Rangetop vs. Cooktop: Complete Comparison

rangetop vs. cooktop

If you’re in a kitchen with limited counter space, choosing between a stovetop and a cooking surface becomes hard to make.

But that doesn’t mean it is always necessary to buy one of each! Sometimes buying both can be prohibitively expensive and not worth your while! To help you make the best decision for both, let’s compare rangetop vs. cooktop today!

Rangetop vs. Cooktop: What’s The Difference?

Range Top vs. Cooktop

There are many benefits to getting a rangetop, but a cooktop will give you more perks in the kitchen. This is especially true if you have an array of pots and pans as a huge collection.

Cooking on a stovetop can be inconvenient, especially when trying to stir something on the stove while cooking. This is because you have to reach over a hot burner to stir your stew! This is why a cooktop can be better for you since it allows you to move pots around the surface.

Furthermore, the surface of a cooktop is more rugged and used for more heavy-duty cooking, so it can do such things as sizzle your steak or allow you to fry up an omelet easily.

Similarities between Rangetop and Cooktop

Range Top vs. Cooktop Similarities

They are the most used appliances in the kitchen, outside of the refrigerator and stove.

Made from a cast-iron top that can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a huge advantage because it will allow you to sear meats and quickly cook things like omelets.

Made from the same materials, which are also easy to clean. Things like pots and pans can be washed with ease in the dishwasher.

Rangetop vs. Cooktop: Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to getting a rangetop, but a cooktop will give you more perks in the kitchen. This is especially true if you have an array of pots and pans as a huge collection. It can be hard to decide which one is better for your kitchen. To help you decide, here are the benefits of each.

rangetop vs. cooktop

Rangetop Pros

Rangetop Cons

  • It is cheaper and often comes free with your stove.
  • Easier to clean because you don’t have to worry about cooking on something like a cooktop.
  • Takes up less space than a cooktop.
  • Great for cooking a large array of materials.
  • Allows you to cook like on a regular top.
  • It can get a little hotter than a stovetop, so caution is advised.
  • Require a backsplash or an additional surface to be installed.
  • Installed into your counter, so not ideal for small spaces.
  • Not as easy to store as a cooktop.
  • It can be harder to clean as it can’t go in the dishwasher.

rangetop vs. cooktop

Cooktop Pros

Cooktop Cons

  • Can cook with ease on the stovetop.
  • Convenient as you can easily move materials around the surface.
  • A rugged surface that is great for cooking.
  • Easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.
  • Allows you to sear meats quickly and easily.
  • A little pricier than a rangetop.
  • Not as easy to store away when not in use.
  • Takes up more space in the kitchen.
  • It can be hard to move around a cooktop during heavy cooking.

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Which One Is Best For You?

You really should consider which one is best for your kitchen and lifestyle. Some kitchens may not have enough space to accommodate a cooktop, but they may have room for a rangetop.

For example, if you don’t have too many pots and pans and prefer to cook on your stovetop in a pot, then you might consider getting a rangetop instead of a cooktop.

Rangetop and Cooktop Buying Guide

We’ve created this buying guide for those of you who are still trying to decide between a stovetop and a rangetop.

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Here, we’ll help you decide which one is best for your kitchen and budget.

If you’re a beginner, then get a cooktop.
Rangetops are usually more expensive and not as easy to use as cooktops.

Rangetops require a backsplash or another surface to be installed. But they are much easier to use when cooking and cleaning up. They are most often found on ranges rather than on the stovetop.

If you’re looking to cook a large number of things – eggs, pasta, vegetable dishes, and more, get a rangetop.

If you require a more durable surface than a cooktop, then consider getting a rangetop.

A rangetop can cook many different types of foods and it is easy to clean up. They are usually made from the same materials as cooktops.



Which is better: induction or gas?

This really depends on what you’re looking for. Induction works by creating magnetic fields through a coil. It is best for smaller areas, like a tabletop or countertop. Gas is a great way to heat all kinds of foods in the kitchen.

What is the best gas cooktop?

Put any will be good. There’s no need to get something costly. Our advice is to buy what you like.

What’s the difference between a range, stove, and cooktop?

Stoves, ranges, and cooktops all differ in many ways. However, they’re all pretty much the same thing. A stove is a large cooking appliance that usually uses gas, but there are also electric stoves. They can be made from stainless steel or cast iron.Rangetops are a type of cooktop that is designed specifically for the stove. If you have a stove with a flat surface, it will usually be called a range. You will need more room than other stoves as it has two burners.A cooktop is a more modern version of a stove and usually uses electrical heat. They are controlled by knobs and buttons that control the heat and amount of heated food. It’s a little different from ranges because it is smaller and has fewer features.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of cooktops?

The most important thing to know is that a cooktop will not heat your entire kitchen. It’s a small device and only heats the stove—so if you want to cook something for everyone, you will need both a cooktop and a stove.

How much does it cost to install a gas cooktop?

A gas cooktop will cost you a few hundred dollars to install. You will need to have your cabinets drilled and the new cooktop installed. It’s a quick process that can be done in just a few hours, so it is well worth the money.

How close do you want your pots and pans to your appliance?

The placement of your cooktop will be dictated by how close you want your pots and pans to your appliance. If you’re looking for something easy to control and can be used by the whole family, then it’s best to have the cooktop right in the center.


Cooktops are definitely the best option if you want a sturdy cooking surface. It is durable and can cook multiple materials like eggs, pasta, and more. However, they aren’t as easy to use at times.

Rangetops are easier to use, but they are much more expensive. If you don’t have much room for your kitchen but still need a sturdy cooking surface, get a cooktop.

If you have lots of space but consider yourself a professional cook looking for the best and most durable cooking surface, get a rangetop.

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