Your Philips TV Won’t Turn On? Try this Fix!

philips tv won't turn on

Your Philips TV not turning on or flashing red lights may be because of a defective power supply board. Also, a faulty T-con board may be the cause of this problem. A bad motherboard is a problem best solved by a professional technician.

But the Philips tv not turning on, or a plain black screen can be a loose power cable not properly plugged in. You can fix this issue by your TV securely into a power outlet. A damaged power cable may be just as problematic as a loosely plugged one. Therefore, you want to replace the damaged power supply cord.

Moreover, your Philips TV may flash red and not turn on if it goes into the Standby or Protection Mode. You may need to power reset your Philips TV hard to stop the flashing red light and turn on the TV.

Why Won’t My Philips TV Turn On With the Remote or Button?

My Philips flat screen TV wouldn’t turn on when I pressed the power button on the TV set and the remote controller. It was frustrating, but I soon understood why this was the problem. Here are some problems I found out caused this issue:

Unplug all external devices connected to the Philips tv

In my case, I have a 55-inch Philips television in my lower level where my kids’ gaming consoles are connected. I had an old Wii connected to the Philips smart Tv, so I unplugged that before troubleshooting further.

Check the TV’s power supply

You first want to check if your power outlet is working efficiently. In my case, I plugged my Philips TV into a faulty power outlet. That’s why it wouldn’t turn on when I pressed the power button on the TV or the remote control. You want to check the power outlet and ensure you’ve plugged in your TV correctly.

If the Philips tv’s plugged into a power strip, try plugging it directly into the electrical outlet.

Underpowered Philips Remote Control

Philips TV Won't Turn On

Your TV’s remote control batteries should have sufficient charge if you want to switch on your Philips TV with the remote. You want to check the batteries to ensure they’re not dead. Also, ensure you have inserted the batteries properly to power the remote control.

Usually, dead batteries are the cause of unresponsive TV when you press the power button on the remote control. Therefore, you want to check the Philips TV remote control batteries.

Malfunctioned Power Button

The power button on your Philips smart TV may be unresponsive due to a malfunction. As a result, your smart TV won’t turn on when you press the power button. You can resolve this problem if you unplug your Philips TV for a few minutes and then plug it back into the wall outlet.

Press the power button on the TV set to turn your Philips tv back on. You will then press and hold its power button for 30 seconds and release it. You can again turn on the TV by pressing the power button on the remote control. 

A Loose Power cable on The Back of the Philips TV

I also realized I couldn’t turn on my Philips TV because the power cord may have been loose or faulty. I checked the cable and found out it wasn’t faulty. So, I knew a loose power cord was making my TV not turn on when I pressed the power button.

Also, a faulty power cord is a potential cause of your TV’s unresponsiveness. Therefore, check the cable and replace it if it’s faulty. Also, plug and secure the power adapter into a wall outlet.

Outdated Firmware

Philips TV Won't Turn On

You should update your smart TV’s firmware if you want your TV to function smoothly. You will download the software into a flash drive and then plug the drive into your TV’s USB port. The process is straightforward; you can read this article for more information.

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What to Do if Your TV Flashes Red and Won’t Turn On

I discovered that a Philips TV might flash a red light several times and not turn on to display content. Here’s how I fix this issue:

When Philips TV Blinks 2 Times

This shows your Philips TV has defective internal components. The components causing the problem may be a faulty main board or T-con board. Also, outdated firmware and a loose plug may cause this problem. Plug your TV in correctly or update your TV software. You can also hard reset your TV. 

TV Blinks 3 Times

This problem may arise from your TV’s damaged power board or shortened diode. The main thing to do is replace the faulty power board. You can also check the circuit board to ensure sufficient electricity powers the TV. If the internal components work correctly, turn off the Standby Mode and factory reset your Philips TV.

TV Blinks 4 Times

An active Protection Mode, outdated firmware, and blown capacitors may cause your Philips TV to flash the red LED 4 times. Also, insufficient power to your TV may cause it to blink four times. Ensure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date, replace the capacitors, and hard reset the Philips TV. You also want to check if sufficient power flows through your TV.

What to Do if the Power Button Doesn’t Turn the TV On

You can do a few things to power your TV if the power button doesn’t work. Here are a few things to try:

Change the Input Source to the Philips TV

Your Philips TV might be on already when you press its power button or the button on the remote control. The problem might be the HDMI cable not transmitting data. You can remove the HDMI cable and plug it back into its port. 

You can also plug it into another port. If the problem persists, replace the cable. You should check if other wires, such as RCA and coaxial cables, work correctly. 

Try a Different Power Outlet

If your Philips TV doesn’t get sufficient power from a wall outlet, plug it into another wall outlet. Sometimes, a given wall outlet is faulty, causing your TV not to power up when you press the power button. If that’s the case, try a different power outlet.

Why Does My Philips TV Light Flash Red?

A Philips TV might flash a red light due to several issues. First, overheating may cause a Philips smart TV light to flash red. You should touch your TV to check if it’s hot. And if that’s the case, you want to unplug it and leave it off for a while.

Second, your Philips TV light will flash red if the TV is in Standby Mode. You may have switched your TV off, but you’ve still plugged it into a wall outlet.

Additionally, insufficient power may cause your TV’s light to flash red. The wall outlet may not provide sufficient power, or your TV’s power board may be faulty. These are potential causes of a TV’s light flashing red.


If your Philips smart TV doesn’t turn on if you press the power button, it might be because the power cord is loose or faulty. You can check to ensure the cord is in good condition and securely plugged into a wall outlet. But this is one of the potential causes of a Philips TV not working smoothly.

I have shared with you why your TV light may flash red and not turn on when you press the power button. Outdated firmware is another cause of Philips TV malfunction. You will update the software to restore the excellent working of your smart TV. If the tips in this guide don’t work, Contact Philips support for more assistance.

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