17 Monochrome Rug Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

FeastHome – Adorning the rooms in your home does not have to entail sophisticated embellishment with vivacious colors. Even a simple monochrome rug can improve the look of your interior design immensely.

1. Hand-Woven Cotton Rug with Fringe

monochrome rug

This living room refers to modern flair while paying tribute to the past. The crisp white wall with baseboard represents the modern style while the wooden flooring adds the touch of a rustic look.

To complement the décor of this living room, a monochromatic rug is needed. This white rug features black print that accentuates it simply. It also features fringes that match the classic ambiance of the wooden flooring.

2. Monochrome Rug with Trellis Pattern

monovhrome kitchen rug

Don’t hinder yourself from getting a super comfy rug just because you cannot afford a wool rug. This faux-fur rug will do in a pinch.

Its long pile offers you the ultimate comfort that you have been longing for. Besides, the Moroccan pattern matches the cushion and the throw well.

3. Gray Rug with Embossed Pattern

monochrome rug

Gray is one of the most versatile colors. It allows you to pair it with any color and furniture of your choice. Some shades of gray can bring boldness and elegance to space.

This gray rug features a geometric pattern that suits your modern house well. The pattern is thoroughly designed in embossed style, adding a textural element to your living room or bedroom.

4. Green Rug with Diamond Pattern

monochrome rug

This green rug is not too large, which makes it a perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen. The flat-weave design allows it to fit snugly under the door.

This rug is accentuated with small white diamond patterns that completely cover the surface of it. It also has an anti-slip rubber backing that makes it become a worry-free rug.

5. Burnt Orange Rug

monovhrome kitchen rug

It is said that orange is the color of energy and joy. So, if you want to infuse good vibes in your home while adding pops of colors, you can try purchasing this orange rug.

The burnt-orange teaming up with off-white will add some style to any space without overlapping it. Some patterns are also added to alleviate the vivid orange.

6. Fluffy Bathroom Mat

monochrome rug

A shaggy and fluffy rug would be the best choice when it comes to an area that is prone to moisture like the bathroom.

This white rug will ensure your safety. It absorbs liquid quickly, which will prevent you from slipping. Besides, its white fur matches the décor immensely, making them flow into one being.

7. Black and White Striped Rug

monochrome rug

For some people, a striped rug is more than just a rug that covers the floor and comforts your feet well. In a space-challenged room, a striped rug can expand the space visually, making it look more spacious.

This black-and-white rug has proven that it is not a delusion. It has made this white living room look bigger. Furthermore, the simple pattern suits this living room perfectly.

8. Pineapple Monochrome Rug

monochrome rug

Bring in the tropical vibes to your living room – or even bedroom – with this area rug. This black rug features some gigantic white pineapples on it, evoking the tropical ambiance nicely.

Its surface is made of flannelette fabric which will not add more workload. Besides, it is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

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9. Monochrome Rug with Diamond Pattern

monovhrome kitchen rug

A nice rug does not have to be fussy. Even a simple one with monochromatic color can do a terrific thing to embellish your home.

This monochrome rug, for example, looks great although it only features white and black colors. The pattern looking like diamonds is more than enough to spruce up your bathroom or bedroom.

10. Monochrome Rug with 3D Effect

monovhrome kitchen rug

If you think your living room is too bland due to the lack of embellishment, try jazzing it up with this rug.

The thickness of it ensures your comfort especially when the winter is approaching. The surface is so soft that it can spoil your bare feet. The pattern provides a 3D effect that can enliven your living room.

11. Lavish Monochrome Rug

monovhrome kitchen rug

This living room is furnished with black linen furniture which carves elegance to it. Elegant furniture requires an elegant rug. And this rug is the best choice to emphasize the upscale look.

This rug comes in black and white colors that blend well, making the effect of old-but-not-obsolete look. It may look quite worn. But the worn look can definitely steal anyone’s focus.

12. Round Cotton Rug

monochrome rug

Cotton rugs are a great way to add comfort and style without adding more burden to your household chores. They are usually easy to clean. You can even clean them up using your washing machine. No need to wash them by hands.

This round cotton rug will be suitable for your kids’ game room. It will comfort your kids while they are playing. More importantly, you do not need to worry about spills or any mess that they could make on this rug.

13. White Rug with Hexagonal Embossed Pattern

monovhrome kitchen rug

Add textural element to your living room with this white rug. The embossed hexagonal pattern provides a distinctive look to your living room and offers a unique sensation when you are standing on it.

14. Thousand Stars on the Rug

monochrome rug

Mesmerizing stars are not only found in the sky. They can also be found in your living room and bedroom.

It does not mean you take some stars from the sky, though. This gray rug is just enough to maintain some semblance of style.

15. Bohemian Monochrome Rug

monochrome rug

If you are a big fan of Bohemian style, you need to invest in this white rug to amp your living room up. The black diamond patterns match the floor pillows nicely.

16. Mesmerizing Black Spots

monovhrome kitchen rug

The good thing of a white rug is it can adorn any kinds of colors and styles. Thus, this white rug with some black spots looks great in this eclectic living room.

17. Patchwork Monochrome Rug

monovhrome kitchen rug

Patchwork style does not always end up creating a haphazard look. If designed thoroughly, a patchwork rug can enliven your modern living room well, just like this rug.

Now you know that a monochrome rug can work like a charm when it comes to adorning your home. It matches any décor, and – more importantly – complements the existing furniture without overlapping it.

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