27 Splendid Ideas of Kitchen Island with Seating

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FeastHome – A kitchen island with seating is a complete set of focal point furniture of a kitchen. This kitchen element can be smart, fun, and social. That is because of the addition of seating ranging from comfortable to practical.

Having a complete seating as part of the kitchen island would make it equally inviting. You can invite family, guests, or friends to also enjoy conversations or lend a hand in the kitchen. Without further ado, here are numbers of kitchen island ideas completed with seating.

1. Amazing Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen islands serve many purposes relating to the cooking flow. It also provides a visual anchor to the kitchen space. Having a kitchen island would make the functionality and efficiency of the kitchen increased.

This modern farmhouse kitchen has an interesting seating. It does not blend with the island design but it stands out on its own.

2. Kitchen Island with Beadboard Paneling

Kitchen Island with Seating

One thing that attracts people on the first glance is the beadboard. The panel concept for the kitchen island defines the classic style of this kitchen. It also has some comfortable low stools that match with the black countertop.

Since the island is large enough, the number of stools is perfect for gathering with friends, relatives, or family.

3. Stunning Wooden Kitchen with Nordic Touches

Kitchen Island with Seating

The comfortable chairs added to the kitchen island make a unique statement into the mix. The seating design has a Nordic design on the feet. That improves the style that this wooden kitchen already has.

There is a couple of lighting fixtures to create more interest up in the air of the interior. All the harmonized elements make the kitchen stunning.

4. Kitchen Island with Laminate Countertop

Kitchen Island with Seating

In this cool kitchen, there is a kitchen island with wood-look laminate countertops. It will provide you the warmth of wood with the laminate surfacing that offers such convenience, hygienic, and ease nature.

What about the seating? There is an extra countertop space as a breakfast nook. You can also use it as the functional table to finish your work.

5. Fresh White Kitchen with Blue Island

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

The blue color for the kitchen island makes it an easy center of attention in this kitchen. By incorporating such traditional seating, you complement the dark wood of the flooring. It keeps the versatility of this kitchen scheme.

At a glance, the seating design seems to be out of place. When you look closely, the structure of the stools belongs to this kitchen.

6. Yellow Kitchen Island with Black Cabinet

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Another unique concept of kitchen design, it would be something inspirational for you to make a standout kitchen. The combination of black and yellow becomes a unique choice to pops your kitchen up.

The yellow color of the kitchen island brings so much energy into space. This accentuates the black cabinet just right. Once again, it is a kitchen island with seating. The chairs are not typical for the island but it will work to bring some formal or elegant feels.

7. Simple Pops of Red Stools in Small Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

There are a couple of red stools included in this small kitchen. There is limited space for more furniture but the stools make the safe. The stools’ color brings a slightly romantic vibe. Add flowers with the vas to strengthen the romantic vibe.

That red furniture seems to be out of place in this kitchen because there are no other elements that have matching colors with that red tone. It seems like the island stands on its charm. It is a kitchen island with a granite top.

8. Panda White Marble with Orange Seating

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Touches of orange from the chairs refresh the atmosphere around the kitchen. It brings the vivid glam into this well-designed kitchen. There is a walnut brown color cabinet to match with the wooden flooring.

One important material of this kitchen is the panda white marble, which applied to the backsplash space of the kitchen wall. Then, it’s also the main part of the kitchen island. The waterfall edge of this kitchen island defines the luxury style of this kitchen.

9. Custom Kitchen Island with Lime Green Chairs

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

This townhouse kitchen appears to be fantastic from this point of view. There is a blue accent on the custom concept of this kitchen island. It makes an extremely modern look and incorporates such an airy atmosphere. The lime green chairs add a natural touch into the air.

10. White Glamorous Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island with Seating

Improve the level of luxury in your kitchen with this island’s design. This gorgeous island is so dreamy. With a thick marble countertop and an under-mount sink on the kitchen island, that is quite mind-blowing for a small kitchen, which connected with the living room.

You will only need one or two seating on this kitchen island because you already have a lot in the living room area.

11. Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen with Eat-In

Kitchen Island with Seating

In this farmhouse kitchen, you can see a traditional wooden texture on the chairs. Those chairs bring a unique life to this stunning farmhouse cooking space. The eat-in space provided by the oversized countertop makes a nice eat-in space that improves the kitchen’s functionality.

It is a classic set of kitchen islands. Both the countertop and chair material match with the polished hardwood flooring. All the seating is there for the guests or family to enjoy a warm meal. The kitchen island with seating dimensions is just fine in this space.

12. Luxurious Kitchen with Chandeliers

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Look at the architecture of this kitchen. Everything seems to be designed perfectly both in quality and quantity. A couple of chandeliers that hang from the high ceiling define the fancy style of this entire kitchen space.

Let us look at the chairs. The classic and antique shapes of the chairs’ feet are fascinating. It matches the dark brown flooring tone. That is what keeps the chairs on the floor stunningly.

13. Whitewashed Transitional Kitchen with Comfortable Seating

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

It is one of the elegant inspirations to your kitchen design. It has a slatted wood ceiling design with beams. The white colors all over the space are in balance with the wooden flooring to support the casual vibe.

The kitchen island in this cooking space is more like a dining table from this view. The extra space on the counter creates a special space for the meal. The comfortable seating with gray color blends well with the countertop glossy design.

14. Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Stools

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Four wood bar stools emphasize the farmhouse style in this kitchen. That is actually enough to describe the kitchen space. Such rustic elements in this bright farmhouse kitchen will easily become the attention stealer of the kitchen.

The herringbone backsplash plays a nice role on the back. The blue kitchen island and white countertop do not separate the stools from the island. It makes the stools more standout from this picture.

15. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen Island with Seating

As you can see, this white and black kitchen island comes with many stools. The large area of this kitchen seems to be ready to invite up to eight people to join the conversation in the kitchen. This is the kitchen island with seating for eight people.

That black countertop is oversized, which is perfect for seating. It provides counter space for each seating without decreasing the space for food prep. There are white centerpieces to balance the dark and keep the white color as the superior one in this scheme.

16. Midcentury Modern Barstools in Lovely Eat-in Kitchen

Kitchen Island with Seating

Honestly, it is a spectacular architecture of a kitchen. It features a large white kitchen island with a waterfall edge. It also has a tray ceiling with an LED fixture lighting up the whole space. That wooden bar stool has a unique shape and color that matches the modern cabinetry.

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The water-style kitchen island makes the unique shape of the barstools more obvious to see. That makes a perfect scene for this cooking space. Besides, the globe pendants that hang above the island emphasize the charm of the tray ceiling.

17. Green Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen Island with Seating

Pops of green make a statement in this white country kitchen. The shaker-style cabinets make an astounding backdrop for this scene. The shiplap walls strengthen the texture around the cabinetry.

Apart from those elements, there is a bold green kitchen island with eat-in, which is surrounded by green chairs. The herringbone patterns on the chairs match the bold green color of the island. As the countertop, it is kept in sleek white to blend with the whole atmosphere.

18. White Simple Barstools in Colorful Kitchen

Kitchen Island with Seating

For a fun and pleasing kitchen design, try making it colorful. As you can see, this kitchen is full of color and powerful enough to impress you. There is a lot of interesting stuff to be explored inside this cooking space.

In this impressive kitchen, there is already a lot of standout stuff. You do not need to have the seating with an extraordinary design to take over the scene. Just calm it down by having it neutral and back to the basic. That would be a wise choice.

19. Casual Bar Seating for Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island with Seating

In this comfortable kitchen, it lacks a proper dining table. At the dining area at the back, there is only a small round space with only four seating. You cannot add more chairs to the table; the tabletop space will not be enough to serve many people.

That is the right time to have another space to be used for the dining table. The island has a low-profile seating to increase functionality. The addition of seating would also make the space more inviting for social moments.

20. Classic Navy and Grey Combo

Kitchen Island with Seating

This stunning kitchen has a classic combo of the color scheme. The combination of navy blue and grey of the kitchen island design has a trendy modern twist. It has a built-in sink, storage space or drawer, and a marble countertop.

