28 Ultimate Collection of Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts


FeastHome – Are you looking for some kitchen floor plans and layout ideas? Then this article is for you. It contains many ideas that would make you ready to design your kitchen. You will explore the ultimate collection of floor plans and layout ideas for the kitchen.

This article has the solution for the huge kitchen space you have in the house that needs to get the expansive layout optimized or a small kitchen space that needs to be maximized. It would be some nice remodel ideas for the kitchen to have a fresh layout design. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Sleek White One-Wall Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It has to be designed with the best possible layout and functionality it can. A one-wall kitchen layout is not a new concept in the home improvement world. It has much potential, and you will only need a single wall for this kitchen layout.

It is a stunning one-wall kitchen design with a futuristic touch. It has a clean-cut cabinetry design that has a smooth surface. It almost looks like it is invisible. The breakfast counter and other elements in this kitchen offer a clean-looking environment.

2. Monochromatic Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

The safest choice for a color scheme for interior is the basic ones, white and black. Combining black and white colors could give you the luxurious interior design of the kitchen. This luxurious open-plan kitchen has a modern and updated look that would be loved by everyone.

The cabinets and the drawers suit neatly into the background color. You can see how open the entire kitchen area is.

3. White Country Style Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

The concept of one wall is quite popular nowadays. This kitchen layout should not have a kitchen island since it is only using one side of the room. Instead of having a kitchen island, you can set the dining room nearby and have the table used as a kitchen island of the room.

This white country kitchen has three windows that let the lights get inside and brighten up the entire space.

4. Modern Wooden Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

The sleek wooden cabinetry design of this small kitchen seems to be the highlight of all. One side of the wall has the entire kitchen counter. The floor space nearby the kitchen should also be installed with something like a breakfast counter or narrow bar like this one.

The white background wall helps the wooden charm spice up the entire space.

5. Minimalist Kitchen Layout with Retro Touches

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

Having a large space for the kitchen does not mean that you have to fill all the space with furniture. You may want to incorporate some minimalism in your kitchen layout. This minimalist design would be a perfect inspiration, to begin with.

This minimalist kitchen has an eye-pleasing interior design. It features a single line counter that looks simple, but it is enough to accommodate the essential kitchen things. Some pops of retro style spice things up and make the kitchen more alive.

6. Pink Accent in L-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

An accent color needs to be selected carefully since it defines the style and scheme of the room. As you can see, this trendy kitchen looks soft and feminine with those soft pink accents in between the cabinets.

That could strengthen the value and charm of this modern kitchen. The L-shaped layout can give you the maximum counter space. Consider the placement of stove, sink, and fridge because that is the key to a successful kitchen layout.

7. Small U-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Red Accent

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

Unlike the previous kitchen idea, this one is a whole lot different. A small kitchen uses the U-shaped concept for the kitchen flow. This kitchen layout can improve the efficiency of your cooking flow.

This kitchen layout will give you more counter space per square foot than the others will. You can even enjoy cooking with friends at the same time with this U-shaped kitchen.

8. Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen Floor Plans

If you are currently planning to have a galley kitchen layout in your house, you should look at this. Who says galley style has gone out of style? Well, it is still one of the popular kitchen designs for a stylish house.

This kind of kitchen floor plan has many advantages. It is an excellent method for saving the kitchen area. However, you will only have a narrow room to move in. The cooking flow would be so flexible.

9. Layout Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

This small wooden kitchen would make a small corner space you have in your house transformed into a real functional kitchen design. It features a nice integrated bench to save some space in the kitchen.

The dark-wood element right beside the square kitchen island completes the space-saving feature of this kitchen. The benches and extra counter space becomes a dining room for your house.

10. Rustic Bricks for Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans

The one-wall layout seems to be perfect in an exposed brick frame style for this kitchen. It is perfect for all of the rustic lovers. It is one way to escape the ordinary. As we know, bricks would spread a rustic atmosphere to the room.

Uniquely, the bricks are not used for walls or accent walls. Instead, the bricks are used to frame the kitchen hardware. The oven, cabinets, and the fridge are there to separate the structures. That looks so extraordinary.

