6 Best Way How to Remove Super Glue from Corian Countertop

How to Remove Super Glue from Corian Countertop

Corian countertop is a choice by many people as their kitchen countertop. The material is very durable and easy to find on the market. You can even paint CorianCan You Paint Over Corian Countertops? countertops.

However, once it gets the super glue, you have to know how to remove super glue from the Corian countertop to stay clean and safe to cook there.

How to Remove Super Glue from Corian Countertop

How to Remove Super Glue from Corian Countertop

Super glue is hard to remove, but it’s still possible to clean. As for the Corian countertop, you have to do it carefully so removing it won’t damage the surface of Corian material.

Here are ways to remove super glue from a worktop so you can enjoy a clean countertop again and make it durable.

  1. Scrapping the super glue

Some super glue on the countertop is thick, and you can get rid of it by scraping. The dried glue can be cleaned using a razor blade, a knife, even your fingernail.

However, it won’t make your Corian countertop has 100% clean because the residue will stay there.

  • Prepare a knife or a razor with a very sharp side.
  • Try to scrape the dried glue, but don’t go too hard. The sharp part could damage the surface of the Corian countertop.
  • This method can be a beginning step of removing super glue from the Corian countertop before going with other methods.
  • Removing the super glue using this method is suitable for small stains or too thick on your countertop. The small stain will lose away easily, and you won’t look like the stain of super glue anymore.

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  1. Cleaning with dish soap and water

What if the super glue stained your countertop a few minutes ago? Before it’s more hardened, you can use a mix of dish soap and water.

This is the best way to remove super glue from the countertop.

  • Prepare the materials such as water, dish soap, sponge and damp cloth.
  • Mix the water and dish soap until the soap dissolved well.
  • Dip the sponge into the liquid, then wipe the Corian countertop immediately.
  • Scrub hard the area which is stained by the super glue. Since it’s using a sponge, it won’t harm your Corian countertop.
  • After that, wipe away using a damp cloth as the last step of removing super glue from the Corian countertop.
  1. Using warm water

Removing super glue from the Corian countertop is working by using warm water. However, it takes longer to do it.

It’s better to use hot boiling water too, and you have to check the improvement of how the super glue loosens after a few minutes.

  • Prepare a towel and hot or warm water.
  • Soak the cloth into the water, then place it on the area stained by super glue.
  • You have to let the towel for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Please keep checking the towel condition as well. It can be getting colder and influence the super glue beneath it.
  • If the towel is dry or cold because of room temperature, soak again into the warm or hot water. Place it again on that stained area.
  • Hot water will loosen the super glue. After 20 minutes, take the towel away.
  • Wipe the area with super glue that has been melted because of hot water.
  • Repeat this method of removing super glue from the Corian countertop about 2-3 times to get a better result.
  1. Using acetone

Acetone is popular to remove nail polish. It works well to remove super glue from the kitchen worktop too.

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The chemical ingredients in acetone will dissolve the bonds of super glue, so that the glue will melt away and can be wiped using a dry cloth. Here’s how you should do it.

  • Prepare the acetone liquid, a cotton ball or cotton bod, and dry cloth.
  • Pour the acetone into the Corian countertop. Just pour a small amount of acetone.
  • After that, rub the super glue area using a cotton ball or cotton bud. They won’t harm the Corian countertop material. Avoid using sharp stuff like a razor blade or knife.
  • After it gets softer, wipe away using a damp cloth. Please soak the cloth first in warm water.
  • The last step of removing super glue from the Corian countertop is cleaning the counter using soapy water and a dry cloth.
  1. Using alcohol

If you don’t have acetone at home, alcohol can be another solution to removing super glue from the Corian countertop.

Try to look for at least 70% alcohol liquid so the work will show you a great result. Alcohol isn’t harsh for Corian countertop, and each home usually has this liquid.

  • Take a small amount of 70% alcohol, a cotton ball and a damp cloth.
  • Pour the alcohol into the super glue stained area.
  • After two minutes, scrub the super glue gently using a cotton ball. It might not be softening immediately.
  • The next step is taking a towel to cover the stained area. Put the towel after you pour some alcohol liquid again on the countertop.
  • After 30 minutes, take the towel or cloth and see the result. If the glue is melting, rub gently using the cloth until the countertop is clean.

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  1. Using ice bag and oil

Not many people know that removing super glue from the Corian countertop is working too. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals not to damage your lovely countertop.

The steps to do it are:

  • Prepare some ice cubes in an ice bag, a spoon of olive oil or vegetable oil, and a dry cloth.
  • Put the ice bag on the super glue stained area and let it for about 20 minutes.
  • The dried adhesive of super glue will get wet.
  • Pour some oil on it, replacing the ice bag.
  • Wipe away the oil using a dry cloth.
  • The super glue won’t be there anymore.
  • The last step is to rinse the countertop using soapy water and a damp cloth if needed.

Those methods of removing super glue from the Corian countertop can be applied to other countertops. It’s easy yet not harmful because the chemical used above isn’t abrasive.

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