How to Connect Wiz Lights to Alexa

wiz lights to ALexa

Wiz has a whole range of smart lights you can connect with Alexa virtual assistant. Whether you need modern bulbs, filament bulbs, light strips, or luminaires, Wiz has the perfect light to illuminate your Home. What’s more, these smart lights have Wi-Fi capability built-in, making setup super easy.

We have the Wiz filament bulbs in our bedrooms and over the kitchen sink, mainly used as night lights controlled with Alexa. We’re not too fond of the Wiz app but the quick alexa integration makes it worthwhile. We use Alexa to turn on and off the light, but we also leverage IFTTT for better automation, like turning on and off at a particular time, etc.

Wiz Lights requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network to work

2.4 ghz wifi

To start, you will connect Wiz lights to the same Wi-Fi network as your Amazon Echo Dot to control your lighting by voice command. Voice control devices such as your 3rd Generation Echo Dot and later versions make controlling your Wiz smart lights a cinch. These smart speakers will convert your Wiz to voice-activated lights.

The process of connecting your Wiz smart lights to Alexa is straightforward. The hands-free control comes in handy when you want to switch your lights on/off when your hands are full. So, there are benefits to connecting your Wiz lights to Alexa. Read on for more information.

What You Need for the Connection

The first thing you need is the Wiz smart lights. You can choose the best Wiz light depending on your preferences. Some Wiz lights you can choose from include modern bulbs, filament bulbs, light strips, and luminaires. You will find various Wiz smart lights for every need and price range.

Also, you need a compatible Alexa device or smart speaker to pair with the Wiz lights. Third-generation Amazon Echo Dot or later generations will connect with your Wiz lights excellently. Amazon Echo Show is another Alexa device that can control your Wiz lights through voice commands.

Once you have your Wiz lights and an Alexa control device, you want to set up your Wiz lights before pairing them with the Alexa device of your choice.

Setting Up the Wiz Light

One thing we already know is Wiz lights feature built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. So they don’t need a bridge to connect to your router. And this connectivity makes setting up your Wiz lights super easy. When setting up your smart lights, you will follow the steps below:

Install your Wiz Lights

You will install your Wiz smart lights in the fixtures you want to light up your home sufficiently and control your lighting with the sound of your voice. 

Download the Wiz app

You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play. If your smartphone uses iOS, you will download this app from the App Store. But if you use an Android phone, you will get this app from the Play Store. You will search for the Wiz app and install it. Then you will launch the app.

Turn Your Wiz Lights On

Your new Wiz lights will be ready to pair when you power them on and will be ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Another time your Wiz lights will enter pairing mode is when they can’t find their usual network. And you will connect them to a new network.

Add your Wiz Lights to the Wiz App

After launching the Wiz app, create and save your Wiz Home. Then you will tap Add Room to create a room for each Wiz light. You will choose the Room Type from a list of a bunch of room types. You will save the room name and Add Device to the room you created. You will also name the room for convenience and to avoid confusion.

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You will choose a Wiz light as the device you want to add to a room. The Wiz app will ask you to enter your Wi-Fi network password, and you will do so. The pairing process will begin.

Power Off your Wiz Light

You will power your Wiz light off for 3 seconds, power it back on, and then tap on Start. Your Wiz light should appear on the Wiz app screen after a few seconds. But the Wiz light might not appear on the screen as expected.

In this case, you will power the Wiz light off and back on until it starts giving the “pulsing” visual feedback. This ensures your Wiz light appears on the screen for control via the app after a few seconds. A light icon will appear on your screen when the process is complete.

Pairing your Wiz light with its app only gets you app-based control. If you want to control your Wiz light through voice commands, you will add it to Alexa.

Pairing Wiz Light with Alexa

You will set up your Alexa device with the Alexa app before you pair Wiz lights with your voice control device. You will download the Alexa app from Play or App Store and set up your preferred Amazon Alexa voice control. Check out this YouTube video if you’re looking for a demonstration of how to set up your Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation. Then you can follow the steps below:

App-To-App Linking for iOS Smartphones

When connecting your Wiz light with Alexa using an Apple smartphone, you follow these steps:

Open the Wiz App

Tap the Settings tab in the Wiz app. Then scroll down the menu and select Integrations. You will find more options, then select Amazon Alexa from those options. Then click on the “Link my account” option.

Log Into your Amazon Account

The Wiz app will bring up a page requiring you to enter the login details of your Amazon Alexa account. Since you already set up an Amazon account, when you pair your Echo Dot 4th generation to the Wi-Fi network, you will log into your account to link your Wiz with Alexa.

App-To-App Linking for Android Smartphones

The steps you will follow for these smartphones vary slightly from those for iOS smartphones. But these are the steps you will follow:

Open the Wiz App

Tap the sidebar menu and go to Home Settings. You will click this option and find a list of options from which you will choose Integrations. Then proceed and choose Amazon Alexa from the list of options. Click the “Link my account,” and you will log into your Amazon Alexa account.

Open the Alexa App

Go back to your home screen and launch the Alexa app – this is the next step after Integration. Then select Smart Home from the Alexa home screen. Tap the Skill & Game option and Enable  the Wiz smart home skill. You will then log into your Wiz account to find a list of Wiz lights to connect with Alexa.

You will select the Wiz lights you want to pair with your Alexa. You have now connected your Wiz smart lights to Alexa and can control them through voice commands!


Wiz lights connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Amazon Alexa control device for hands-free lighting control. Alexa will follow your command and wirelessly control the connected smart lights via your home network. 

We’ve covered connecting your lights with the virtual assistant. While pairing your Wiz lights with Alexa, you will set up the lights first. Then you will set it up with your Alexa device. So, controlling your lights with your voice should be a piece of cake from now on.

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