Furniture-Grade vs. Cabinet-Grade Wood Cabinets

Cabinet-Grade Wood

When buying cabinets for your home, you may not know the difference between cabinet-grade wood and furniture-grade wood.

In this article, we’re going to go over what these two terms mean, and we’ll tell you about some characters of wood. Let’s start!

Types of Wood Grade for Cabinet

If you are considering wood cabinetry for your home, it is crucial to understand that there are many different types of woods from which to choose. Cabinet grade vs. furniture grade is a distinction in the quality of the wood used to make the cabinets.

The difference between the two types of wood is explained as follows:

Cabinet-Grade Wood

cabinet grade wood

It is mediocre quality wood used to make cabinets. It is considered “soft” and will dent scratch and nick easily compared to furniture-grade lumber. Cabinets made of cabinet-grade wood will not stand up as well over time as cabinets made of furniture-grade wood.

Plus Minus
  • Lower cost as compared to furniture grade
  • Cabinets are made to withstand the impact of children and pets.
  • Wood isn’t as solid and heavy as furniture wood.
  • Less stable than furniture-grade wood.
  • Wood may not hold up over time

Furniture-Grade Wood

furniture grade wood

It is considered to be of very high quality and is intended for use in furnishing items. Furniture-grade wood will not dent or scratch and is designed to last for a long time. Furniture-grade wood will also have a much higher oil and wax content than cabinet-grade wood.

Plus Minus
  • Very durable
  • Stable and solid
  • More expensive
  • It may be not easy to find

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Select vs. Standard?

You will also see the terms “select” and “standard” used when looking for cabinets. Select/Premium is the highest quality wood that a cabinet manufacturer offers, while Standard is a lower grade of wood.

Select/Premium wood is furniture-grade wood. It is considered to be top-of-the-line and very durable. Standard wood may be regarded as as cabinet grade. It may also be used in some furniture.

Common Characteristics of Wood

Some call it character, and some call it flaws, grain, or defect. Whatever you choose to call the uneven yet unique features of wood, cabinets are often constructed of this natural material.

Wood cabinets can add a classic feel and warm look to your kitchen or bathroom, creating an elegant and inviting space for family and friends.

Below are some of the common characteristics that you need to look for when purchasing your first wood cabinets are:

  • Sound Knots

This is a trait of all types of wood that separates it from other woods. Because of this, you will be able to hear the sound of knots as you run your fingers over the wood.

  • Unsound Knots

The opposite of sound knots, unsound knots make a hollow sound. When you run your fingers over them, they don’t vibrate as easily as sound knots.

  • Wormholes

A wormhole is an indentation in the wood where the grain runs from one place to another. This means that the wood isn’t straight on both ends. When you run your fingernail across them, they feel like a spot that is rough and bumpy.

  • Bird Pecks

Insects or animals usually cause bird pecks. When you run your fingers over the wood, you will feel it in a similar way to how you might feel the bird pecking its way through. This can happen in cabinet-grade wood as well as furniture-grade wood.

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  • Burls

A burl is an abnormal growth in the wood. This is because the wood itself does not follow the grain lines and causes an irregularity that has a variety of shapes. When you run your fingers over it, you will feel bumps that are soft and uneven.

  • Sugar Tracks

This is a clean, smooth mark that you can see when you run your fingers down some wood. This will be caused by insect activity as they leave behind a different type of wound that will leave a kind of mark as they go.

  • Mineral Streaks

This will have the same feeling as sugar tracks, but this will be a purple or blue mark that you can see running through the wood. This is caused by spores spread when a smaller piece of wood is exposed to moisture, and then decay happens.

  • Gum Spots

This is an orange, grape-like color that you can see on the wood. This is caused by sap or sap-like materials that are infused into the wood.

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Where to buy cabinet-grade?

You can find cabinet-grade wood at home improvement stores or wood manufacturing stores. Cabinet-grade wood has a lower price tag than furniture-grade wood.

What is the best wood for painted cabinets?

Many people choose to paint their wood cabinets. Both furniture-grade and cabinet-grade woods can be painted. But, it would be best if you were really careful when applying the paint because you can easily sand or scrape the paint off of lower quality wood. Although you can paint furniture-grade wood, it may not last as long as painted cabinets.

Why does wood grade matter when selecting kitchen cabinets?

The box mostly sells Cabinet-grade wood. Cabinet-grade wood can be picked up in large sizes at low prices. It is best suited for cabinets that don’t require high-quality wood. Cabinet-grade wood may experience more warping and other flaws than furniture-grade wood.

Can you sand cabinet-grade cabinets?

Cabinet-grade wood may be sanded, but professionals should sand furniture-grade wood. If you are considering painting your cabinets, it is best to use furniture-grade wood.

What are heartwood and sapwood?

Heartwood and sapwood in wood are the live part of the tree. Heartwood is usually stronger and denser than sapwood, while sapwood protects the heartwood from decay.

What are cheap cabinets made of?

Cheap cabinets are typically made of plywood. This wood is made up of many layers, is lightweight, and inexpensive.

What are high-end kitchen cabinets made of?

Higher-end kitchen cabinets are often made with furniture-quality wood. This wood is expensive, durable, and beautiful. Although it is commonly found in high-end kitchen cabinets, it is also used to make beautiful tables and other items.

Achieving your Dream Cabinetry

A lot of people nowadays are upgrading their kitchen cabinets for the modern-day. They are looking for something stylish and aesthetic as they want to achieve a shiny and sleek look in their kitchen or other rooms of their home.

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