Beautiful White Kitchen Appliances

white fridge with gold handles

FeastHome – A kitchen won’t be perfect without good appliances that can simplify your work in it. They also need to be changed due to some damages or become obsolete through time. White kitchen appliances are quite popular for some reason.

They look simple but attractive in so many ways. White also won’t have a problem when mixed with other furniture that comes in a different color as well. They would always look spotless because you’ll clean it up too, so there will be no place for dirt to stay there.

1. Natural and Clean White Kitchen Appliances

white kitchen appliances

White offers a natural and clean surface and is arguably the most neutral color used in many houses. Nowadays, appliances come in a variety of colors that you can choose from, and white is absolutely among them.

This kitchen is one of many that use white appliances. Wooden elements are also infused in a substantial amount from the floor to the shelves, a common choice to integrate with white appliances.

2. White Kitchen Appliances True Charm

white kitchen appliances

White is simple. It doesn’t look that amazing, but honestly, it has something that makes people end up choosing this seamless color for their walls, ceiling, lamps, and the appliances.

This is the true weight of white hue, which pleasantly persuades you to finally opt for it as the main color of the kitchen.

3. The Sense of Comfort White Kitchen Appliances

white kitchen appliances

Pine green is the only color that stands out here in this almost all-white kitchen. The wall, on which those shelves hang, would be the center of attention. It’s because it has shelves that can be used as an exhibition for your fairly unique and tiny stuff.

White appliance conceals itself between the furniture and shelves. Geometric rugs lay upon the neutral floor to bring a sense of comfort.

4. Blend Nicely White Kitchen Appliances

white kitchen style

This tiny U-shaped kitchen with white concept looks neat and organized. The ceiling with three wooden beams on it is considered low. A counter in a brown top comes with a set of three stools that can be tuckered in under its overhang – that’s how a table works!

White appliances fit the idea that this kitchen shows. They look pretty much the same with the kitchen furniture, which states a nicely blend of arrangement.

5. Slightly Pale

white kitchen appliances

With the gray color scheme, this kitchen looks a little bit pale when joined with white appliances. The floor also doesn’t have a colorful tone that can cheer up the whole kitchen. But, this may be what the owner meant it to be.

The window allows the natural light to penetrate into the room and makes it spark a little. The kitchen has an island with a semi-circular countertop and there are two wooden chairs, whereas the ceiling shares a similar color as the island.

6. Add Pendant Light

white kitchen style

Simplicity and efficiency are the most common things one would wish for a kitchen. This kitchen would be the answer to that question. The furniture and the appliances are in white. It’s such a nice disguise for the appliances.

The island provides ample space for work, along with two stools. The pretty and antique pendant light above the island gives a classic touch with its beautiful shape.

7. Easy to Clean

white kitchen appliances

A kitchen that applies white as the main theme isn’t a bad choice. This probably because of white surface or area is easy to clean. If there’s a stain on the cabinet, appliance, or any white stuff in the kitchen, you can easily spot it.

Therefore, you can clean it right away. The white appliance has a dark part on top of it that makes it easy to recognize. For the backsplash, there’s a glossy brick wall. It’s so bright, that’s why the countertop is in black.

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8. Attractive in Ivory

white kitchen appliances

This kitchen looks fabulous in ivory color. The furniture has small door handles, and each of its doors has straight lines that make good decoration on it. The countertop has a sink, and the backsplash itself is a brick wall – it’s a pretty backsplash, indeed.

There is furniture which the doors are made of glasses. A collection of beautiful glasses is seen there. Displaying your precious collection can be a good way to spruce the kitchen up. Some people often build shelves for it.

9. Beautiful Carving

white kitchen style

Storage is essential and a must. That’s why you’ll find there are lots of shelves in the kitchen. This kitchen isn’t so different. Look at those shelves with nice details that don’t only function as storage, but they also decorate the kitchen, too, with their beautiful carving.

White appliances seem not to have any issues with that as they fit with the furniture. There are an island and a table, too. It’s an open island and there are two baskets and some pots underneath.

10. Bright with Yellow

white kitchen style

Infusing a cheerful color with yellow element doesn’t seem to be a forbidden move. Its vivid color brings positive energy in the kitchen, and it still looks good when white appliances are added here. The island is rather huge and looks so sturdy.

Pendant lights have a clear shape and they look so beautiful in this kitchen. The appliance and furniture look so similar that you might not realize that there’s a fridge there. The small grey wall is the backsplash, bringing a soothing look.

11. Stunning Backsplash

white kitchen appliances

This picture shows a kitchen just like any others. What makes a little bit different is it has a beautiful backsplash that looks like a sparkling star. The upper part of the furniture is in white, while the lower part is painted in gray.

The wood plank flooring is left with its natural color, and it somehow makes the kitchen has a soothing vibe.

14. Massive Countertop

white kitchen appliances

Here is an excessive countertop for you who have an enormous island like this one. It has a spectacular surface with an elegant black pattern. The appliance looks so spotless, which makes this kitchen looks impressive.

15. Mosaic Wall

white kitchen style

The wall with mosaic tiles is really amazing. It is a spacious kitchen with a minimalist look. Although spacious, it has only a small island here. White appliances make a nice collaboration with furniture, and they suit the surroundings, right?

16. Splendid Layout

white kitchen style

Such a splendid of color choice this kitchen has! This kitchen has a unique layout with a great color scheme that looks appealing. White and gray color with a glossy appearance and a high ceiling, which means this kitchen, has nice air circulation.

17. Luxurious Kitchen

white kitchen appliances

Stone tiles are the right choice when you’re looking for a warm and welcoming kitchen. With a polished surface from the countertop, appliances, and furniture, this kitchen sparks happy vibe by showing the immaculate look

It looks so alive with those shiny elements from the whole kitchen. It may look a little bit too bright or glossy though.

With all those pictures above, I hope this article of white appliances would give you some inspiration to build your own kitchen with any color and appliances that you like. For more buying options on white kitchen appliances, read our post on white and gold appliances.

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