The breakfast bar seating completes the concept of this navy kitchen island. The white countertop blends well with the grayish-white seating of the stools. The modern structure of each stool looks so pleasing because it blends well with the wood tones around the kitchen.

21. Bright Blue Barstools for Island Seating

Kitchen Island with Seating

Such a bold color for seating of kitchen island is a significant move for a designer. It will send people’s attention directly to the element. Those chairs are all in bright blue color, which draws attention easily.

Blue is a good choice of color for a statement element such as the kitchen island’s seating. It gives a significant effect to strengthen the kitchen island’s existence in the kitchen. You can add a centerpiece that matches the color of the chairs.

22. Traditional Timber Stools in Sleek Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

In this simple but sleek kitchen, some timber stools with traditional design make a great impact. It adds character to the kitchen design scheme. The natural color of timber works stunningly with the pale blue paint of the kitchen island.

As a whole, the scheme of this kitchen gives you a subtle coastal feel. It gives you the calm and relaxation you need in the kitchen.

23. Mini Island with One Red Stools

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

This mini kitchen-island design with the seating looks like a piece of furniture for children to play with. Well, it is one fun but functional element for your small kitchen. Even though in a small kitchen, you should also install an island.

You can aim for the small ones that will not waste a lot of flooring space in the small kitchen. This mini island is a clever choice to make. You will have a space for food prep and eat-in without wasting a lot of space on the floor.

This concept allows you to upcycle any vintage table you have and use it as a kitchen island. Do the DIY project in painting the pieces with your desired colors according to the kitchen’s style.

24. Large Kitchen Island with Chairs

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

This large kitchen has a big chunky island in the center of the open-plan space. The island is structured with an integrated dining area. It is not just a kitchen island; it is fully integrated with functional elements like a kitchen sink and a nook.

There is a generous amount of prep space too. It should also be named as the extra-large kitchen island with seating.

25. Rustic Kitchen Island with Industrial Stools

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

If you are into something that brings an industrial vibe inside the kitchen, you may want to look at this kitchen. This rustic kitchen has a big chunky kitchen island with all the rustic vibe you want. It is even supported by the industrial stools to keep up the good charm.

The solidity of the rustic elements all over this rustic kitchen works well to manage the right proportion of the old vibe.

26. Kitchen Island with Seating IKEA

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Some kitchen islands are also used as bars. In this kitchen, all the furniture is provided by the IKEA store. It defines the simplicity that every kitchen should have. The right choice of furniture design will help to elevate the eating and cooking experience.

In this white and light wood kitchen, the small kitchen island in the center is also used as a breakfast bar. It makes a stunning charm that would impress many people. With the affordable price of IKEA products, you will not be disappointed with the quality and design.

27. Kitchen Island Table with Ample Bar Seating

Kitchen Island with Seating

The ample bar seating gives a significant effect to the lower space of the kitchen. However, the effect is not as big as the brass light pendant. That fixture draws attention easily. The pendant’s design defines the style of this stylish kitchen.

The white countertop matches the subway tile and white backsplash pattern behind the island. You can buy the stools on Lowes. You can call this as Lowes kitchen island.


How many should a kitchen island have chairs?

It depends on the size of the island and the kitchen. It is ideally up to four or five people.

How deep is a kitchen island with seating?

It should be at least 2 feet deep for an ideal seating

How much does it cost to make a kitchen island?

The average cost of kitchen islands is around $3,000 to $5,000. You can also have a kitchen island for a very cheap price with DIY projects.

How long does a kitchen island need to be to seat four?

At the very least, a kitchen island should be 4 feet long, yet it must also have space for people to work and move around it.

How much overhang should a kitchen island seat have?

It depends on the counter height. It should be at least 15 to 18 inches for the lower counter and 12 inches for a raised counter. In any case possible, allow 24 inches at minimum to be the space between each seat for comfort.

For those of you who dream of a statement kitchen island at the kitchen’s center, those are the kitchen island with seating ideas you are looking for.

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