3 Best Methods How to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

Tips to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

Having travertine tile at home can be a big task. The first thing you have to know is how to remove sealer from travertine tile once it’s scratched or streaky.

This is the way to improve the look of your floor or once you’re planning to replace the sealer with the new one.

Removing the sealer isn’t as difficult as you think. However, the process is very time-consuming because you have to be careful.

How to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

How to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

Some sealers are hard to remove, so you need several attempts until the sealer is fully removed. Try these methods for your travertine.

  • Using a stone cleaning product

Stone cleaning product works well for travertine. Their formula is safe to clean the sealer so that it won’t damage the travertine.

You don’t have to put big effort too when you’re doing how to remove sealer from travertine tile. Here are the steps using stone cleaning products.

  1. Prepare the tools and materials such as stone cleaning products, soft cloth, a mop and a scrubbing brush that isn’t too soft nor hard.
  2. Prepare stone cleaning product and pour it into the sealed travertine tile. The amount of cleaning product is adjusted by a large number of tiles. Start with the corner part of your house first.
  3. Let the cleaning product absorb the sealer on travertine tile for a while.
  4. Start to scrub the sealer using a scrubbing brush. Do itu gently as long as it loosens the sealer on the tile.
  5. Once one tile is finished, wipe the tile using a soft cloth to wipe away the sealer residue. You might see the left sealer on the tile, so repeat the process until the sealer is fully removed.
  6. After all the sealer is removed well, spray the stone cleaning product again as the last step of removing the sealer from travertine tile. Mop the tile, and you’ll find out that your tile is clean now.
  7. If you remove sealant from travertine, make sure it’s directly replaced. Before that, the tile must be dry and clean from dust and dirt so the sealer will be perfectly stuck.

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  • Using acetone

Acetone is a powerful material that can be used to remove sealer from travertine tile. This liquid is safe and will reseal the tile easily.

The result is glossy tile without the sealer. Acetone is recommended because it saves your time. Here’s how you can do it using acetone.

  1. Prepare the materials and tools you’ll need. They are acetone, soft cloth, brush, and mop. The acetone doesn’t have to be powerful. The low concentration will work well too.
  2. Pour the acetone into the sealer. You have to start how to strip the sealer off the travertine tile from the edge part of the tile first. Don’t mix the acetone with water. If the sealer area is big, you have to prepare a lot of acetone.
  3. Acetone will penetrate the sealer in less than 30 minutes. After that, brush the sealer gently. It will create some scratches on your travertine tile if you’re doing it rushed.
  4. Once the sealer is removed using the brush, wipe the residue using a damp cloth. Wipe until you can see the surface of the travertine.
  5. If you see the part that still has sealer, repeat the process by pouring the acetone again.
  6. How to remove sealer from travertine tile is finished. However, it would help if you mopped the floor again using a mopping formula product to make it cleaner, free of dust, and shiny.
  • Using methylene chloride

You can try methylene chloride to loosen the sealer if you have tried tile cleaning products and acetone, but they don’t work well.

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The sealer has many variations in the market that might strongly stick on travertine tile. Methylene chloride is the last option of removing sealer from travertine tile.

  1. Prepare a bottle of methylene chloride, but don’t mix it with water. You have to use the liquid without any mix.
  2. Put the small amount of methylene chloride into the sealer. The sealer will absorb the liquid. In the next few minutes, the sealer will loosen.
  3. You can use a gentle brush to remove the sealer residue. However, don’t be too harsh, or your tile will be damaged.
  4. Since methylene chloride is strong, the process will be easier. Wipe the tile using a damp cloth after that until the surface is fully cleaned.
  5. The step of how to remove sealer from travertine tile is easy, but you might find it difficult to buy methylene chloride since it’s not as familiar as acetone and stone cleaning products.

Tips to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

Tips to Remove Sealer from Travertine Tile

  • Double cleansing

Double cleansing is needed because some sealer is very strong to stick on the travertine tile. It’s not only acetone and stone cleaning but sometimes acetone plus methylene chloride.

Make sure you read the label’s instructions, so it’s safe to use on your travertine surface.

  • Dry the tiles

Some homeowners remove the sealer from travertine tile because they want to replace the sealer.

Those methods of removing sealer from the travertine tile above will work well, but you have to ensure that the tiles have been dried before the sealer is replaced.

If you don’t dry the tile, the sealer installation won’t work. The sealer is usually created to stick strongly, but they don’t resist the water.

Wet travertine tile would let some bacteria and fungal growth under the sealer. It will harm the colour of the sealer in the next few weeks.

  • Remove the dust

It’s a big task for removing sealer from travertine tile. The residue must be completely cleaned, or the new sealer installation won’t give you the best result.

Dust and dirt must be removed before sealing. If you don’t do this cleaning, your tile will be chiselled and hurt your feet.

How to remove sealer from travertine tile could follow those instructions above.

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Also, you have to follow some given tips so your work will save your time. Peel your travertine tile carefully to get the best result, whether it’s replaced or not.

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