How to setup echo show for grandparents(for the non-tech-savvy)

alexa for grandparents

Are you thinking of buying an echo show for your grandparents or parent. It might be challenging to learn how to use new technology, particularly one as complicated as Alexa devices. However, Smart home devices like the Amazon Echo Show are essential for seniors.

The main thing seniors need to know about using Amazon Alexa on Echo show is that it is the same as conversing with another person.

 The Amazon Alexa app is not only compatible with a wide range of Amazon products but also with third-party gadgets such as the Ring Doorbell and smart light bulbs.

Today, we’ll discuss why it’s a good idea for the elderly to have a smart voice assistant like an Echo Show as one of the leading smart devices in their homes.

We will also provide you with some basic Amazon Alexa commands that will simplify your life. And suggestions on how to utilize your new Alexa on the Amazon Echo show as a senior or older person.

How Useful Is Alexa For Seniors?

Here is a list of some useful Alexa device features for your grandparents or elderly parent:

So many older people and caregivers can take a lot of advantages from using amazon echo devices in their life. Here is a short list to get you started:

Alert a Buddy

 One of the nicest things Alexa has for elders is the option to set up a “buddy,” so you may ask for aid immediately. Amazon Alexa has many valuable virtual assistants, allowing seniors to set someone as their buddy so Alexa can contact them if they need assistance. You can also notify people associated with the Ask My Buddy program.

Phone Calls

Alexa Calling

Once you install Amazon Alexa on your phone, it will access your contact list for Alexa calling. Say “Alexa, call [name]” to call someone from your Echo Show. You may manually add contacts to your Alexa app to call any Echo Show, landline, or mobile phone.

You can set up group calls as well.

Video call on the Echo show

The Amazon Echo Show is a device that has many benefits for seniors and the elderly. One of these benefits is that video calls can be made on the device. This is an excellent way for seniors to stay in touch with friends and family living far away.

Video calls are also a great way for seniors to stay connected with the world around them, which can help keep them mentally stimulated.

Additionally, the Echo Show’s screen makes it easy for seniors to see who they are talking to.

Show and Tell

It lets people who are visually impaired or have trouble seeing identify objects by putting them in front of the camera on the amazon echo show. This only works for objects/products with written content, such as a can of soup or a box of instant rice.

Locate Your Cell Phone 

Seniors aren’t the only ones who lose their phones. Ask your echo show to call your phone, and it will ring. It’ll beep when it’s found. You can even tie keys with smart tags so Alexa can locate them if you lose them.

Reminders and Notifications

Alexa may inform and remind you of events on your calendar or everyday occurrences like medication reminders. This function helps persons with mild dementia or cognitive impairment.

Add Uber as an Alexa skill

For seniors who can’t drive, Uber is one of the top Alexa skills to simplify your parents’ life. Your parents or grandparents can issue a voice command to their echo show device to order an uber for an appointment. Example” Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.”

Add health-related Alexa skills

Another useful Alexa health skill for seniors is the Ask AARP skill. This skill provides up-to-date information on issues that affect seniors, such as health care reform, Social Security, and Medicare. It can also help seniors connect with AARP resources in their area.

Many other Alexa health skills can help seniors stay healthy and comfortable. To find out which skills best suit you or your loved one, ask Alexa!

Alexa Guard 

With Alexa Guard, you can rest assured that if an alarm sounds or glass is shattered, she’ll let your grandparents know right away.

Alexa Guard is a free feature that comes with all Echo devices. It uses your existing Echo devices to act as motion, smoke, and CO detectors. If it detects any of these things, she’ll send an alert to your phone, so you can take appropriate action.


Listen to audiobooks via It is a terrific pastime for seniors who have problems reading or prefer audiobooks.

Share family photos

When we share family photos with our loved ones, it not only brings us closer together but also benefits them in a number of ways. For one, it helps them feel connected to us and to our shared history.

It also gives them a sense of familiarity and comfort, which can be especially important during difficult times.

Additionally, seeing family photos can remind our loved ones of happy memories they’ve shared with us, which can brighten their day and make them feel more positive.

In short, sharing family photos is a meaningful way to connect with our loved ones and to make them feel loved and supported.

Use echo shows drop-in feature for the elderly

Like every other Alexa-enabled device, it has access to the Echo show drop In for the elderly. It enables a quick connection to another Alexa device, functioning as an intercom.

