13 French Country Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want to Copy ASAP


FeastHome – If you prefer a kitchen design, which feels warm and comfortable at the same time, French country style should be a good choice. Just like other rooms with this style, a French country kitchen will deliver a familiar friendly appeal of traditional life and simplicity.

A French country-style kitchen can be rich and bright with colors like deep red, gold, and olive, or natural neutral with furniture-like cabinetry, wood floors, and granite countertops. You could apply this great style in any kitchen.

To help you find some amazing inspirations, below are thirteen best kitchen ideas with a French country-style design by FeastHome.

Modern French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

Modern French country style can make your kitchen feels both homey and elegant. Encouraged by the wonderful homes of Provence, French country design tends to fit in everything related to these homes.

With the picture above as inspiration, you can create your modern French-country kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen looks interesting with the use of sunny and earthy colors.

While the owner paints most of the cabinetry and its ceiling in neutral white color (something common in modern design), the other elements introduce different tones.

The splash of burnt orange on the kitchen island, stone backsplash, and the floral arrangement has made this kitchen even more interesting.

To make sure the kitchen receives sufficient light during the day, there is a large paneled window behind the countertop. Combine some recessed lights with a pair of pendant lights to provide ample illumination during nighttime cooking.

French Country Farmhouse Kitchen

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Shiplap walls are very common in farmhouse kitchens. In this kitchen, the ceiling and the floor have the shiplap design, offering an interesting pattern throughout this all-white space.

This French country farmhouse kitchen looks so clean and sleek, thanks to the use of white color tones throughout the room. The countertops are in light-colored wood, supporting the whiteness of this kitchen.

Unfortunately, this idea is not for everyone. Some people will not like the “too-bland” feeling of a kitchen. If you think so, consider bringing in some greenery to make it more alive.

You can put some indoor plants on the countertop or open shelves. This way, you can make the kitchen feels more exciting without disrupting the intended style.

Small French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Your small kitchen can receive a beautiful French country style as well. Since this style typically uses a neutral color like white and brown, French country design is ideal for a small or narrow kitchen like this.

The color scheme helps this narrow kitchen does not feel cramped. Moreover, the simplicity of the design makes it suitable for any home. For a balance, you could select tile accents. It can give a kind of interest throughout the all-white look.

The oversized wall clock also helps the kitchen looks a bit more cheerful. You can also consider adding some indoor plants at the window to make the kitchen less bland.

Rustic French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

Most French country kitchens design is to achieve a sense of rustic style. This old-fashioned theme is appropriate with the idea of French country kitchens. Some of the color options are also similar.

However, rustic French country style typically includes a white element, which is rare in traditional rustic design. The gorgeous kitchen shown in the picture offers a nice sample for this idea.

This kitchen features distressed center island, wood cabinetry and floor, as well as the white ceiling with wooden beams. The interesting point would be its patterned backsplash, which matches the blue and white countertop.

Besides, the exposed brick wall and antique chandelier over the island deliver a sense of rustic charm in this kitchen. Not to mention, the wooden open shelves and other accessories look amazing together.

French Country Kitchen Colors

French Country Kitchen Ideas

The color palette of a French country style is typically mild and subdued. This design often uses soft, pale colors. The main reason is you could find these colors in the provincial landscape.

You can simply think of soft, muted, warm hues in earthy tones when it comes to decorating French country-style kitchens. The image above offers a great example.

By combining beige, light brown, pale sky blue, and other muted colors, you could achieve the warm, welcoming mood of this kitchen. A pendant light hangs over the sink, boosting the warm feeling of the kitchen in the evening.

Of course, there are other colors, which can help you create a French country-style kitchen. They include a mix of cornflower blues, corn-silk yellow, orange, and reds. Creamy whites, muted blues, and grays are the other popular choices for this style.

In short, you can simply go with earthier color tones when decorating French country kitchens.

French Country Kitchen Cabinets

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Cabinetry often takes the spotlight in this kitchen style. It tends to come with the necessary muted tones and warm surfaces when it comes to French country cabinets.

