10 Most Popular Silestone Colors in The World

Silestone Marengo

Choosing a worktop for the kitchen needs a well-balanced plan as well. You have to pick the right color, so your kitchen looks more exciting.

10 Most Popular Silestone Colors in the World

There are many colors that you could pick and adjust for some concepts. Here are the ten most popular Silestone colors in the world.

  1. Silestone Gris Expo

Silestone Gris Expo

Gris Expo has become the most popular Silestone color in the world. This Silestone has a unique grey color which is easily combined with other colors.

If you’re into minimalist design, Gris expo can be the color that you pick for your kitchen countertop.

Usually, people choose Gris Expo as a replacement color for their conventional kitchen. Silestone Gris expo has natural dots, which makes it unique.

Grey color is also a choice if you hate white color that’s easily stained by the food drips. It’s a long last color that will always be a contemporary pick.

  1. Silestone Iconic Black

Silestone Iconic Black

An iconic black is a great option among the most popular Silestone colors. It has uniqueness because it’s not pure black.

On the surface of the Silestone, you can see the white fog pattern. It’s not glossy Silestone and works well with the minimalism concept.

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Usually, Silestone Iconic Black is a built-up countertop. So, it’s not only the top past with iconic black color.

The edge of the top and even the leg parts have the same color. Iconic black is a choice if you often drip the food but avoid the change of the color of the top easily.

  1. Silestone Calacatta Gold

Silestone Calacatta Gold

Unlike the name, which has “gold”, this one of the most popular Silestone colors has a clear background. The real color is white with some soft-touch which forms some lines. It’s a beautiful Silestone that many people in the world have chosen.

Usually, Silestone Calacatta gold is sold in the suede finish, so it’s softer than the real appearance.

If you have similar white flooring, this is great for your countertop. It has a texture though it’s not as contrasting as granite. The veins on the surface make it more luxurious.

  1. Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

As one of the most popular Silestone colors globally, Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme is always the most searched in the market.

It has glossy white that perfectly fit for minimalism concept. The color is very suitable for a countertop with the same color as the cabinet above.

It’s not only glossy but also sparkling. When you pick this color for your kitchen theme, it works well with any appliances and other properties.

Some designers think this color is the most superior because it’s timeless and fits many concepts from traditional to modern.

  1. Silestone Tigris Sand

Silestone Tigris Sand

As the name mentioned, the Tigris sand is one of the colors with a sand look. It’s not white but brighter than beige or ivory.

Some interior designers use this color to design a small kitchen because the color makes the kitchen looks spacious.

You can use the same color for cabinets and flooring to make it well-balanced with other parts. Another option is to choose other appliances that have mid-toned beige.

These most popular Silestone colors work well for the spacious kitchen, but the additional appliances must be other colors.

  1. Silestone Pearl Jasmine

Silestone Pearl Jasmine

Pearl Jasmine is another option if you dislike Calacatta Gold. Pearl Jasmine is on the list of top Silestone colors because it looks elegant and luxurious at the same time. The surface has veins, but it’s bolder than the Calacatta Gold.

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Some people choose this color because it’s very easy to find in the market. The pattern doesn’t look cheap, though many home interiors use it.

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It suits well with other color combinations, from all black, all white, even the colorful one.

  1. Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

The gothic theme for the kitchen, then why not? You can pick Silestone charcoal soapstone because it’s also one of the most popular Silestone colors in the world.

The black part is doffed, with white veins. It looks like natural black marble, and it’s not too much if you use it for the whole kitchen.

Usually, the designer of Silestone doesn’t only create the top with this Silestone color. The whole counter is made of this Silestone, with a closed part under the top.

This is a top option if you go with white flooring, ceiling, and cabinets.

  1. Silestone Classic White

Silestone Classic White

Classic white is also the most popular Silestone quartz color because people want a clean space for the kitchen.

This is used worldwide, with only white color on the surface. There’s no vein on the surface, nor the pattern. It’s clean and a great advantage for a perfectionist owner as well.

If you have a purpose for a wide range of applications in the kitchen, with a certain color of the cabinet, flooring, and appliances, this color of Silestone is great.

The style fits any color and theme. Even when you want to match other concepts, the classic white still stands out.

  1. Silestone Marengo

Silestone Marengo

If you aren’t into bright white or dark black, Marengo is the color. It’s grayish-brown and matches with many appliances for the kitchen.

As one of the most popular Silestone colors, Marengo is a great alternative for a more colorful kitchen.

When you look at it, it has an elegant look and is considered as not overpowering the whole kitchen too.

The texture of the Silestone is usually made traditional. It’s not that soft but safe for eating or cooking purposes. The granular level has improved nowadays.

  1. Silestone Serena

Silestone Serena

Silestone Serena will always be a pretty choice from the most popular Silestone colors. It has light grey with soft veins on the surface.

If you want your kitchen space to look spacious, this color will work for you. The inspiration comes from the legendary limestone Pietra Serena from Italy.

This Silestone is usually composed of another white shade for the kitchen. However, it’s more known as a natural concept than minimalism.

You don’t have to change this kitchen concept even in the next ten years because it stays modern for a long time.

Silestone is always a great option for countertop. However, the color will influence the atmosphere, especially when cooking.

Pick the right one from the most popular Silestone colors that fit your kitchen concept.

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