27 Ultimate Collection of Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


FeastHome – The decorative finishes, colors, and hardware from modern kitchen cabinets would spice up your cooking area. You can select ranges of ideas available to dress up the kitchen storage spots.

In this article, we will be focusing on the modern style of a kitchen cabinet. We are about to show the ideas of a modern kitchen cabinet. In the end, it will inspire you to tackle that big renovation you are talking about.

1. Metallic Kitchen Cabinet with Gold Finish

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

A metallic tone on a kitchen cabinet can make your kitchen interiors pop. There is nothing quite like this stunning tone. It becomes more attractive when blended with a similar shade like the white ceiling and marble backsplash.

You can choose to add a brushed gold finish for the cabinet. It is to show a connection with the wood tone nearby.

2. Dark Green Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

This gorgeous cabinet set in an open plan kitchen contrast with a bright white background. The homeowner selects dark colors for this cabinet to emphasize its existence. Such dark elements in the kitchen are beyond ordinary.

It is a unique way to add elegance to the bright kitchen. The dark backsplash keeps the cabinet separated from the wall.

3. Dark Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

You can have this one of the interesting choices for your modern kitchen. This well-designed cabinet will give your cooking space more pizzazz. The two different colors could set the right mood you need during the cooking.

Pair the dark color with lighter ones to help them blend well into the backsplash, which is in white. The dark blue hue acts as the one that ground the space. Professionals design a cabinet from scratch, unlike the modern kitchen cabinets from IKEA.

4. Modern Galley Kitchen with Solid Wood

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

A solid wood material brings its modern vibe into your kitchen. In this galley kitchen, the narrow space on the floor would feel comfortable. The light shade of the solid wood warms up the kitchen entirely. The leather handle pulls add a few accents to the cabinet.

5. Three-Tier Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

If the space on the floor you have in the kitchen is very limited, use the wall space. Having a triple-tier cabinet will make the wall space in the kitchen more functional. Instead of having some kind of wall decoration, some storage spots will be a lot more functional.

Properly arrange this type of cabinet by setting it up high to the ceiling. You probably not be able to reach the one sky-high cabinet. Therefore, you should incorporate a library ladder to deliver functional value. It also adds a lot of style to the modern kitchen design.

6. Soothing Light Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

This light blue cabinet seems perfect for your cheerful kitchen. It is a unique choice of color for a kitchen. It also creates a whimsical and playful charm to liven up the entire space. The tiled backsplash and countertops accentuate the soothing blue color.

7. Warm Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

To add a natural wood touch to your modern kitchen, this idea belongs to you. The natural brown color of this wood material adds enough warmth to your white kitchen. The white background seems to be the right option to put the wooden cabinet on fire.

This lower cabinet has hinges and sips knobs altogether. Drawers come with the cutout handholds that keep the simple design. The warm wood material will get it away from feeling sparse. This modern kitchen cabinets material is a great recommendation.

8. Orange Teal Cabinets with Black Accent

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Probably, orange sounds a bit awful to be in a kitchen, whereas it is a great choice to make your space very chic. Combining it with black accents and a patterned backsplash would keep it as calm as possible.

The modern vibe of this chic kitchen comes from the bright white wall and the smooth surface of the cabinet.

9. Open Plan Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

If you choose to have an open cabinet for your kitchen, this is something to consider. It will let you skip the doors in style. The cooking can be more efficient and easier. It allows you to display your stunning cookware and tableware. It is a great way to make it more attractive.

10. Blush Pink Paint Cabinetry

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

This modern kitchen cabinet has a soft surface and a wood tone. It features a cabinet front to hide the dishwasher from sight without breaking up the cabinetry line under the countertop. This double-duty cabinet is hardware-free that has a soft blush pink color. It looks so pretty and gorgeous.

11. Modern Stainless-Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Add a sleek charm to your modern kitchen with this kitchen cabinet. Shiny and clean stainless steel material covered the whole surface of the cabinet.

