks so splendid with warm light from pendant lights. You can enjoy your dinner by sitting on these dark wooden chairs. The cottage vibes can be strongly sensed in this kitchen.

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Wood beams don’t just show you how strong and durable they are, but they can also make an astonishing look for any room in your house. And the owner shows you just in the most creative way a ceiling can be decorated with wood beams.

There also some leather chairs with soft pillows and some lovely plants in vases on the corner which give you natural beauty. An artwork or some stuff that could bring a cottage style more alive would be a good idea to be hung on the wall.

5. Brown Kitchen Cabinets

cottage kitchen style

Although this kitchen doesn’t apply many colors, and it’s dominated with brown colors from kitchen furniture and black color from the countertop, this kitchen still shows its beautiful look to attract people’s attention.

You can also be amazed by the flooring idea, which is simply welcoming. Woven baskets, as a smart way to keep some souvenirs, can also be used to keep the kitchen uncluttered-free space. You can put them above the cabinets to save some space as well.

The island will be a big help for you by providing a huge surface for work. You can do a lot of activity on the wide countertop such as cutting or peeling vegetables and you can save some space to put some flowers there, too.

6. Terracotta Tile Flooring

cottage kitchen style

A tile flooring style can be an alternative choice when you’re confused what floor to choose. In fact, this dark terracotta tile flooring is certainly the focal point in this kitchen. Meanwhile, the smooth grey hue nicely fills the atmosphere.

Your kitchen will be incomplete without placing a table along with its chairs. As you can see, a wooden table is here with some grey weaved chairs and flowers in tiny white vases. If you happen to have lots of visitors, you can add some more chairs in front of the island.

These antique lamps take this kitchen to the next level with its unique design and its warm dim light. Some shelves make attractive small storage for keeping tiny objects that can also be a lovely decoration in the kitchen.

7. Special Feature

cottage kitchen style

The white color scheme creates positive energy and gives a pleasant feeling of calm and relaxed. Those are some of the facts why many homeowners are into with it. It can also make your room look somehow wider and brighter, which is good for your home.

This kitchen may just like any other cottage ones, but that nice old lamp makes the whole set different. Yes, this lamp is really sensational, which makes you want to add it in your own kitchen renovation.

This kitchen is also well-arranged with a square island and it can be seen from the way the island is set. A small plant is meant to lift up the ambiance in the room to have some nature look.

Cottage kitchen style may be the right style for you who want a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that you get when living in the country off towns or cities.

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