10 Most Interesting Kashmir Cream Granite Countertops Ideas

Granite and Wooden Base Cabinets

Kashmir cream granite is a great option to bring your kitchen interior to another level. With a boast of distinctive black and white patches, it has lots of fans across the globe.

If you need a good reference for Kashmir cream granite countertops to upgrade the kitchen, you’re on the right page.

Kashmir Cream Granite Countertops Design Ideas

We have collected many attractive countertop ideas using Kashmir cream granite.

Thanks to many design ideas, finding the best one for your space shouldn’t be a struggle.

Take a closer look at the following list and make your decision.

1. Simple Kashmir Cream Granite Island and Countertop

Simple Kashmir Cream Granite Island and Countertop

Using granite with the same variant and color for the kitchen island and countertop creates a harmonious visual.

This design idea is suitable for anyone who needs to maintain a clean kitchen with all the nice-colored elements from floors, cabinets, and countertops.

If you have a minor issue with Kashmir cream granite price or kitchen space, you may want to cut the size.

Not only do large worktops cost you more, but they also may obstruct your mobility in the kitchen.

2. L-Shaped Granite Countertop

L-Shaped Granite Countertop

Kashmir cream granite countertops with an L-shape could be your best option for optimizing small space.

The design helps make sure every inch of your kitchen is useful, so you have more space to work or store small stuff.

You may opt for a white or cream cabinet for the subtle granite countertop, either a base cabinet or an overhead cabinet.

This combination evokes a clean and nice look in your cooking space. Painting your kitchen wall with similar color also helps accentuate the minimalist theme.

3. Mini Granite Countertop and Cabinet

Mini Kashmir Cream Granite Countertop and Cabinet

This Kashmir cream granite with white cabinets offers a great option to fill space in the kitchen.

Designed with a small size, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but the cabinets work well to save kitchen utensils and small stuff like cutleries.

This granite countertop idea is suitable for any theme, from modern and minimalist to contemporary and classic.

Thanks to the unique patches and pattern of Kashmir cream granite, it helps add texture to your cooking space. Not to mention it is durable and super easy to maintain.

4. Granite Countertop with Double Sink

Granite Countertop with Double Sink

If you are looking for a simple design idea for kitchen countertops, this granite top deserves your attention.

Black and white patches blend well with other elements in the kitchen, including ceramic walls and glossy-finished wooden cabinets.

The combination of Kashmir cream granite countertops and durable base cabinets accentuate modern-classic nuance to the kitchen.

If you adopt a semi-classic kitchen concept, then this countertop idea is worth your thought.

5. Classy Granite Countertop with Kashmir Cream Granite

Classy Granite Countertop with Kashmir Cream Granite

At a glance, Kashmir white granite is quite similar to Kashmir cream granite, but you’ll figure out the difference if you take a closer look.

Both may have similar black and white patches, but the base color is quite different.

While white granite looks clean and spacious, Kashmir cream granite countertops appear classy and elegant.

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It works well for kitchen islands and worktops in any kitchen with any concept, but if you prefer a modern concept, this idea is made just for you.

6. Mediterranean Granite Countertop

Mediterranean Granite Countertop

What do you think about a Mediterranean kitchen? This cream granite countertop is worth your attention.

A round-edged granite top combined with warm-toned finished base cabinets helps improve the value and visual attraction of your cooking space.

It more attractive is textured and patterned kitchen walls covered with natural stone.

This kitchen design idea has everything you need to boost your cooking mood, coming with a similar shade to the Kashmir cream granite countertop.

7. Cream Granite for White Cabinets

Cream Granite for White Cabinets

This is another Kashmir granite countertop and white cabinet to adopt in your kitchen.

Designed for small spaces, this idea helps improve the kitchen effortlessly through a simple design.

Kashmir cream granite countertop blends nicely with white elements, including cabinets, sink, and stools.

To make your countertop look more adorable, get a vase and faux flowers—even you can install chandeliers or hanging lights to make granite countertops look shining.

8. Kashmir Cream Granite with Drawers

Kashmir Cream Granite with Drawers

Need some granite countertop but can’t afford the large one?

This is a mini granite top with drawers you can take into consideration. With less than a half meter of length, it can be a great option to transform your drawers for additional beauty.

White drawers coming together with the Kashmir cream granite countertop means a great place for everything.

Whether you want to display kitchen accessories or store cooking utensils, this countertop idea has got you covered. Despite the small size, it’s as durable as its larger counterparts.

9. Modern Classic Granite Countertop

Modern Classic Granite Countertop

If you are more into the modern classic concept, this Kashmir cream granite countertop idea is worth consideration.

Both wooden cabinets and cream granite look warm, allowing you to evoke a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to the space.

The L-shaped kitchen countertop upgrades your kitchen effortlessly.

Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, this granite countertop can be a nice addition to the room.

Just pay attention to the measurement, so it doesn’t consume a lot of space.

10. Granite and Wooden Base Cabinets

Granite and Wooden Base Cabinets

Finished wooden cabinets and Kashmir cream granite can be a best friend.

This countertop idea is your option, whether you want to bring your kitchen to the next level, but you need to keep its warmth. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

This modern looks so adorable yet simple, not to mention it is pretty easy to design.

All you have to do is call the professional, show this picture, and get your kitchen improved. Not to mention the size can be adjusted to your preference.

With so many ideas for Kashmir cream granite countertops, you can find a design that fits your kitchen.

Kashmir cream granite may be costly, but the result is worth the price.

Whether you want to go modern or classic, contemporary or minimalist, Kashmir cream granite has got you covered.

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