11. Vintage Galley Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans

This appealing galley kitchen design can be a good reference for your home. The classic charm it has, spreading all around the space. Even though the space is quite limited, this galley kitchen would be so friendly to your cooking flow.

The neutral color and the granite countertop strengthen the cozy feeling in a classic galley kitchen layout.

12. Black Kitchen in Log Cabin

Kitchen Floor Plans

The deep matte black elements seem to be the main attraction of this kitchen. The designs consistently using the matching tone to the majority of the elements. I am talking about the kitchen island, cabinets, flooring, pendants, and even the appliances.

The concrete wall is there to give a little bit bridging between the wooden elements and the matte black. The layout and floor plans of this kitchen are designed to be open to other rooms. However, the deep matte black separates the kitchen from other rooms.

13. Revamped Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

One thing that could easily steal attention about this kitchen is the wood beams on the vaulted ceiling. Farmhouse style represents the generous portions of comfort food that is enjoyed by groups of family and friends.

Combining it with the exposed wood beams will emphasize the warm atmosphere that it has with the architecture. The clean cabinetry and subway tile backsplash give a few modern touches to get it well decorated.

14. White and Rustic Wood Grain Kitchen Design

Kitchen Floor Plans

Look at the striking natural wood cabinet in this kitchen. It has a rustic wood grain that gives an enriching environment for the interior. The white color scheme gives many lights into the kitchen. It elevates the mood for cooking activity.

There are a couple of wicker baskets that are used as pendant lighting. That large pendant above the island brings attention. The light pendant also adds more texture to the atmosphere.

15. Appealing Minty Scheme in Straight Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans

This kind of kitchen layout does not need a lot of space to be applied. It is mostly applied in an open concept of the interior that has limited space. That is why it is a nice inspiration for your kitchen apartment.

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The color scheme looks so fresh and relaxing. The round table style of the dining area adds a feminine touch to the scheme.

16. A Crisp White Kitchen with Unusual Layouts

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

As you see in the kitchen, there are three stools right in front of you. This small kitchen uses a comfortable scoop shape seats instead of some common and ordinary round tools. It has a refrigerator with a retro look, which is fun and interesting to see.

Besides the crisp white scheme, some other contrasting juicy colors of clover and melon pop up perfectly. The fundamental of kitchen layout is not applied well in this kitchen but it comes with something out of the ordinary, which is great.

17. Gray Minimalist Kitchen with Pop of Orange

Kitchen Floor Plans

With very limited space in the room, you probably have not enough space for a dining table or a kitchen island. Well, you can apply this layout to your cooking space. This kitchen design is keeping the clean lines that complement the minimalist appearance.

One-wall kitchen floor plans are friendly to limited space like this. The light gray color is all over the space. The vivid orange pops up in the middle of the kitchen. The orange elements are also being functional with that thin nook.

18. Galley Kitchen Floor Plans with Turquoise Touches

Kitchen Floor Plans

The glow and warmth of wood material that this open kitchen has bring life and natural appeal to the area. The wood elements in this kitchen come with a prominent grain that maintains the unique beauty without becoming just a background. It stands out as the center of attention.

The galley style kitchen is positioned right beside the dining area. It contains a large size of the table that would accommodate up to 10 people.

19. Monochromatic Galley Kitchen Design

Kitchen Floor Plans

The galley kitchen layout is one of the most popular floor plans to have in the house. Nathalie Tremblay designs this monochromatic kitchen. She tried to create an open feel to a narrow space.

This galley kitchen provides a better traffic flow and layout of the kitchen. The triangle concept would still work well in this corridor-like shape. It seems like everything is in the right place. The visual clutter is also kept minimum because of the monochromatic scheme.

20. Complete Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

These kitchen floor plans with the island and walks in the pantry will complete your experience of cooking. With the walk-in pantry, you will have a great number of supplies for your cooking well kept inside the pantry.

The slim kitchen island is selected to stand in the middle of this medium-sized kitchen to provide extra space for cooking.

