Drive Away Dull Look with Black Kitchen Appliances

FeastHome – When choosing a color for kitchen appliances, you can pick one that you probably have the most comfortable feeling with. How about black? I believe you’re going to like it. Black kitchen appliances are quite popular as they look simple and can blend well with the surroundings.

In a kitchen, white is usually a color that’s mostly used for ceiling, wall and other surfaces as well. On the other hand, black can be a color that can calm you down, and it’s timeless. It’s been a color that becomes everybody’s favorite.

1. Monochromatic Tone

black kitchen appliances

With a wooden plank floor, this kitchen appears to have something that will make guests feel at home. It sparks a monochromatic tone with white wall and furniture, and, of course, black appliances as well.

It has natural lighting that comes from the window during the daytime. An island is present there with the same color as the appliances, but the countertop is in neutral one.

2. Elegant in Black Kitchen Appliances

black kitchen style

Black can also give an elegant look, and this view is proof. The refrigerator, stove, and microwave are in black as this article is mainly talking about. There’s a lovely wall with a zigzag pattern that has a little bit dark surface too, making an adorable backsplash.

The island isn’t that high, but it looks like because there is tiny stool under it. Sphere-shaped pendant lights opt for a nice complement.

3. Harmonious Blend

black kitchen appliances

Now let’s see how it looks when black is combined with gray. And this is it! This is the result and it’s quite harmonious, isn’t it? The backsplash has something unique to offer you with its gray pattern that might not show a strong look, but it gives a soothing touch.

White always bring natural lighting in a room, and this ceiling definitely does its job quite well as it reflects the lighting that shines through the window.

4. Attractive Tone

black kitchen style

When a deep brown color with smooth lines merges with white tones, harmony is born in this kitchen. A white island with two stools is added in the middle, creating a spot to taste what you cook right away from kitchen appliances.

This kitchen looks so simple in terms of color and layout, but that’s what makes this kitchen special because it makes you kind of attracted to it.

5. Adorable in Dark Brown

black kitchen style

Terracotta tiles have clear lines that can clearly be seen from where you stand. Those lines can be the advantage of having them installed whether on the wall or floor. Black appliances show a lovely look, which is what mostly makes people kind of adore it.

Kitchen cabinets are mainly covered in dark brown color with grey countertops. Some cabinet doors are made of glasses, which allow you to see kitchen stuff inside them.

6. Impressive with Black Kitchen Appliances

black kitchen appliances

Such an impressive kitchen with dark appliances! The fridge is huge with elegant, golden door handles. It’s a family-size one that the whole family actually needs. It’s not only the appliances though, but the countertops look stylish in glossy dark surfaces too.

The herringbone tiles on the wall are pretty enough to get your attention with their characteristic pattern whereas the white wall balances the rest.

7. Black and White

black kitchen appliances

The placing of the white wall-mounted cabinet is set with some space to save some stuff on it. Black and white are the opposite color scheme that is often combined and loved by many – they are a beautiful pair for sure.

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It makes the black appliances are palpable to notice. Mosaic tiles are chosen as the backsplash here and it’s definitely not a bad choice.

8. Coordinating Tone

black kitchen style

This won’t be a coincidence if the floor and appliances appear to share the same dark hue. Yes, they are similar, and it makes this place to have a sense of coordination in terms of color matching.

Making a contrast with deep green is not a bad decision to make as it has the same tone in a way it smoothly blends with the dark one.

9. Perfect Monochromatic Tone

black kitchen style

Here is another monochromatic kitchen with a minimalist style. This kitchen is divided with two main colors which are black and gray. The dark side has a smooth pattern on it, and it slightly gives its surface gray tone that’s barely unnoticed.

On the other hand, the gray part has small squares that leave a symmetrical surface. The appliances themselves are placed on the dark furniture, and it’s well matched.

10. Stand Out in Small Space

black kitchen style

This kitchen is fairly compact, but it still fits to have an island. In this kitchen, the neutral color is applied to the furniture and countertops and walls. Small lights are installed on the ceiling and furniture lighting up the room.

With its cramped space, the appliances look protrudes and easy to see as they come in dark color, which stands out in this kitchen somehow.

11. Nice Camouflage

black kitchen appliances

The idea of having a sink facing right the window is to have a clear vision when washing the dishes. You can’t go wrong with that. You can also have the chance to keep on watching your kids playing outside.

A nice camouflage when you opt for a similar color for the furniture that literally has the same dark color as the appliances.

12. Adorn the Ceiling

black kitchen appliances

It’s a breezy kitchen judging from its layout that has two big windows and fairly high ceiling. It also has two islands, one of which is a portable one. Some appliances are operated here to help ease your work for sure.

A stunning handmade lamp hangs above the island. It becomes a feature in this kitchen that would be a good addition to the kitchen.

13. Pleasant to Look at

black kitchen appliances

You can feel happy just by looking at these kitchen appliances as they collided with white backsplash and grey furniture. It’s a simple kitchen with common appliances you’ll find in any kitchen.

It’s just the pick of color that this kitchen has that somehow gives you a pleasant feeling when you’re staring at them.

14. Sleek and Glossy Appearance

black kitchen appliances

Black appliances aren’t as expensive as stainless steel ones, which means you can save some money to be spent on some other stuff. This can be a great choice for you who are currently redesigning your kitchen and you want to keep it on a budget.

With glossy backsplash and lights that are found here, this kitchen looks so sleek with a black and white surface.

15. Intimidating in Black

black kitchen appliances

When vivid color isn’t your cup of tea, black and white will be there as an option. They’re like day and night, and they can’t be separated. In fact, mixing them will result in such a beautiful blend. It looks impressive and somewhat intimidating with a dark color scheme.

Black kitchen appliances

are an alternative when you desire kitchen appliances that are not made of stainless steels. They’re long-lasting, which is why they continue to exist until today.

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