17 Luxurious Purple Kitchen Rug Design Ideas

purple kitchen rug

FeastHome – Purple is the color of luxury. Therefore, if you want to add some luxury in your kitchen space, try laying a purple kitchen rug on the floor. Luckily, we have listed some luxurious purple rugs that will make your kitchen look lavish.

1. Striped Purple Rug

purple kitchen rug

This rug looks like a rainbow with various shades of purple lining up to make a striped pattern. The clean lines make it look simple, which is great for the kitchen with a modern flair.

Made of cotton, this purple rug is easy to clean. Another good thing about it is the anti-slip backing that will eradicate your worry.

2. Purple Turkish Rug

purple rug

Like Persian rugs, Turkish rugs also entail sophisticated patterns that will add elegance to space, just like this purple rug.

It features a distinctive pattern that will adorn your farmhouse or French country kitchen. The patterns show the off-white border with some small ornaments on the edges. Two large diamond patterns make an impressive centerpiece on this rug.

3. Purple Cotton Kitchen Mat

purple kitchen rug

This rug is not as lavish as the previous one, but it does work like a charm when it comes to keeping the moisture at bay while maintaining your comfort.

Made of soft cotton, this rug will spoil your feet and reduce the effect of the standing fatigue. It can absorb liquid quickly without adding more workload.

4. Fluffy Purple Kitchen Rug

purple rug

Fatigue caused by standing up for a long time when cooking or washing the dishes is inevitable somehow. But it does not mean you cannot do something with it. You can alleviate the standing fatigue by laying this fluffy rug in your kitchen.

The pile height allows your feet to feel relaxed a little bit when you have to stand up. This ultimate comfort is definitely what you need.

5. Purple Kitchen Rug with Geometric Pattern

purple kitchen rug

For a modern kitchen, a lavish purple rug with sophisticated patterns may not look great. This kind of kitchen needs something simple yet functional like this purple rug.

It features a geometric pattern that will match modern décor well. The non-slip rubber backing will provide extra grip to make the rug stay in place.

6. Velvet Kitchen Rug

purple rug

Nothing can beat the luxury of a velvet rug. When combined with purple color and lavish pattern, a velvet rug can be exceptionally luxurious.

This rug, for example, is made of velvet material which looks lavish and soft. It also features unique patterns that accentuate the lavish look.

7. 3D Purple Rug

purple kitchen rug

Bring the charm of nature in a luxurious way to your kitchen by investing in this 3D purple rug.

This rug is meticulously designed to imitate a giant flower. It can be an artwork that will adorn your kitchen floor immensely.

Besides being exquisite, it is also soft and comfortable, not to mention the rubber backing that will prevent you from slipping.

8. Round Shaggy Rug

purple kitchen rug

If your kitchen implements U-shape, you can fix the absence of the kitchen island by laying some round rug.

This round rug is quite large, so it can fill in space well. It also features a shaggy pile that ensures warmth and comfort especially when the floor is freezing.

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9. Ultra-Soft Purple Runner Rug

purple rug

Since you tend to spend hours standing by the stove or kitchen sink, an ultra-soft rug will be a great adornment for your kitchen.

This purple rug, for example, does not feature any complicated pattern. It is just a square purple rug that lies on the floor. But, it is more than just an adornment because it can help you alleviate the effect of standing fatigue due to its softness.

10. Faux Stone Kitchen Mat

purple kitchen rug

This mat will give you an unrelenting unique sensation when you are stepping on it. It feels like you are standing on a stone mat. It is not a stone mat. It is just a combination of foam and cotton.

This rug will add a distinctive look to your kitchen. If your kitchen uses stone-tile backsplash, this mat will be a perfect match that you have to buy.

11. Purple Rug with Paisley Pattern

purple kitchen rug

Do you want to add a little bit of traditional look in your kitchen? Try this purple rug with a paisley pattern. Paisley patterns are one of the most common patterns found in traditional rugs.

When combining with purple, it can be a great combo that spruces your kitchen up. Besides paisley, you can also find floral patterns that make your kitchen look more feminine.

12. Corral-Like Purple Rug

purple kitchen rug

This purple rug features uneven edges that make it look like a beautiful coral in the sea. The soft surface ensures your comfort when you are cooking or pampering your kids when they are sitting on it, waiting for you to cook their lunch.

13. Purple-and-Gray Rug

purple kitchen rug

Both gray and purple are often synonymous with luxury. Therefore, this rug is an instant way to add luxury to any room, including your kitchen. The high-quality microfibers will soothe your feet well.

14. Large Area Rug with Diamond Pattern

purple rug

If you decide to rip off the wall that separates your kitchen and living room to create an open-kitchen style, consider purchasing this area rug to replace the wall without blocking the view.

This rug features a soft pile that allows your kids to sit on it comfortably. The diamond patterns add an upscale look to your kitchen.

15. Classic Rug

purple kitchen rug

This vintage kitchen needs something classic to occupy the area between the kitchen island and the stove. And this rug is perfect for this job.

Its surface features a well-worn look that matches the style well. Even the pattern emphasizes its classic look.

16. Simple Square Velvet Rug

purple rug

You do not need to get a fancy rug with fancy pattern to make your kitchen look lavish. This simple square rug can do it well. The velvet material offers a super soft surface and lustrous look that makes the kitchen look fancy.

17. Zebra-Like Purple Rug

purple kitchen rug

When looking at this rug, you might associate it with zebra. The strips are like the ones that you can find on a zebra except the purple strips. Whether or not it is zebra, it is definitely comfy and luxurious.

Adding a kitchen rug to your kitchen can definitely add a little bit of nuance. And a purple kitchen rug will bring an upscale look into your kitchen perfectly.


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