How Much Is Marble Worth?

How Much is Danby Marble Worth

Considering installing a marble countertop? Marble has become the number one choice of surface, both for residential and commercial uses.

Its popularity is hardly surprising, considering how beautiful and practical the natural stone is.

How Much is Marble Worth?

In this post, we are going to answer that question for you. Below, we make a list of types of marble countertops, describe them briefly, and tell you how much marble is worth for each type.

1. Carrara

How Much is Carrara Marble Worth

The first one is Carrara. Carrara is among the most commonly purchased types of marble. It is Italian marble. It has white, blue, and grey colors.

Carrara has been utilized for centuries. Its history can be traced back to the Roman Empire.

How much is marble worth if it is the Carrara type? In terms of price, Carrara is quite affordable.

Its affordability is the main reason why it is so popular. The price range is between USD 45 and 55 per square foot.

2. Calacatta

How Much is Calacatta Marble Worth

Calacatta marble is the opposite of Carrara marble. If Carrara is among the least expensive, Calacatta is the most expensive.

How much is marble rock worth if it is the Calacatta type? The marble costs around USD 180 per square foot. Yes, it is that costly.

Calacatta is very beautiful. It often has golden and brown undertones. The hefty price is worth paying, though.

It is said that Calacatta marble is sourced from a single quarry in Italia. This adds uniqueness to it. Plus, it is a rare marble, too.

3. Cultured

How Much is Cultured Marble Worth

Cultured marble is unlike any other type of marble.

Why? Because cultured marble is engineered. Instead of being a 100% natural stone, it is a mixture of regular marble, pigments, and resins.

How much is marble worth if it is cultured marble? In terms of price, cultured marble is affordable, costing around USD 65 per square foot.

Despite being engineered, cultured marble still retains its natural look. Due to its compositions, cultured marble can be used for countertops, kitchen surfaces, and bathrooms.

4. Danby

How Much is Danby Marble Worth

Marble is sourced from around the world. Danby is among those that are sourced from the U.S. In terms of appearance, Danby is similar to Italian marbles.

The color of Danby marble can be pure white with gray streaks, although some have an eggshell white color with gold veins.

Danby marble costs around USD 80 per square foot. However, in terms of density, Danby is much higher than its Italian counterparts. How much is marble worth if it is Danby type?

5. Statuario

How Much is Statuario Marble Worth

Next on our list is Statuario marble. In terms of price, this type of marble is in the middle.

How much is raw marble worth if it is Statuario marble? Around USD 50 per square foot. Due to being in the middle range, many people choose Statuario over other types of marble.

Statuario is quite beautiful as it has gray to gold veins. If you like this type of marble, you will find it easily as most suppliers have Statuario in stock.

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6. Makrana

How Much is Makrana Marble Worth

The next one is a type of marble exclusive to India: Makrana. How much is marble worth if it is Makrana?

The average price of Makrana marble is USD 12 per square foot. Thus, it is among the most affordable types of marble.

Despite its low price, it has high quality. It often doesn’t need chemicals to reinforce its finish.

Makrana has milky white color and often has rich brown or gray veins. Compared to other types of marble, Makrana is not as porous, which makes it a solid option for countertops, kitchen surfaces, and bathrooms.

7. Pink Marble

How Much is Pink Marble Worth

As the name suggests, the stone has a pink base color, red veins, and brown or golden tones. There is also pink marble. How much does it cost? On average, the cost of pink marble is USD 25 per foot.

Are you interested in installing a pink marble? Here’s what to keep in mind: sometimes it is not as readily available as other types of marble.

While pink marble is affordable, it can be difficult to find and may even require special ordering.

8. Crema Marfil

How Much is Crema Marfil Marble Worth

Sourced from Spain, Crema Marfil is a warmer type of marble. It has a yellowish color and unique veins. Although Crema Marfil is a subtler variety of marble, it looks gorgeous like other marbles.

Thanks to its colors, Crema Marfil introduces a sense of comfort to just about any space the natural stone is installed in.

How much is marble worth if it is Crema Marfil? The price range of Crema Marfil is between USD 55 and 65 per square foot. Indeed, just slightly above Carrara marble.

9. Bianco Venato

How Much is Bianco Venato Marble Worth

Another type of marble sourced from Italy, Bianco Venato, has a different look from its cousin Carrara. It comes in white with black and grey veins.

Unlike Carrara, however, Bianco Venato’s veins are less uniform and more irregular.

The stone has good quality, which justifies its price.

How much is marble worth if it is Bianco Venato? Only slightly above Carrara, around USD 55 to USD 75 per square foot.

If you want a quality marble countertop that doesn’t break the bank, Bianco Venato is worth considering.

10. Portoro

How Much is Portoro Marble Worth

Last but not least, Portoro marble. While it shares the same origin as Calacatta marble, it is very different from its cousin.

Portoro marble has a black color with white and gold veining, making it incredibly gorgeous.

How much is marble worth if it is Portoro marble? It is expensive. Portoro marble is among the rarest Italian marble. This is why it costs around a whopping USD 300 per square foot.

If you want a marble countertop to make a statement effortlessly and are willing to spend extra, look no further than Portoro marble.

So, how much is marble worth? That depends on what type of marble it is.

Now that you know various types of marble, how they look, and how much they cost, it should be a bit easier to choose which type to use for your home.

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