Since the main goal of the French country style décor is to evoke a sense of rustic comfort, you would need cabinets with this mindset. Lighter-colored hardwoods typically manufacture cabinets for French country kitchens.

In high-end kitchens, the hardwoods usually come with a unique grain to deliver a warm and inviting atmosphere without overwhelming the centerpieces of the decoration. Some homeowners opt for an antique or distressed wood finish for an authentic country look.

Others may choose to paint the cabinets in subdued shades of beige or cream. Moreover, the cabinets tend to have grooved facings and probably feature scrolls, moldings, and cravings to mimic the feel of Louis XIV design sensibilities.

The picture above gives you a glimpse of the stunning French country-style kitchen. The cabinets are in the soft shade of cream. Light-colored granite countertop completes the lower cabinets. Along with the other elements, this kitchen is undoubtedly eye-catching.

French Country Kitchen Countertops

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Granite is one of the most popular countertops for French country kitchens. Even though some of them come with rustic wood countertops, granite remains the favorite material.

Granite countertops deliver stunning aesthetics in any kitchen design, including one with French country style. Not only are visually appealing, but they also offer other good qualities which make them favorable than the rest.

People know them to be unique and featuring interesting colors, patterns, and lines. Besides, they are very durable, porous, and resistant to heat. However, they are somewhat prone to cracking and typically costly.

This beautiful French country-style kitchen offers a good example with its light-colored brown granite countertops. The granite countertops sit on wooden cabinets, a typical look you will see in high-end French country kitchens.

If you want less expensive countertop options, consider ones made of wood. They typically have anti-bacterial properties, come in a variety of styles, and are available at a huge range of prices.

French Country Kitchen Curtains

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Curtains can be another important element in any French country kitchens. They can help you to define the style while blocking some light when needed.

To achieve the right French country style, you cannot pick any type of curtain found on the market, indeed. Make sure you select a nice one, which suits the rest of the design.

These curtains give a good sample for its color choice and design. The fabric used here matches the other fabrics used throughout the kitchen. Besides, the color also fits the other elements in the room.

More importantly, they also come in light earthy tones, very basic color of French country kitchens. You can also consider other kinds of window treatments to complete the kitchen.

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French Country Kitchen Table

French Country Kitchen Ideas

To create a truly French country-style kitchen, you will need the right table as well. Whether you want to use the table as a kitchen island or simply put it around the room, make sure you choose the suitable one.

It makes senses that a decoration style would involve natural materials into its design. It takes its inspiration from countries natural spaces. That is why we recommend you to go for a wooden table instead of other materials.

This wooden dining table makes an excellent choice for your kitchen. It uses dark wood to contrast the cabinetry, which comes with lighter tones. The table is equipped with some chairs, too, so you can serve and enjoy every meal right away.

This idea is perfect if you often invite some guests to the kitchen. It allows you to enjoy their companion while preparing some foods.

French Country Kitchen Accessories

French Country Kitchen

Accessories will play a huge role to achieve French country kitchens too. From decorative lighting to beautiful centerpieces, you should choose them properly to evoke the idea of French country style.

This kitchen can be a great inspiration to approach French country design. It features some indoor plants to give a splash of color in the all-white cabinetry and walls.

Moreover, the kitchen island’s centerpiece uses a basket of red-orange and yellow fruits. The fruits’ color here complements this French country-style kitchen very well. Not to mention the antique chandelier over the island, it makes a nice addition to the overall design.

There is also ambiance lighting installation under the upper cabinets. It not only delivers a dramatic look in the evening but also helps to provide enough illumination on your countertop. This is particularly essential if you are cooking for supper.

French Country Kitchen Backsplash

French Country Kitchen

Then, how is about the backsplash? A kitchen backsplash is essential to protect your precious walls from unintended splashes of water. Besides, it can be an excellent focal point in your kitchen as long as you select the right one.

The choices of backsplash for French country kitchens are not different from others. You should consider the right colors, materials, and styles. In some kitchens, the choice simply follows the homeowners’ tastes.

For extraordinary inspiration, you should consider this kitchen backsplash. Just like many other French country kitchens, this one comes with a subdued color scheme. However, the patterned backsplash here offers an interesting twist.

