They Are 17 Best Ideas to Decorate Grey Kitchen Island

FeastHome – Grey is a versatile color which is suitable with any furniture and appliance at your home, including your kitchen. That is why no wonder if many people love this color so much. To enhance the performance of your kitchen, you can apply grey kitchen island for astonishing result.

Why grey is worth trying? According to many design experts, grey is associated with a cool, balanced, and neutral color. Either way, grey is moody color and emotionless. Even though many people believe grey is identical with dull, dingy, and dirty, but on the other hand, it shows sophisticated and timeless.

If grey is one of your favorite colors, here are some grey kitchen island ideas that absolutely will blow your mind. It can be great recommendations if you have the intention to renovate your kitchen in a short time.

1. Grey Countertop for Industrial Stool

grey kitchen island

Choosing grey as your kitchen island color doesn’t mean you have to apply it on the entire surface of the island. To make it proportional, just make it on the countertop and the other part of the island is painted with white or another color that same as the dominant color on the kitchen.

2. Astonishing Grey Pendant Light

grey kitchen island

Do you believe the fact that most people spend their precious time in their kitchen? The reasons are so conspicuous, people feel the kitchen is a comfortable place to cook, eat, or just have a conversation with family or special guest.

That is why choosing the best pendant light is as crucial as the entire design itself. Good shape for lighting will pop up the look of your island. Not only eye-catching, but it’s also a comfortable place to hang out.

3. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

kitchen island ideas

Grey is also a good color to be manipulated into a shiny effect. One of the easiest ways is through stainless steel. You can stain the island with grey color and white for the countertop. And then, coat the other appliances with stainless steel, for example: hanging lamp, fridge, and cooker hood.

4. Let the Sunlight Enter Your Room

grey kitchen island

Maximize the abundant of sunlight to naturally illuminate the room is always a good idea. Not only it becomes more eco-friendly, but also it makes your kitchen feel warmer and comfortable enough to be a place for chit-chat especially in the dusk and dawn.

5. Incorporate Sink On Top Of the Island

grey kitchen island

Having a grey kitchen island particularly with sink brings the look of your kitchen more unique and functional. It can be a good effort to divide the workflow on your kitchen to not only concentrate on the kitchen’s table.

Besides the function to be a social area, the island also can be an additional space that helps you to cook.

6. Bring the Elegance with Grey and Cream

grey kitchen island

It is not so hard to bring elegance feeling along with grey. First thing first, change the ordinary lamp with classic lavish pendant light. Better if the basic material is glass so it will look glossier. Second, combine it with cream as the dominant color for your kitchen.

7. Natural Stone for Countertop

grey kitchen island

If you want to bring natural pattern inside your home but on the other hand you still insist to keep the grey kitchen island, well the best solution is using the natural stone, marble for instance, as the countertop of the island. Then, you can paint the rest of it with darker grey to make it more matching.

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8. Dine-In Table Replacement

grey kitchen island

If you are able to maximize the space on your kitchen to establish an island where the family can have dinner or breakfast there, then what is the point to preserve the dining table outside the kitchen?

It’s better for you to concern on this space only by providing proper eating utensils and dining chair to make it perfect.

9. Island Is a Storage Extension

grey kitchen island

It is a common understanding if the kitchen is one of the rooms in your house where requires a lot of storages for cooking ingredients. If there is no space left on the wall or inside your pantry drawer, then you can maximize the storage underneath the island. It is efficient yet still looks tidy, right?

10. Modern Style Grey Kitchen Island

grey kitchen island

If you want to make your island clean, tidy, and modern, you can choose light or softer grey compared with off-white for the entire kitchen. Don’t forget the lamp; pick the one which offers strong light to avoid the dim light effect.

11. Lamp on the Edge of the Island

grey kitchen island

There are so many ways to make your island outstanding. First, you can apply a darker color if the rest of the room uses a light neutral tone.

This dark grey is eye-catching enough to be applied inside your kitchen. Then, install lamp under the countertop and below the island (on the floor). It’s undeniably beautiful.

12. Maximize the Whole Remaining Space

kitchen island ideas

If there’s a wide open remaining space, why don’t you install a large island to please your family and invited guest? To give illusion of larger space, combine light grey, white, and cream.

13. Make It Multipurpose

grey kitchen island

When you put a big dining chair on the island while on the other side you have incorporated sink on the countertop, actually you are already implementing multipurpose island and bring it way more functional.

14. Industrial Vibe of Kitchen

kitchen island ideas

Industrial style can elevate the masculinity of your space. Moreover, if you use more grey instead of white (or another color) for your entire look.

15. Beauty in Simplicity

kitchen island ideas

To establish “beauty is less” term, you have not to overuse the space and let the remaining left becoming empty. Also, don’t put too much ornament. The option to choose dark grey with off white is perfect.

16. Grey with Redwood Color

kitchen island ideas

Who said that sophisticated color like grey is not matching with natural redwood color? Despite that conservative thought, you can combine the redwood for the drawer only and let the countertop and the other furniture become dark grey.

17. Minimalist Style for Soothing Effect

kitchen island ideas

Not everyone into with too much detail for their interior design. If you are one of them, choose simple light covered by a glass bulb and wooden stool. And the color let the island to have the darkest grey while the other element sticks with light grey or white.

It needs more effort to establish your perfect grey kitchen island. But, look at the whole ideas above. They are worth the effort, right? So, which is your favorite idea?

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