Stainless steel material is not only for the kitchen appliances but also for the cabinet now. It makes this kitchen looks contemporary completely. This kind of cabinet is vast, easy to clean, durable, and very sanitary. However, stainless steel with the great quality might be expensive.

12. Veneer Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

It is one of the so popular modern options of wood types among others. The natural wood grain that this veneer wood brings to the kitchen adds warmth and depth to space. The grain highlights itself magnificently.

The natural pattern is the highlight of this kitchen cabinet. People would enjoy the aesthetic that this wood has to offer. It is on a recommendation list to get the product from a reputable dealer. Some low-quality veneer would easily get the laminate to peel or chip.

13. Chilling White Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A cabinet with bright colors like in this kitchen may be the best one for your modern cooking space. This chilling white element could reflect the natural light from the outside during the day. It lets the light into the house and makes the kitchen even brighter.

Every style for a kitchen would be looking clean with this cabinet. Various styles of drawer pulls could work perfectly with these white modern kitchen cabinets. However, you have to keep it clean by wiping away all those dirt from the fingerprints.

14. Lacquer Wood Cabinet in White Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

This kitchen cabinet is a result of combining lacquer, wood, and paint. An endless mix allows you to achieve a unique style of yours. Take a look at the modern kitchen cabinets images. The dark wood grains on the cabinet and kitchen island base become the essential element of this space.

It pairs well with the glossy white that has a powerful modern vibe. The dark one helps to balance the brightness. A pop of red above the island is surely captivating.

15. Mid-Century Modern Color on Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A modern kitchen cabinet is not just about neutral color. You can still choose other interesting colors for your cabinet, like this one. The bright cobalt blue color seems like a nice color for your modern kitchen. The reclaimed wood accents offer a nice twist to the design.

It has the black tile backsplash and countertop to emphasize the element. The bright light from the windows strengthens the architectural charm of this small kitchen. This one might be not a kitchen cabinet for everyone but it is still a good pick to create such an amazing space.

16. Gray Kitchen Cabinet with Warmer Metal

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

With warmer metal fixings, you can add a timeless traditional charm to your modern gray cabinet. This kitchen only highlights the use of brass minimalistic on the handles trim and fixings. The gray tone seems to be having a perfect appeal mixed with the subway tile backsplash.

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17. Elegant BlueStar Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

This is a kitchen with a BlueStar range that comes with 6 burners and a griddle. It has a BlueStar Double Wall Ovens as the main appliances of the kitchen. The ovens give the wall a strong character in this elegant kitchen.

The dark color of the cabinet plays an important role in setting up the mood in this kitchen. It has a nice modern vibe from the appliances while the cabinet complements the elegance.

18. Modern White Galley Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

It is a great example of modern minimalist-galley kitchen design to consider. This stunning white kitchen has a glossy surface on all the flat-panel cabinet. It looks like you can see through the door. The design of the kitchen island base is the same as the cabinet.

That is what makes this kitchen fancy. The white countertop of the island has an under-mount sink, which becomes the main attraction of the element. The wooden stools and pendant make the kitchen more alive.

19. Large Modern Kitchen with Concrete Floor

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

This single wall kitchen has a maximum amount of modern vibes. All the features of this kitchen come with modern design. A large single-wall modern flat-panel cabinet pairs with a stylishly lighted brown backsplash.

The lights on the backsplash make the wood grain more standout. There is some shelving to display some of the small appliances. The dark grey color of the cabinet blends well with the concrete floor.

20. Open Plan Kitchen with Light Wood Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Flat panels and lightwood seem to be the best modern combination you could ever have for your kitchen cabinet. It will become impressive easily. It features a peninsula and black backsplash that goes in contrast with the light wood material of the cabinet.

That green kitchen island separates itself from the cabinet to let it stand out on its own. The green shade gives the island a chance to blends with the concrete flooring. As you can see on kitchen cabinets design images, you are looking for a modern kitchen.

