Review of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Pros of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Many people love the “come back to nature” theme, applying it to their kitchen. This theme is more popular nowadays by using a rainforest green granite countertop.

It’s a natural stone that looks like a marble, and sometimes we call it serpentine, a stone that people create for jewellery.

Some designers call it tropical green because it has a bold dark green colour. Some veins on the surface and its gold make the stone more luxurious.

Here are the pros and cons: mix and match and maintain the rainforest granite as your countertop.

Pros of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Pros of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

1. Stain-proof

Stain-proof doesn’t mean that any liquid won’t drip into the surface. It means that when you’re unintentionally dripping some food, whether it’s liquid or solid, you can wipe the stains away easily.

The rainforest green granite countertop won’t change colour just because of the stains.

All you need to do is remove the stains using a wet cloth. If the stains will leave some bad odour, remove the stains using soapy water and rinse using a damp cloth.

The stains won’t damage or ruin the surface, so you don’t have to be worried and fear that the countertop will look ugly.

2. Etch resistant

A kitchen is where we use some sharp stuff such as knives, scissors, and spatula. Even the stainless steel utensils could create scratches to other furniture.

However, you don’t have to worry when you use a rainforest green granite countertop because the main benefit is it’s etched resistant.

Unintentionally, we usually leave a mark from the knife to our furniture like wooden and stainless.

However, granite has been proven as a hard material that will resist the scars from sharp stuff. That’s why this material is used widely for the kitchen countertop.

3. Hard and durable

Besides being etched resistant, the rainforest green granite countertop is also hard, like marble. It won’t scratch easily, especially on the surface area.

However, this shouldn’t be why you chop food on it. You still have to use a proper chopping board to keep your knife sharp.

4. No more sealed

Usually, the seal is used for the stone material to protect the surface.

Some people use the seal for marble, but you don’t have to do that for a rainforest green granite slab. The drip or food that stains the surface won’t be absorbed.

You can save some money too. Some sealers might absorb the liquid and stain the surface longer.

Granite is very helpful to reduce the cost of maintenance. Though the material is pricey, it doesn’t cost much later because of the damage.

Cons of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Cons of Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

1. The colour choice

The rainforest green granite countertop doesn’t have many colour options. The shade is minimum, and usually, people go for the darkest one.

However, it’s another challenge when oil material drips on the surface because sometimes it leaves marks if you don’t immediately wipe it.

2. It contains talcum

Talcum is a material that exists in rainforest green granite countertops. It’s quite dangerous for health if you are ignorant by chopping the food directly on the surface.

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So, avoid placing the raw food on it. Lots of little, it still influences your health.

3. Clean as often as possible.

This granite doesn’t need much maintenance, but you have to clean it as often as possible.

The edge of the countertop might have airborne particles, and when you inhale it, it’s dangerous for your lounge. Avoid choosing the chiselled edge.

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Basic Maintenance

  • Wiping

Don’t worry about the maintenance of the rainforest green granite kitchen. It’s easy and doesn’t cost much.

All you need to do is wipe the surface using a damp cloth before and after using it. Use soapy water and then rinse using damp neutral water.

  • Sealing

The second method to protect the green granite countertop is by sealing it. You have to seal it if you’re too lazy to care for the granite surface properly.

However, you should note that finding the best sealer might be hard because it has to be adjusted with the stone condition.

  • Putting wooden furniture

Another way to have lower maintenance over your rainforest green granite countertop is by putting in the wooden furniture.

It’s not as tough as stainless steel and other furniture. Choose the wood from rattan that will beautify your kitchen.

Mix and Match Design

  • Creamy colour

Creamy Colour Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Creamy colour would create an outstanding performance of your rainforest green granite countertop.

The mix of these colours will have an earthy vibe, and it’s nice for everyone who loves to spend some time in the kitchen. Natural and relaxing colours are the best choice for any concept.

  • Light brown

Light Brown Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Another option for your kitchen is light brown. It’s usually used for farmhouses or rustic concepts.

The sunlight that arrays from the window will create an amazing atmosphere in your kitchen. The rainforest green granite would be a more fantastic feeling that you feel happy during in the kitchen.

  • Green shade

Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

If you love green that much, a green shade for your kitchen is good too.

However, you have to consider the green tone and shades. Adjust the hue with the rainforest green granite. Different greens wouldn’t work well because they look unnatural.

You can start by putting some green cabinets in the kitchen. To create a more natural feeling, you can place some lively plants on the vase.

It’s not always put on the rainforest countertop, but it can be in other places such as cabinets or tables that you put in the kitchen.

  • Moss wall

Moss Wall Rainforest Green Granite Countertop

Moss is more elegant because it has the same tone as a rainforest. It feels greeny, and the nuance of your kitchen is cool.

If the countertop size is big enough, the moss colour can be placed as the cabinet, vases, or utensils such as pans, spatulas, plates, etc.

Having a rainforest green granite countertop is very interesting. It excites your feelings when you spend time in the kitchen.

The earthy feel is so homie that it calms your nerves. Don’t forget to care for your countertop to make it more durable.

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