It uses tile in various colors to deliver an eye-catching look among the subtle elements around the kitchen. This backsplash would be enough to draw your guests’ attention to it when visiting your kitchen.

French Country Kitchen Lighting

French Country Kitchen Ideas

Lighting is highly essential when it comes to any kitchen. You will not like to sacrifice your safety by installing poor lighting in the kitchen.

In term of French country kitchens, you may opt for lighting, which gives a rustic charm. Antique chandeliers would be a great option to add a dramatic mood in the design. You can hang the chandelier over the kitchen island for a focal point.

If you have a large kitchen island, simply find the one that is bigger enough to accommodate its surface. On the other hand, you can also opt for pendant lighting as shown in this picture.

This pair of French antique pendant lights would match the overall design pretty well. Considering the size of the island, there are two-pendant lights installations over it.

In some cases, you can even install more than two pendant lights to make sure the island surface is properly illuminated. If you do not like this simple idea, you can also find other pendant light styles, which match your taste.

English Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen Ideas

While looking for ideas of French country kitchens, chances are you come across with English country kitchen ideas. At first glance, people often perceive French and English country kitchen to be the same. However, these two are different when you look closer.

English country kitchens typically have rustic, lived-in furniture. Chintz floral and decoration portraying hunting scenes are the other hints of this style. While French country kitchens embrace elegant, they celebrate a lived-in atmosphere.

The picture above highlights one of the beautiful English country kitchens out there. It looks homey with its dark cabinetry, which contrasts the creamy white walls. The kitchen island is large enough to accommodate a sink, seating area, and extra storage.

Meanwhile, the pair of rustic pendant lights hang over the kitchen island makes a nice complement for the rest of the design. Make sure you let enough natural light come in to make the kitchen feels brighter and larger.


What defines French country style?

French country style tends to be extremely ornate and elegant. Since Provencal homes inspire it, it typically incorporates traditional elements, which are more distressed, subdued, and relaxed.

What is French country décor?

It is a décor inspired by Provence homes. The décor often involves ruffles, mixed patterns, distressed woodwork, as well as both subdued and vibrant hues.

What is the difference between French country and English country décor?

In general, there are many materials involved in French country while the English style is somewhat simpler. French country décor focuses more on earthy colors, toile fabrics and orderly floral, as well as farm animal decoration.On the other hand, English country décor often emphasizes in rustic furniture and chintz floral which displays lived-in mood. The décor often depicts hunting scenes as well.

What is the Provence style?

It refers to a provincial French interior design linked to light southern styles. It depicts centuries-old traditions of French country homes as well as the everlasting beauty of the Côte d’Azur.

What is a French farmhouse style?

Also known as a French farmhouse look, this style combines distressed finishes with flea-market-inspired furniture to achieve that comfortable yet chic appearance.

What colors are considered French country?

Traditionally, the color is a mix of orange-reds, cornflower blues, and corn-silk yellow. However, today the style has developed.Some other colors are now considered French country, such as eider white, blue beyond, notable hue, atmospheric, wisteria, enchant, rock bottom, agreeable gray, childlike, and lime granite.

How can I make my kitchen more spacious?

A French country style is typically ideal to make your kitchen feels more spacious since it incorporates subtle, neutral color.If you want to go with this style, consider going wild with white paint, allowing natural light to come in more, taking patterned floors, and adding open shelving. Besides, you should eliminate clutter as well to make your tiny kitchen look roomier.

How do I decorate above French country cabinets?

You can consider putting some baskets and use them to display your stuff. Besides, you can use the space to store cookbooks, add a little art, or squeeze in an extra shelf above the cabinets.Overall, French country style is marked with its strong emphasis on elegance but still maintains the countryside charm. In true French country kitchens, you will warm reds and mustard yellow, which reflect the surrounding countryside.

Compared to the English country style, this style has earthier tones and sometimes highlights a mossy green. If you think a French country kitchen deserves your final choice after reading this article, make sure to consider some of the ideas above. Thank you!

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