21. Fancy White Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

This one of the modern white kitchens needs to be on your list. All the materials used for the furniture in this kitchen suits the modern style. This kitchen has a porcelain floor that goes well with the stone material of the kitchen island that offers clarity of it all.

The white flat-panel cabinets go smoothly to maintain the stunning and fancy white charm. The black color comes from the ovens. The black appliances give a nice accent to add character to the cabinet.

22. Beautiful Modern Kitchen for Cozy Living

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

It is a great example of a minimalist kitchen design that’s part of a house located in New York. It offers a lovely warm feeling that makes it the cozies kitchen on this list. The light wood grain characterized the entire cooking space.

There are also some white flat-panel cabinets above the counter. That is what makes this kitchen connected. The modern vibe from the cabinet connects with the dining glass table right next to it.

23. Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

It is a great inspiration to have for your kitchen renovation. If you want to make a modern kitchen design, look at Modern kitchen cabinets pictures.

A U-shaped kitchen is large and modern in style. It comes with light wood flooring and brown cabinets. The dark brown cabinet has the same tone of color as the stools. That is how the island connected with the cabinet.

24. Minimalist Kitchen with Warm Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

This Newbury street penthouse has one of the most stylish galley kitchens on this list. It has got an interesting cabinet. It has a nice looking cabinet with wood material that spreads warmth you need in the cooking area.

The wall color is not typical paint to choose for a modern kitchen. However, it does not look out of place because it matches the warm from the cabinet’s wood material.

25. Minimalist Modern Kitchen with Brown and Gray

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

This modern kitchen of Chicago is a great example of minimalist cooking space with a single wall system. The flat-panel pairs perfectly well with gray cabinet in one single wall. It offers a stunning modern vibe around the kitchen. The kitchen island represents the combination of both colors.

The white wall plays a major part along with the brown floor. That is what makes this modern kitchen gets in harmony.

26. Modern Kitchen with Granite Countertop

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

That black cabinet seems to be going straight against the granite countertop. That creates an elegant atmosphere to this small kitchen. A room with a small space tends to avoid having dark-colored furniture. Therefore, you have to install the right light fixture to get things right.

When done properly, the kitchen will become ideal again. That granite countertop set the right mood and making a great focal point for the modern kitchen. It is a nice modern kitchen cabinet for small kitchens.

27. Kitchen Design in Modern Apartment

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

This open plan kitchen would make a perfect addition to your modern apartment. The dark wood floor makes a bold statement as the base for all-white furniture. Let us focus on that flat-panel cabinet on the back.

It looks stunningly fancy with that crisp white color. A little bit of LED lights under the upper cabinet gives a nice soft accent to the white stone slab backsplash. That is a clever way to prevent the space from getting plain and boring.


What are the popular colors for the kitchen cabinet?

According to the survey from the well-known home design website called Houzz, the most popular color for the kitchen cabinet is white. You can get all the best white modern kitchen cabinet on some of the ideas above.

What is a modern style kitchen?

People often define this style as a sleek, simple, and angular. It always features little or no hardware, flat surfaces, and flush doors.

What material makes modern cabinets?

Unlike the traditional cabinet, which tends to be made of one wood material entirely, modern kitchen cabinets will be made of a combination of wood, glass, laminates, and metal to get a unique feel.

How do you make the kitchen look modern?

There are many ways to make your kitchen look modern such as updating the hardware, replacing the cabinet doors, changing the lighting, and many more. However, you could just choose one of the ideas above to get inspired in remodeling your kitchen to be modern.

What are the modern kitchen colors?

Modern or contemporary kitchen colors would be around white, gray, black, and other neutral colors. You can also have another modernizing color such as the lighter shade of blue that has an ethereal quality t bring the sky and beach to the mind. Explore more color options on the above ideas.

Modern kitchen

cabinets offer you to have a cooking space with clean lines, sleek surfaces, and an uncluttered look. That is all you need to make you feel comfortable around the kitchen doing your stuff. All of those ideas would be very helpful to inspire.

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