Mr. Heater Big Buddy Propane Heater Review

With an extensive market of propane heaters, the challenge of selecting the appropriate and required heater that covers your basic needs becomes a challenge that needs high research and comparison. Different heaters differ in prices and sizes making it a challenge for a common user to differentiate. With new propane heaters, below is Mr. Heater big buddy propane heater review.

Big Buddy is the latest and convenient propane heater in the market, whatever the weather either winter or chilly climate, big buddy qualifies for this position. Keeping warm in cold seasons requires a task, luckily a lasting solution has emerged, and this heater is versatile and won’t oblige high upkeep like chimneys.

Mr. Heater big buddy propane heater review that; it comes with an inbuilt heat processing air system fan which blows heated air to the desired space. It’s very nice and convenient for indoors particularly in wide areas like lounges or bed rooms. It also offers a programmed shutdown framework that turns off the unit before producing unsafe levels of carbon monoxide vapor in your house.

Heater Production and power

Mr. big buddy is a California affirmed heater that can create up to 18,000 BTUS which can warm temperature up to a range measuring 400 square feet for around 220 hours. An electricity connector or four size batteries cells option, powers its blower fans that assist in heat distribution. Clients won’t stress over excessively hot or excessively cool situations, its advanced settings have numerous positions that will keep up the right and ordinary temperature of the room or any specific space.


  • The heater is easily adaptable – in situations you don’t have batteries in your home, you can control the fans by utilizing its long AC cable connector.
  •  In spite of its heavier weight, Mr. Big buddy is still convenient and could be effortlessly transported to any location.
  • It’s convenient and the best propane heather for outdoors and camping. Its safety measures covers all the basic necessities, once turned on the heater instantly warms the environment rapidly saving time and energy as well.
  • During a survey conducted, many people voted on the fans strengths and its economical values .They’ve specified that it has just few precautionary measures to take after comparing with different heaters of its kind and class.


  • One of the significant concerns of Mr. Heater review is its customer’s, after sale service support. Few clients have complained that they hardly get any feedback after requesting any service from the manufactures. The company believes its product is good and running which puts it in a business disadvantage.
  •  Its batteries likewise don’t keep going for long. To tackle this issue, additional batteries should be easily available to keep the distributor fan running.
  • Another bunch of users complains that the fan is very loud and pollutes the environment, especially during meditations and yoga, which to me sounds funny.

In Conclusion

In spite of the fact that Mr. Buddy doesn’t bring sentiment to your home like chimney heating does, it truly works fine and does its required task adequately. The heater can be utilized precisely within your home or conceivably outside. It is likewise an extraordinary and great heater for better services.

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