17 Eye-Popping Ideas of White Kitchen Island

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FeastHome – Implementing a white kitchen island has been a popular trend over the decades and it is totally good. As long as you have extra space, an island can be the smartest way to add storage and spot for entertainment purpose.

When you put chairs on the island, be ready to face a crowded kitchen. For families, the island is functional as a spot for the kids to do their homework in a casual place, while the parents prepare the snacks or meal. A good effort to keep the relation always connected and engaged.

If you are already convinced to install an island, now is the perfect stage to think about the color. Remember that an island becomes the focal point and center of attention in that room, so your color choice will determine the ambiance of the room.

If you are not brave enough to use bright shocking color, there’s always a million reasons to stay with neutral calming color like white, cream, or beige. In this article, we want you to explore white kitchen island ideas which will bring perfection to your room.

1. All White on Deck

white kitchen island

An island is like a social hub for your family. You can have casual chat each morning while enjoying breakfast and talk about everything heart to heart, before everyone goes to his/her own business. All white color offers a calming and soothing effect to start your busy day.

2. Eat-In Kitchen Island

white kitchen island

Do you not have enough room for a proper dining table? It is time for rethinking your home décor plan. You can use an island as your new dining area. Just put a proper chair and wide-open island to make it feels more comfortable.

3. Storage Everywhere

white kitchen island

Your pretty white kitchen island has multipurpose. All you need to do is building storages and drawers underneath the surface.

4. Built-In Shelving Kitchen Island

white kitchen island

No one needs walls loaded with cabinets if you are able to alter kitchen island into beautiful built-in shelving. You can customize it into several sizes of shelving: the tiniest, largest, and deepest.

5. Divide the Workflow of Your Kitchen

white kitchen island

If you are a cooking lover, nothing is better than an open space kitchen. A large kitchen can be followed by a large island, too. To avoid an empty surface, you can utilize it as extra appliances for you.

Incorporate sink and fruit or cupcake tier cake stand with a minimalist chair is a good arrangement to maximize the space.

6. Modern Style Kitchen

white kitchen island

Establish a modern kitchen with lighting and stool. Combination of all white island and dominant white kitchen is clearly showing your great taste on design.

7. Classic White Kitchen Island

white kitchen island

Never goes wrong with classic style. The way you choose furniture and color will show your classic taste. Don’t put too much color: dominant white combined with black and slightly grayish stuff from stainless steel material look great for your personal island.

8. A Sleek White Design

kitchen island ideas

Different from other colors that usually look too much if only use one single color, you can use all white for the whole design of your kitchen without any wired at all. Painting, furniture, island, and eating utensils are okay to use all white.

9. A Long Casual Bar for Gathering

kitchen island ideas

A kitchen with a proper casual island can become the best place to conduct family or best friend gathering. You can cook and prepare the meal while your guests sit on the island and talk about everything.

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Not to mention, the existence of a big window that absorbs enough sunlight and a separate dining table with chairs can always support your occasion, whatever it is.

10. Rustic Vs Industrial Look, Best Thing You Can Ask For

kitchen island ideas

Rustic pendant lights on the center stage compare with industrial stool are really the definition of industrial rustic vibes. Turns out, the rustic and industrial ambiance isn’t always followed by a wooden color or stainless steel material dominant. You still can apply this concept with a white palette.

11. Wooden Touched To Bring Natural Element

kitchen island ideas

White is the perfect color to be combined with anything, including natural element. To make it match, put butcher block material on top of the island. It can be followed by the floor to also use the same brown hue.

12. Maximize the Space

white kitchen island

You can turn your kitchen into the most elegant room on your home. Big shelves and drawers to solve your storage problem, a big window to let the sunlight entering your space and classic Mediterranean atmosphere through the chair and dining table is a great option.

13. Natural Light Is the Best Source of Light

kitchen island ideas

Besides lamps, it will be better if you put a large window to make your space warmer. Breakfast with a family member while enjoys the sunlight sounds great, right?

14. White Marble Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas

Choosing white for your island isn’t always plain. You can combine with any other motives, especially natural stone. Pick marble stone with cream or brownish tinge. To jazz up your kitchen looks, apply backsplash with a similar tone to the marble and this design will totally amaze you.

15. Natural Stone Finished Island

white kitchen island

Similar to the previous one, we can use marble for a white kitchen island in a rawer pattern. Put the same stone for the entire kitchen’s table. For the remaining stuff, just apply broken white palette and let the marble shines among all of them.

16. Renaissance Era Back Then

kitchen island ideas

If you have a trusted carpenter or furniture maker, ask them to make you a specially designed kitchen island. At first, it looks like an ordinary island with drawers underneath. But there are two poles on the left side and the island’s extension to make it larger.

There’s another detail of this room that worth the attention: the combination of white and Tosca. It includes also the three hanging lamps which liven up the renaissance era design.

17. Comfy Chairs, Why Not?

white kitchen island

Probably, most of kitchen island design that you ever see is using ordinary stool or chair to establish casual bar feeling. But how about the comfy couch?

Since the main idea of having an island is to make it a social hub, so it totally makes sense to put a sitting area. Best way to feel comfortable starts with the chair.

Those are the ideas of having a white kitchen island which hopefully fit into your taste and entire home décor. A kitchen island is still part of your home, hence, you have to make sure it is suitable with the existing design style. Good luck with decorating your island!

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