16 List of Black Kitchen Window Treatments to Give You Inspirations

black kitchen window treatments

FeastHome – What color is so strong and represents power? Yes, black, it is. With that being said, having too much black in one place would be intimidating. It emanates very powerful aura. Thus, tone down it a lot and take a look at these black kitchen window treatments ideas.

1. A Pair of Checkered Curtains

kitchen window treatments

To still have the benefits from black color without feeling intimidated, have it combined with white in the checkered pattern will be your best bet. Checkers is known to be a pattern that blends with any theme and style.

Its philosophy is also magical. Black and white checkers are said to symbolize the way to another world and dimension. Well, having it treated your window kitchen could actually be the way to another world: the outside world. Cheers!

2. Roll it Up Black Kitchen Window Treatments

black kitchen windowtreatments

If you have done camping before, then you’ll feel familiar with this unique curtain. Yes, the way you roll up this curtain and the tent to open the window is similar. It is because this curtain is different from the other model.

If rings are needed to hang the usual ones on the rod, it needs not. Instead, it uses its own part as a tunnel to let the rod through. With this hanging system, it’ll be difficult to slide the curtain open. So, another way to disclose the curtain is found.

3. Batik Patterned Curtain

black kitchen windowtreatments

Talking about patterns, there are so many of them to choose from. From checkers to stripes, from ethnical to geometrical printing, twenty-four hours won’t even be enough to contain the topic.

However, a lot of them is common and can be found anywhere. To make your kitchen window beyond common, pick batik. Batik is usually used in fashion term, so be different and use it as decoration.

4. Clashing Two Patterns

black kitchen windowtreatments

Clashing two different motifs is what people do now. However, it’s still rare to apply in window treatment. Here is an example if you’re still in doubt. Black and white checkers meet woven motif in similar colors to accentuate your kitchen window.

Open up the curtain a little bit to tone down the hustle the two patterns possibly create and place some greenery to freshen up the scene.

5. Modern Kitchen Blinds

black kitchen windowtreatments

Blinds are often encountered to be made of hard materials, like metal. However, as technology develops, innovations are made and that’s what creates soft blinds like you see one here.

Since it involves fabric now, the options of blinds are near to limitless. Why, because the fabric isn’t able to be colored only, but also to be printed or painted. These traditional looking blinds are so classy to be in the middle of the modern kitchen.

6. Modern Roman Shades Black Kitchen Window Treatments

kitchen window treatments

Plaid shades with black lines on white sheet are a nice idea to have as a window treatment inside a modern white kitchen. It’s arranged in between two white cabinets and above the grey countertop, making the three neutral tones rock this cooking area.

Color pops of greens and yellows give a freshening aura you definitely need after long hours spent in front of the cooktop.

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7. Roman Shades for Large Window

kitchen window treatments

A nice arrangement of wall lamps, roman shades, black window sill, and farm sink is shown here. It completes the seven importances in interior design. The space exists, the light, line, color, texture, form, and pattern; all seven things are contained here.

And maybe it’s because the black lines on the white sheet of roman shades, but I personally second that it’s the one which makes the whole arrangement nice.

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Roman Shades

kitchen window treatments

Another roman shade is on the list, everyone. This time, the roman shade is presented to treat the farmhouse kitchen window. And stripes are a nifty pattern to choose. Take a few steps back and let’s take a look at this further.

What more catches attention is the white hard window treatment. It’s like the one you often see to be the fireplace mantel, isn’t it? How fascinating!

9. Roman Blinds for Your Kitchen Interior

kitchen window treatments

The shade is one thing, blind is the other. Roman just proves itself to be the most multifunctional style.

However, it’s not only the style we should look at but the pattern also. Stripes are just as popular as roman style. So, to see them collaborating is only natural.

10. Drop Dead Gorgeous Pattern

kitchen window treatments

Black is not always scary, isn’t it? If pattern as gorgeous as this one is involved, black would do nothing but beautifying. It’s highlighted even more to the fact that the furnishings are in white.

11. Best Bay Window Treatment

kitchen window treatments

In a stiff-looking kitchen, a little bit curves and flows are what you need. The shape only is enough to enliven the kitchen, let alone if a pattern is involved also. This kitchen might look small, yet so functional. All of the elements work in accordance.

12. Tuft Checkered Tie-Ups

kitchen window treatments

It’s highly likely to see checkers almost everywhere. Plaid is said to be the oldest patterns if they don’t compete with stripes. Be it in traditional style or modern concept kitchen, checkers set themselves at home wherever.

13. Conventional Sunshade in Contemporary Kitchen

black kitchen windowtreatments

Assisted by the latest technology doesn’t make this modern kitchen looks awkward featuring the ordinary sunshades. On the contrary, the traditional window treatments go along really well.

14. Valance, No Ordinary

kitchen window treatments

As an accent, this black valance does an outstanding job. It gives motifs to the plain furnishings, decorates the window, as well as adds interest with its curvy and flowy forms.

15. Yellow Window Treatment for Black Kitchen

black kitchen windowtreatments

And for your last two ideas, we have window treatments for black kitchen. This first one is yellow patterned roman shades.

With black countertop, cream cabinets, and subway tiled backsplash under it, the shades hang elegantly and balance the complete set.

16. Tassel Window Treatment for Black Kitchen

kitchen window treatments

Arranging some tassels above the window would be a nice move. The yellow and red colors up there like showing you the way to the sink area. It could be some clever decoration, too.

Well, how were they? All sixteen ideas of black kitchen window treatments are all yours to be picked and executed. Good day.

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