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Controlling Lights 

Instead of overreaching from the couch or chair to switch on or off the light (and falling or straining a muscle), your elderly loved one may use Alexa’s voice commands on your amazon echo device to do it for them.

Steps to set up Alexa for seniors on Echo Show

Plug in and power up the echo device

If you set up this device before bringing it to your elderly loved one’s house, you could plug it into an outlet anywhere you choose to complete these instructions. However, if you are installing Alexa in their home, you should plug it in anywhere you want it to be. I suggest the kitchen or a common living area.

The amazon echo show for seniors can be moved around the house. For consistency, though, it is advisable to maintain Alexa at a single location so there is no doubt about her background.

Once you’re done, select your language.

At this time, the Alexa voice assistant should be active and setup-ready. Select your preferred language to proceed.

Type in the wifi’s name and password. 

The setup process will require inputting the Alexa user’s account details. If your older loved one does not already have an Amazon account, it is recommended that you create a new account for them. Sign in for an account using your email address.

Enter the location and time zone.

It is essential to provide Alexa with your senior loved one’s location. However, associating your location with Alexa can make your life easier, whether you’re monitoring the weather, ordering from Amazon, or learning the local news. It is the optimal technique to utilize your Alexa gadget! However, if you are installing this at the home of an older family member, you should include their address. You can always change the device’s location by accessing the Alexa app.

  • Click on the Devices link.
  • Choose Echo show& Alexa
  • Select Device Name and Location.

Enter the user username of the Echo device

That is the name Alexa will use to refer to the Alexa User. For instance, someone asked Alexa, “What is today’s weather?” She might reply, “(username), today’s temperature is 75 degrees, and the sky is clear.” Provide Alexa with a name to address you by personalizing the gadget. Here, enter the name of your parent or grandparent.

Connect the Echo device to the Alexa application.

To connect the gadget to the Alexa app:

Go to the “More” link in the bottom right corner. 

Click ‘Add a Device’ then.

Click ‘Amazon Echo’ since you are configuring an Amazon Echo. 

Then, select the type of Echo device you’re setting up, Either echo show or echo dot.

Follow the subsequent steps to ensure that your device is in setup mode.

  • In the “Settings” app of your mobile device, activate Bluetooth. 
  • After that, your Amazon Device should appear, 
  • Select it to connect. 
  • Once it indicates that you are connected, you can use your Alexa device.

Here is what seniors have to say about it:

Considerations for setting up Amazon’s Alexa for Elderly parents

Alexa can also create a lot of frustration for seniors and the elderly, do your best to create a checklist based on this article to simplify setup. While it is advantageous for seniors to have free access to information via Alexa, if they tend to forget things frequently, it may become a nuisance.

Another consideration for setting up an amazon echo dot for elderly parents is Alexa being linked to an Amazon account. 

You may use it to make orders.

It implies that if your Alexa is connected to your own Amazon account (or someone else’s), you are responsible for paying for the transaction. If you have memory issues, you may forget what you’ve bought or purchase unnecessary items.


Can you set up an Echo Show without a smartphone?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to link a smartphone, you can still use the Amazon Echo Show to make video calls. You can do this by using the Echo Show’s built-in camera and microphone. To make a video call, simply say “Alexa, call (person’s name),” but to take the full benefits of your echo device, you need to download the Alexa app on your phone.

Can I do an Echo Show drop-in for the elderly using Alexa?

You can’t just go up and start talking to random people, but you can do so with your own Echo devices in your house and Alexa contacts who have permitted you. You may even initiate group talks by dropping in “anywhere.”

How can I contact my mother on the echo show?

To call anyone on the echo show or echo dot device, you need to add them as a contact. Select the Calling & Messaging option from the Alexa app’s bottom navigation bar on your iOS or Android device. For example, to contact your mother, say, “Alexa, call mum.”

Final Thoughts

The ability to make your own decisions is vital to parents and grandparents as they get older. Using a device like an amazon echo show and other Echo devices.

Using echo shows for seniors may help you keep your freedom even as you age. Your Alexa device can provide weather updates and traffic warnings, play music, and give you prescription and doctor’s appointment reminders, among other functions.

Thanks for reading to the End!

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