17 Cheery Orange Kitchen Rug Design Ideas

orange kitchen rug

FeastHome – Orange is often synonymous with joy and enthusiasm. Thus, incorporating orange in your kitchen can boost your mood in the morning, which brings good vibes.

Check out these cheery orange kitchen rug design ideas that encourage joy to space.

1. Geometric Orange Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

This kitchen adopts a modern style which is recognized from the shaker cabinet doors and the clean-lined handlebars. To accentuate the modern look, a rug – or two – that lacks complicated pattern will be your safe bet.

These rugs feature geometric pattern which is simple yet mesmerizing. The pattern gives the 3D effect with the combination of orange, blue, and some other color hues.

2. Orange Kitchen Rubber Floor Mat

Orange Kitchen Rug

This orange rubber mat will not only comfort you well but also cheer up space. As a place that is prone to stain and spill, adding a rubber floor mat in your kitchen is a great idea.

Rubber floor mats are durable and slip-resistant, which prevents you from slipping on the floor. More importantly, they are easy to clean.

3. An Orange Rug for Coffee Addicts

Kitchen Rug Design

You can add a personality boost through a rug, just like this one. This wool rug features the pictures of four cups of coffee arranged symmetrically. The orange hue is combined with cream and dark brown, adding a bold accent to it.

So, if you are really into coffee, this rug will be suitable for you.

4. Orange Cotton Runner Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

This orange runner rug is a great choice for those who want to add comfort while cooking as well as adding style to the kitchen. It won’t add you the workload because cotton rugs are renowned for their easy-to-clean material.

5. Orange Sisal Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

This sisal rug consists of orange hues that blend perfectly with beige and brown, which matches the towels that hang on the oven handlebar. It covers most of the area of the kitchen, warming your feet up when the floor is getting cold.

6. Mosaic Orange Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

If your kitchen uses tile flooring, this orange kitchen rug would match the décor immensely. The mosaic design looks like the miniature of the large tiles it covers.

Made of polyester, this rug is pretty durable and easy to clean using the washing machine. It also features latex non-slip bottom that ensures your safety without damaging the floor.

7. Embossed Floral Kitchen Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

This orange rug features embossed floral patterns that pay tribute to the past. The embossed design will give you a unique sensation when you are standing on it while doing the dishes or cutting the veggies.

8. Simple Cotton Runner Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

It does not have to be arduous and pricey to add style to space while keeping the ultimate comfort. A simple orange rug that lacks pattern and details like this one can spruce up your kitchen, especially if it is a minimalist one.

Just lay this runner rug between your islands and sink to soothe your feet and add more color to space. You do not need to worry about the spill it may get because the flat-weave design allows it to be easy to clean.

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9. Chickens Everywhere

Orange Kitchen Rug

Doormats are usually found in the entryway, hallway, or mudroom. But, you can also place a doormat in your kitchen to either alleviate the fatigue or conceal the flaws on the floor.

Try choosing a unique pattern like these rugs which have patterns of beautiful cocks to boost your mood when you are slaving over a hot stove.

10. Antique Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

This rug features a sophisticated pattern on the edges with a huge medallion as the center of the rug. The patterns make it look like an antique which is perfect for a Victorian, French country, or Bohemian kitchen

11. Hexagonal Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

This petite kitchen looks great with wooden cabinets and drawers that evoke the traditional look. The cabinets are topped with granite countertop which makes the kitchen look more elegant.

An orange rug with hexagonal patterns carries all the color elements found in this kitchen, creating harmony to space.

12. Wool Grey and Orange Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

Gray is one of the neutral colors that can be paired with any colors of your choice without making a haphazard look.

This rug, for example, features gray and orange in a zigzag pattern that is suitable for any kitchen design. It is made of wool, so it can comfort your feet well.

13. Gray and Orange Rug with Square Patterns

Orange Kitchen Rug

If you are a big fan of modern designs like the mid-century modern kitchen or a modern farmhouse kitchen, investing in a simple rug for your kitchen is highly recommended.

A rug with square pattern and simple colors like this one will add pattern, colors, and textural element without overwhelming the remaining décor.

14. Embossed Orange and Grey Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

This is another great idea of gray and orange rug. It is a wool gray rug which is soft and comfortable. The embossed orange pattern that looks like corals – or maybe the clouds in Bikini Bottom – add textural element significantly.

15. Flat Weave Cotton Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

Adding an element of Bohemian style in your kitchen is merely a breeze. Just lay this woven rug on your kitchen floor, and you are all set! The tie-dye effect represents the Boho style perfectly.

16. Fluffy Orange Kitchen Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

Winter is approaching. You need something warm and stylish that accompanies you when bustling around the kitchen. And this fluffy rug is the answer.

This orange rug is soft, thick, and fluffy, which will keep your feet warm. You do not need to worry about cleaning it due to the higher piles. Just toss it into your washing machine and you are ready to go.

17. Burnt Orange Runner Rug

Orange Kitchen Rug

If you think bright orange is too much and makes your eyes feel uncomfortable, you can opt for burnt orange that is more soothing than the bright one. And this burnt orange rug with diamond patterns on it suits this white kitchen well.

An orange kitchen rug will be always your safest bet if you want to beef up space with a cheery thing. But, if you think an all-orange rug is too much, try opting for gray and orange rug or the one with darker orange hues.

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