21. 10×12 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Floor Plans

Small kitchen space has a limited floor space. In this case, it is about a 10×12 dimension. There are a lot of remodeling ideas that you can apply in such a small kitchen. You may want to focus on improving aesthetics and increasing efficiency.

The challenge in a small room is to make it feel and look more spacious. With or without kitchen island, the coziness is what matters.

22. Nautical White Small Kitchen Design

Kitchen Floor Plans

If you are having limited space in your kitchen and you want to know about the size, you may need to search for small kitchen floor plans with dimensions. Check out this nautical kitchen. It comes with a dreamy crisp white scheme.

The nautical theme exaggerates up the value of this kitchen design. It features an interior shiplap siding, arched doorways, a porthole-shaped window, and some aged brass fixtures. That makes this white kitchen well decorated.

23. Small Kitchen Floor Plans with 10 x 11 Dimensions

Kitchen Floor Plans

This corridor-style kitchen layout has been remodeled and it comes with sweeping ceilings, large farmhouse sink, and generous counter space. The highlight of this small kitchen is that breakfast bar. The bar is quite special because it is equipped with nice seating.

It could become a comfortable space that hanging around and having a warm conversation with the cook. The gray accents and wooden flooring adds character to this white small kitchen. Even though it is small, the color scheme gives a spacious feeling to the cooking space.

24. The Combination of Wood and Color in Kitchens

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

The kitchen floor plan with dimensions that makes a comfortable cooking flow would be something many people are looking for. The exact dimension of this small kitchen is 10×12. This kitchen design can be described as bold and brassy.

As you can see, it has got some brassy highlights that pairs with a three-tone color scheme. It contains a lovely French brasserie element in this kitchen. Emily Clark, the designer of this kitchen, makes a perfect harmony of wood and color in this area.

25. U-Shaped Kitchen with Yellow Backsplash

Kitchen Floor Plans

In this tiny kitchen, one counter stands right in the middle of the space. It knocked down the space between the kitchen and the dining room. The U-shaped kitchen makes cooking a lot more efficient in such a small space.

Even though the dining room and kitchen are separated. The dining room is right beside the kitchen. You can have a proper dinner while having a conversation with the cook too.

26. Chic L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

Check out this stylish L-shaped Kitchen layout. It has a sleek masculine look, which is created by Nathalie Tremblay. This floor plan features a T-configured center island that maximizes the area.

For the record, this kitchen design is the winner of the Ontario Design Awards of 2013 in the large kitchen category. Therefore, this has to be one of the top picks among other kitchen floor plans.

27. Pentagonal Kitchen Floor Plan

Kitchen Floor Plans

Besides the U-shaped kitchen layout, a pentagonal kitchen floor plan can also be a great idea to consider. For some people, the pentagonal kitchen offers better efficiency. It would give more space for drawers and storage to store your things.

Talking about the design scheme, this kitchen is quite crowded. The wall space is fully booked by the cabinets and the accessories. However, you still can see the accent wall that has a vivid orange color that makes this pentagonal space more alive.

28. Intercostals Beach Kitchen with L-Shaped Layout

Kitchen Floor Plans

The 13×13 kitchen floor plans seem to be the ideal dimension for a kitchen. You can have a proper kitchen island to let you prepare and cook the food comfortably. The island should also be added with some stools for more multi-functional use of the furniture.


What are the six types of kitchen layouts?

They are Galley, One-Wall, U-Shaped, L-Shaped, Island, and Peninsula. There are still more layouts that can be applied in the kitchen. They are not just as popular as the six types.

What is the best layout for a kitchen?

It is all according to the dimension and flows you prefer for your kitchen.

What is the best online kitchen planner?

If you want to design the kitchen floor plans by yourself, you can use the online kitchen planner. We recommend the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner design tool.

What is a 10×10-kitchen layout?

A 10×10-kitchen island is a simple basic L-shaped kitchen design.

How much is a 10×10-kitchen at IKEA?

The cost starts from $899 to $2,999.

As we know, the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the house. Those 28 ideas can be great inspirations to create your kitchen design right from scratch. With help from a software program, this ultimate collection of kitchen floor plans and layouts will be so helpful.

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